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Restaurants in Heidelberg (recent)?

The last post on Heidelberg, Germany was over a year ago, so I am asking to see if there are some more recent experiences on Heidelberg restaurants that anyone can share.

My wife and I will be in Heidelberg later this month and have time for two dinners and one lunch. Our favorite type places are neither touristy nor formal and expensive, but rather informal and favorites of locals. I know Heidelberg itself is very touristy, so finding a good local restaurant away from the tourists might take some walking, but we're up for that.

Thanks for any advice!

Jun 10, 2012
markdeac in Europe

Giesing Neighborhood in Munich

Thank you, Lisa.

What do you think of Frauenhofer, just a short walk acc. to the map from Frauenhoferstr. U station?

Dec 04, 2011
markdeac in Europe

Giesing Neighborhood in Munich

My wife and I are staying in the Giesing section of Munich for several days in mid-December. Anyone have any local recommendations in this part of the city, particularly along Grunwalderstr. or within walking distance of the Wetterstein Platz U-bahn?

Many thanks.

Nov 11, 2011
markdeac in Europe

Le Grand Cerf, Le Relais de Sillery, near Reims

Boshtx, my wife and I have had the same two restaurants recommended to us.

I would love to get some feedback from anyone who has eaten at either one.

Jun 12, 2011
markdeac in France

Staying near Eiffel Tower/Invalides (specific questions)

My wife and I are making our first trip to Paris in November, staying in the Rue Cler neighborhood just west of the Invalides. I have read multiple threads from first-time visitors asking for dining recommendations, and many get requests for more specific questions, so here goes.

We have three nights (Thurs, Fri and Sat) and respectfully request recommendations for dinner for each night. Restaurants within walking distance of Rue Cler would be nice, but we are happy to ride Metro or cab if necessary.

Our preferences would be two dinners in a bistro/brasserie type restaurant frequented by locals which has good food and genuine sense of place (we can eat Thai anywhere), and one extraordinary dining experience in a Michelin-starred restaurant, one in which I assume I will need to make reservations several weeks in advance of our trip.

We are two adults (no kids). Our languages are English and German, with only guidebook French (at best), so please do not recommend restaurants where fluency in French is a prerequisite for a good experience.

Merci beaucoup!

Oct 03, 2010
markdeac in France

Healdsburg Dining

Anyone have any add'l dinner or lunch recommendations that are based on the past few weeks experiences?

My wife and I will be in Healdsburg the first week in August and need two nights' dinner recommendations, and lunch places as well, so very recent recommendations would be appreciated.

Restaurant LuLu?

My wife and I are visiting SF in early August. We are thinking of eating at LuLu, which is still on the Top 100 list. But the most recent reviews posted on CitySearch and TripAdvisor are, frankly, awful, especially as to allegedly poor, even rude, service.

Anyone eaten at LuLu recently and have any insight to share, whether this restaurant is still worth the time and money, or has it gone downhill?