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What to expect visiting prince edward county wineries as a first timer?

Sandbanks doesn't really offer much in the way of County Wines. They're more a high-volume tourist place, that just purchases and bottles other folk's juice.

Try: Grange, Red Tail, Hinterland, Closson Chase, Norm Hardie, Rosehall Run, Long Dog, Keint-He. Norm's pizza patio is killer. "Picnic" food truck at Rosehall, for winery dining options....

Help - Dundas and Dupont

Mattachioni. From Dave Mattachioni, ex of Terroni (many years there), and Norm Hardie Winery, among others. His full oven will be installed in a month or two... One of the best pizzaiolo in the city.

Taste of Lawrence

Last year, they were ticketing on a portion of Crockford, close to Lawrence. Seemed to be a mean-spirited effort, I thought.

Cinchona bark in Toronto?

West side, but Herbie's Herbs usually has it. Queen, just east of Bathurst

For you jowl lovers...head to T&T this weekend

There are at least two Gallerias: York Mills, at Don Mills, and Yonge, north of Steeles. Great spots. Not sure pork provenance.

Green Egg

Yeah man, absolutely. Lots of places have them. I just don't think "most high end restaurants" do, if they smoke. Depends on your definition of most, I guess. I'm not going on website info, I'm just relaying my experience from 25 years delivering to, or working in, hundreds of kitchens.

Green Egg

Venting is also tricky, and they are oddly shaped, for a hot line. Scaramouche, for example, uses a Bradley, and vents it through the hood. Terroni: Cookshack, same. Joe Beef, homemade, outdoors. Carbon Bar: Southern Pride., etc.

Green Egg

I actually have never worked in a resto that uses a BGE. Capacity is just not there. They are good units, just not really commercial scale. Everything from Cookshack, to Southern Pride, Ole Hickory Pits, Bradley, or even handmade (Joe Beef), has been my experience, in a resto setting.

George on Queen. Allow me to vent.

You commented specifically on Earth Hour, not ambient lighting. Candlelight and dimmers are, I'm quite certain, in place at George. The whole restaurants participating in Earth Hour demand seems a bit out of place. Service and food issues are a restaurants' concern, not Earth Hour.

George on Queen. Allow me to vent.

Why stop at the lights? They should shut off all fridges too. And the ovens and hoods. Maybe if Earth Hour is really a priority for you, you should just stay home that night?

Red Fish?

Every resto has their own systems, but we are a Toronto seafood restaurant, and I'm co-owner of a resto in PEI, as well. Out of, say 12 fish on tonight's menu, 7 have never been frozen. All depends on species and logistics. While I was able to get fish from 2 hours to 2 days old in PEI, the best in Toronto is 24 hours, average would be 60 hours. Some fish "keep" better thanothers, due to volatile oils, histamines, etc.

Anyway, not true that all fish is frozen in Toronto. Though it's sometimes hard to discern the truth.

anyone know where to buy Oyster serving plates in Toronto?

Nikolau, Queen and Bathurst. Reinforced spun aluminum pans, and great steel stands too...

Inexpensive Seafood/Vegetarian Restaurant downtown west end?

Good seafood is not cheap. I would suggest vegetarian...

ISO Dill heads for pickling

Got some at the SLM north market today...

ISO: Etobicoke's equivalent of Diana's Seafood

Allseas isn't bad, but hard to beat Diana's...

Oysters and dining in PEI

Hey tuttebene

I'm the owner of Ship to Shore, in Darnley, right beside Malpeque Bay. Typically, you won't find a big "variety" of oysters at restos in PEI, but you will find that each resto has their favourite grower/packer, so you can sample around the Island. We primarily use oysters from across the street, grown by John MacDonald, and not available anywhere else. This doesn't make them better necessarily, though I think they're pretty awesome.

Tyne Valley is most fun on the Friday night. All-you-can-eat oysters and clams for about 10 bucks, and the national oyster shucking championships to boot.

If you want to learn about seafood, come by Darnley, or head to the Shellfish Museum in Ellerslie...

John Bil

Jul 26, 2011
johnbil in Atlantic Canada

Deep Fried Oysters & Steamed Clams - do they exist in Atlantic Canada?

Steamed clams available in Darnley. Not as common as they should be, but they definitely exist here. Fried oysters, not so much.

Jun 18, 2011
johnbil in Atlantic Canada