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Pastry quantity discounts?

I was surprised to be charged the same rate ($2.50 each - $60.00) for two dozen cannoli ordered in advance as I would for walking up to the counter and ordering one ($2.50). Maybe it's because I'm going all frou frou and getting Modern's cannoli, but still.... Is this market standard or am I paying the "Modern" tax?

Frozen Mudslides?

These dog days of Summer occasionally awaken a craving within for frozen mudslides. I'm surprised how difficult they are to find here in town. I live just outside Roslindale Village and it seems my best close option is Bertucci's on the VFW Parkway. Not exactly what I was looking for. Where do you go for your frozen glasses of goodness?

Help with Chicken Wing deals

Robyn's Bar/Grill in Roslindale Village has "Mad Mike's" wings @ $.60 each. Not a wicked deal but the wings are usually worth it. marinated and smoked, then finished in the oven. all their own and quite tasty!

Robyn's Bar & Grill
4195 Washington St, Roslindale, MA 02131

So Where's the Best Place to Dine on Korean Chicken Wings...TODAY

Ah Gin Wong's in Ayer are my favorites... Haven't found anything to compare here in the city.

Ah Gin Wongs
210 W Main St Ste 1, Ayer, MA 01432

Original Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins Available in Avon

CLOSE... but not quite.... Maybe the years have made the muffins more than they actually were but-

Saw the same sign (on rt. 24) @ 8AM on my commute. Immediately pulled over. :) They don't open til 10, so I had to wait for the homeward commute.

Stopped in @ 6PM, place was MOBBED. The muffin outlet is right at the entryway though, and I passed several exiting muffin boxes (similar to the JM boxes, but no string) in my walk through the parking lot.

Was going to get one just to try it, but after seeing the exiting boxes, ended up with a half dozen ($10!). $2/muffin, I think I saw $18/dozen.

First impression, not as fresh. Large quantities trucked in, understandable... A bit smaller than I remember (but I'm quite a bit bigger). they still had the big flattish muffin top and sugar crust, but the middles had sunken in a bit. The cakey texture was pretty close, but they lacked the big juicy blueberries I remember of old...

I'll probably pick up another 1/2 dozen to bring home to the folks for xmas morning, but if they were more foodies and less nostalgic probably wouldn't.

In summation I think the ones you used to be able to get @ South Station were the best replica of the real deal, but both are regrettably a thing of the past.

Best pizza in Boston?

Can anyone explain to me why the Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale never gets the respect it deserves whenever pizza comes up in here?!? It's a grand-slam: quality, price, service, and atmosphere. Loads of free parking.... I guess I'll continue to consider it a locals' hidden gem.

Spring 2008 openings and closings

Do you know what Blowfish is supposed to be? The folks in the barbershop next to it thought pizza, but they weren't sure. As of last Saturday they had an opening soon banner up.

Crawfish Boil on a slightly smaller scale?

Thanks Len. Sounds like a good option. The beer looks AWESOME! But I noticed they serve food there. Will they let me bring in the mudbugs from across the street?

Apr 29, 2008
cheesecakester in New Orleans

Crawfish Boil on a slightly smaller scale?

Yes. Thanks. Maybe I have my terms wrong. I don't want to crash some stranger's house party (okay, I'm fibbing. that would actually be AWESOME, well, not crash per se, but be randomly invited). The last time I was down there I wandered upon some bar on or just off of upper canal and they were having this picinic-like event where a caterer came in and prepared a crawfish feed for the patrons of the bar. So what I REALLY want is something along the lines of a VFW chicken BBQ, only with crawfish. Am I way off base? Was that just a lucky random occasion the last time?
Thanks again.

Apr 29, 2008
cheesecakester in New Orleans

Crawfish Boil on a slightly smaller scale?


My girlfriend and I are going to be in NO from Thurs - Sun for JF. I'd like to take her to a crawfish boil done on a smaller (less touristy) scale than the scene at the jazzfest, preferably a neighborhood bar/club. Any suggestions? A guy on CL suggested Yo Mama's, but isn't that in the Quarter and touristy too? We're staying in midcity.

Apr 29, 2008
cheesecakester in New Orleans

Brick Oven Pizza

I've been to the new place on Belgrade in Roslindale for pizza twice now. (Boston Brick Oven). Good choice of toppings, etc. but one I rave about, the other I rant. I think it's their kitchen help. anyone else have experience with them?

Good Fried Chicken in Boston?

oops. double clicked too quick.
Used to like Bob the Chef's (gone). Not so fond of BBQ Town (cornmeal batter). CFC (Crazy Fried Chicken) was good at one time, now that's gone too. Help!

Good Fried Chicken in Boston?


Pizzeria Regina for a novice

Enough of Regina's and Santarpio's! And NY and Chicago too for that matter. If you consider yourself a pizza critic in Boston worth his/her salt, you HAVE TO hop on the orange line to Forrest Hills, get on a bus down Washington st and try the pie at the pleasant cafe. It's been there more than 60 yrs, has an AWESOME menu other than the pizza. HUGE free parking lot right across the street, CHEAP! Not neopolitian or deep dish. what I consider representitive of new england pizza. try it. tell me I'm wrong.

Santarpio's-- what don't I get?

I've read through this entire thread without encountering Pleasant Cafe on Washington st. in Roslindale. I've had regina, not santarp's. Pleasant's got the same old school street cred, great place and staff. I'm not going so far as to say it's the best, but don't see how it can't be considered a contender...

blowfish new rest in rosi?

I was on washington st in rosi yesterday and saw a sign for "blowfish" on the corner of wash and mosgrove. the location wasn't a restaurant before, but I'm hoping for the best! Anyone know anything about this, or how to look into it?