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Recs near Rice Park

My Boston friends and I will be visiting St. Paul for a weekend in July to celebrate a dear friend's wedding. I have read a lot of the "must-try" threads, but I am wondering which recommendations are in the vicinity (and preferably walking distance) of Rice Park, where we are staying. We are mostly interested in good drinks and small plates, but we might have time for a high-end meal as well. The farmer's market and Mill CIty museum also sound this do-able?

Thanks in advance!

Jun 15, 2010
plas in Minneapolis-St. Paul

PVD - Pre-Concert Restaurant Recommendation?

I have to start by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed the walk down memory lane reading all of these posts about "RI food." I have lived in and around Boston for years, but it's taken me back to my childhood and make me realize that I need to make the drive down 95 more often.

My husband and I are heading down to a concert at the PPAC in April and I am looking for a restaurant that is close to the venue, preferably with really good food, $$-$$$, and a place that we can get in and out of fairly quickly, given the need to get to the show on time.

Thanks in advance!

Mar 16, 2008
plas in All New England Archive