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solo dinner place near Bryn Mawr/Haverford?

that sounds like fun - I'll try it tomorrow. Have to admit I wouldn't think of ordering a caesar salad at a chinese restaurant though!

Jul 06, 2009
Cville Mel in Pennsylvania

solo dinner place near Bryn Mawr/Haverford?

I'm at a conference at Bryn Mawr and will have free time tomorrow afternoon/evening and Tuesday evening (from about 4-6 until I need to be at the airport around 7pm). What are the recommendations? I like all foods, prefer somewhere somewhat casual as I'll be by myself. Would like a good beer or glass of wine with dinner?

Thanks in advance.

Jul 05, 2009
Cville Mel in Pennsylvania

Emerald Isle, NC for July 4th weekend

Just returned from EI and, as usual, was underwhelmed by the restaurant selection. Best meals eaten out were the Big Oak Diner for a shrimpburger lunch and Yana's for brunch after kayaking. Our best dinners are usually purchased at Cap'n Willis and grilled back at the house...

Brunch in Charlottesville?

Bluegrass Grill and Bakery is probably your best bet for good southern brunch food - right off the downtown mall on 2nd Street. Don't think they have alcohol.

My family's favorite breakfast place is Tip Top on Pantops Mt - this is basic breakfast and definitely no bar.

ISO: Recs -Lake Anna and Shenandoah/Luray

Not much - that's pretty rural country. You may want to search on Richmond to get ideas for the Kings Dominion area or Culpeper to come up with places to stop as you travel from Lake Anna to Shenandoah/Luray. If you head further south on your travels, you can try searching on Harrisonburg/Staunton or maybe Charlottesville. In Staunton there is Mrs. Rowe's for homestyle cooking (think pork chops and pies). It's been years since I've been there and I've heard rumors that it has decreased in quality, but don't know. Wright's Dairy Rite in Staunton is also an institution - but I've only had milk shakes there and can't comment on the food.

Authentic Italian in Charlottesville?

and, by the way, it's not "campus", but "grounds." :-)

Authentic Italian in Charlottesville?

Agree with Seanchai - good Italian is not to be found in C'ville. My NJ raised Italian husband has lamented this fact since we moved here 15 yrs ago.

There are many other great choices though. Try Aroma's Cafe in Barracks Rd for great mediterrean (yummy lamb sausage is my current fave), Zocalo (spanish influenced) on the Downtown Mall, Mas (tapas) in Belmont are solid choices. If you can't have Italian, what do you want?

Breakfast leaving Emerald Isle

We're taking off from the beach tomorrow morning and are looking for a breakfast spot within an 1 1/2 of EI. We'll be leaving 58 West to US 17 to US 70. Doesn't have to be outstanding (although that would be a plus), but kid friendly and easy in and out as we have a 6 hr trip ahead of us.

Thanks in advance!

Cazon Tropical - Charlottesville

thanks for the note - I do live somewhat nearby, but usually head in the opposite direction and had never heard any feedback on this place. Will definitely check it out.

Best in Charlottesville, VA

For local foods, I'd recommend Orzo or L'etoile, both on West Main Street. Orzo is in Main Street Market, Feast is an amazing local foods grocery/cheese shop/lunch spot.

On Saturday morning you may want to check out the local farmers market, just off the downtown mall.

May 18, 2009
Cville Mel in Mid-Atlantic

Best in Charlottesville, VA

Oxo is long gone, so no worries there.

My pick for inexpensive is Eppies on the east end of the downtown mall and Continental Divide on W. Main Street.

May 18, 2009
Cville Mel in Mid-Atlantic

Best in Charlottesville, VA

yep, Timberlake's is worth the visit. We have grilled cheeses and milkshakes at the counter with my girls. Frequented by John Boy..

May 18, 2009
Cville Mel in Mid-Atlantic

Eating & drinking in Charlottesville VA - any suggestions?

Just off the downtown mall, on West Main Street is the Main Street Market, Orzo is a favorite of mine, definitely fits in the local/bistro genre. Also check out Feast - a local foods grocery/cheese shop also in Main Street Market - especially if you are interested in picking up a picnic for your winery wanderings.

Agree with the Mudhouse, Zocalo, and Bizou recommendations on the Mall. Make sure to grab some gelato from Splendora's,

Another great coffeehouse is Shenandoah Joe. You can stop at the one on Preston Avenue, pretty close to the Omni, or the one on Ivy Road as you head out west to wineries.

Also, on Saturday morning, you'll see the crowds heading up to the City Market (a.k.a. farmer's market). You can also get a Shenandoah Joe fix there, also check out the donuts made on the site, the cheeses, etc.

Best in Charlottesville, VA

I also like Zocalo. When we have a sitter though, we usually end up at Mas (umm - bacon wrapped dates, Orzo ( is a favorite, although I have lunch there more frequently than dinner.

Aroma's ( is a great morrocan restaurant, inexpensive and casual, but with one of the greatest owner/hosts - Hassan - you'll ever meet. I had a tasty homeade lamb sausage over lentils last week. They also have the best falafel I've ever had.

Coffee shops near Massanutten/Charlottesville?

Shenandoah Joe in C'ville. There's one location downtown, but a new one on Ivy Road, which is on the Massanutten side of town (not that it is close to Massanutten). While you are on that side of town, check out Foods of All Nations for a picnic lunch or the Bellair Exxon for the best sandwiches you've ever gotten from a gas station (Birdwood, no onions is my favorite).

What other kinds of food are looking for? There's Aroma's Cafe for a great Moroccan lunch or dinner.

Shenandoah Joe Coffee Bar
2214 Ivy Rd, Charlottesville, VA

Aromas Cafe & Catering
1104 Emmet St N, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Charlottesville, VA

The best Thai in C'ville is not far from the Doubletree... Lime Leaf in the Rio Hill Shopping Center (near Kroger and Lowe's) or Thai 99 on the other side of 29 behind the Pier One.

Need a neighborhood and restaurant to explore on Wednesday afternoon/evening

I probably just missed you at Cafe Vanille.

I did notice the parking notices about a special event tomorrow and figured that I was missing something. But it was a fun afternoon and I did pick up a few christmas gifts to boot.

As an aside I really love the history around this place - the Freedom Trail is great. Coming from Charlottesville with the homes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe - it's cool to see the stories of their northeastern counterparts.

Need a neighborhood and restaurant to explore on Wednesday afternoon/evening

Thanks for all the great suggestions from this post and just in general as I read through the Boston board. I had a great first trip to Boston and cannot wait to return, next time with my husband rather than with a bunch of accountants at a conference! :)

I had several good meals while here: a cappucino at Caffe Vittorio, a open-faced swordfish sandwich at Tamo (the casual side of Aura at the Seaport where I was staying), paella at Legal Test Kitchen (taken by conference sponsors), a lobster roll and a cup of chowder at Quincy Market (I know, I know, but I had to go once, I am a tourist!), calamari, hangar steak, and brocoli rabe at Giacomo's in Back Bay. But the best was today, when I braved the warm (61 degrees in December!), drizzly rain to walk from the Seaport, through Boston Common, and down Charles Street. I hadn't had lunch, so decided to start with a full meal at Toscano and it was great. I had the pasta e fagiole and the orrechetti with ground veal sauce. Super yummy! I had a late afternoon coffe at Vanille as also suggested.

Thanks for all the suggestions - this is terrific city and I can't wait to return!

Need a neighborhood and restaurant to explore on Wednesday afternoon/evening

Thanks for the detailed and useful suggestions! I can't wait for Wednesday.

Need a neighborhood and restaurant to explore on Wednesday afternoon/evening

I'm finishing up at my conference at noon on Wednesday (staying at the Seaport) and want to pick one great neighborhood to visit (maybe do some Christmas shopping at unique shops) and have a good snack in early afternoon and dinner in early evening. I'm relying on my feet/public transportation to get me there, but will plan to take a cab back to my hotel after dark. I'm alone, so want to go somewhere that I will enjoy dining alone and will feel comfortable walking around around dusk.

Is Back Bay where I should go? How about Harvard Square? And where shall I eat when I get there?

I like all foods, but would prefer a place that is casual and comfortable this time around.

Today I walked to Quincy Sq/Faneuil Hall/North End, so I'd like to see a different neighborhood during my free time on Wednesday.

Thanks in advance
Charlottesville Va 'hound

Family-friendly good eats in Charlottesville, VA

I agree with the Nook. Also, take a look at Eppie's or Rapture for kid-friendly.

Charlottesville, VA: HELP!

I agree with a lot of what is said below, especially the lack of good, authentic Italian. In particular, Continental Divide, Zocalo and Mas are favorites when we have a sitter. We also like Orzo at the Main Street Markets (and Feast is my fave shop there). On the inexpensive side, have to agree with Christian's and Bodo's. I'll add a plug for breakfast (omelettes) at the Tip Top Restaurant - a traditional diner a little east of downtown.

Speaking of Polyface Farm, 100% of the pork served at Chipotle (yes, the chain) in Barracks Road is from that farm.

I'd recommend a trip to the City Market if you are in town on Saturday. Grab a fresh made donut, a cup of coffee from Shenandoah Joe and thread your way through the crowd for "free" goat cheese and other foods.

bkfast/lunch/dinner in montreal & quebec

Replying to myself to share with others the amazing posts I found when researching this question. I cannot wait to come!

Ultimate Montreal Experience:

Inexpensive Places Not to Miss:

bkfast/lunch/dinner in montreal & quebec

I'm also looking for recommendations. I'll be staying at the Sofitel on Rue Sherbrooke Ouest and Rue Peel, walking to the Fairmont le Reine Elizabeth to catch a shuttle to the convention center for three days - coffee, breakfast, and lunch along this route would be especially appreciated.

Dinner can be anywhere within a reasonable cab ride.


Emerald Isle, NC this weekend

I was just there this past week and there really isn't a lot in Emerald Isle proper. The best food seems to be in Morehead City/Beaufort. I find Swansboro to be a bit better than EI proper, mostly because it's nice to walk around. Some recommend Jordan's, but it's definitely a fried food, no atmosphere kind of place. My best recommendation is to get fresh seafood from Cap'n Willis and cook at home! (But I do second the recommendation for the shrimpburger from Big Oak Drive Inn!)

Sunday Brunch, Charlottesville, VA

I agree with Bluegrass Grill and Bakery.

If you want a good, homey, diner breakfast, The Tip Top on Pantops is a winner. Great omelettes and my kids love the chocolate chip pancakes.

Charlottesville, VA

Our favorite breakfast place is the Tip Top on Pantops (Tip Top Rocks - say my 5 yo and 7 yo girls). It's standard breakfast fare - chocolate chip pancakes, good omelettes, etc.

Possible sit-down dinner options with two kids under 5 (unless your kids are more patient and will sit longer than mine), I suggest: the Nook (casual american) on the Downtown Mall, Cocina del Sol (mexican) off Hydraulic Road, Lime Leaf (thai) on 29 North, or Flaming Wok (chinese/tepanyaki).

what is best I-95 bbq in NC?

Where on 95 is Moore's? I'll be driving from Virginia to Emerald Isle later in June. Will this be close?

Charlottesville and VA. Beach inexpensive eats

Almost forgot, Tip Top, on Pantops Mt., is my family's favorite breakfast food. Also, Bodo's bagels for the ultimate in inexpensive.

My Italian husband would say not to bother with Italian in Charlottesville.

I've read decent things about the new bar-be-cue restaurant in Belmont, but haven't been there.

Charlottesville and VA. Beach inexpensive eats

And define inexpensive. Do you mean under $15/entree or something else? And do you want table service? Off the top of my head:

Just Curry - behind Little John's on the Corner. Excellent curry - $4/bowl, tiny place, counter service

Michael's Bistro - above Little John's on the Corner. I'm mostly there for lunch, so I'm not sure about the cost of dinner entrees. Lunch is <$10. Table service.

Continental Divide - on West Main Street. Best food for the dollar, but loud and smoky. Tex-Mex, good margaritas. Table and bar service.

Lime Leaf - Thai restaurant in Rio Hill Shopping Center on 29 North. Table service.

Bizou - Downtown mall, nouveau diner food, such as bison meatloaf. Outside seating. Pushing the boundary of the $15 entree. Table service.

Christian's Pizza - Downtown mall. Counter service. Pizza by the slice. Best (though that's not saying there's a lot of competition) pizza in town.