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Ice Cream in the Centreville area

My wife and I recently moved to Centreville from New England where we had a large choice of independent ice cream stands close by. We've tried Kline's, Milwaukee Custard and the shop in Clifton, but we haven't been able to find a real ice cream shop that makes their own hard ice cream. Any suggestions? We're not fans of soft serve, but are looking for regular ice cream.

Thanks in advance,

Does anybody serve aebleskiver around Boston?

My wife is interested in trying aebleskiver and we're trying to find a restaurant that serves it. It's a danish dish, but the only Danish restaurant I could find (Danish Pastry in Medford), does not serve it. Does anybody know of a restaurant in the area that serves it?


Jan 24, 2009
planetmn in Greater Boston Area

Looking for vegetarian in and around Chelmsford/Lowell

Pho 88 is one of our favorite (possibly my wife's favorite) places, and yet I didn't even think about that. I haven't tried Udupi or Mysore, though we enjoy Indian very much.

Looking for vegetarian in and around Chelmsford/Lowell

We've got some friends visiting next weekend from out of town and one of them cannot eat meat. We'd like to take them out for some good vegetarian food. Does anybody have any recommendations in the Chelmsford/Lowell area? It doesn't have to be completely vegetarian, but we'd like some place that does vegetarian well.


Tango Grill Cafe Chelmsford, Chacacero Fix?

My wife and I just had lunch there. Went in for breakfast, but once we saw the lunch menu decided to order that instead. I ordered the beef chacarero and my wife ordered the Cuban.

They were very eager to please, as there seems to be a lot of competition in that area for restaurants. I thought it was pretty good, my wife didn't like her cuban as much as I did. Overall I'd definitely try it again, I am curious to try the empanadas. Prices are definitely reasonable, with most sandwiches in the $5-$7 range. They also have salads. Breakfast was pretty cheap with meals between $4 and $6.

It's worth a try, and in our opinion, was definitely better than cafe madrid. They are only open for breakfast and lunch (5:30-3pm on mon-sat, 7am-3pm sun if i remember correctly). I thought I remember an article in the sun talking about them wanting to get a liquor license and opening for dinner in the future.

Cafe Madrid, Chelmsford, MA

Now that they are open for dinner, my wife and I tried out Cafe Madrid friday evening. Overall we weren't too impressed, though I guess it shows potential. I had heard about their cuban sandwiches, so I was hoping for something along those lines, but the dinner menu was quite different. We decided to order a few of the various Tapas and share between the two of us.

The Gambas al Ajillo (Garlicky Shrimp with red pepper) were very bland. There were 5 small shrimp on the plate, for $10 I thought they could do better.

The Mussels Barcelona had a good sauce, but the mussels themselves were not of great quality and their texture was off. Maybe it was just a bad batch of mussels, but I think with good mussels this would be a good dish.

The Pork Loin al Cabrales (Roasted pork tenderloins with a Spanish Cabrales goat and blue cheese sauce with sliced mushrooms) was very good. Of the three tapas we ordered, this was the only one we really enjoyed. The sauce and cheese complimented the pork nicely.

Alcohol was very expensive. $7 for a bottle of beer that, while imported, can be bought from most liquor stores. My wife found a nice wine that she liked, so we went to Harrington's afterwards to look for it. The price of the bottle was less than the price for the glass at the restaurant.

I like the idea of more ethnic restaurants in Chelmsford (we don't need any more pizza/sub shops), but this just didn't do it for us. Friendly people, promising menu, but for the prices being charged, I expect better. The three tapas, a side of vegetables, a glass of wine and a beer came to $65 after tax and tip. I can spend less and get a better meal elsewhere.

And as friday is live entertainment night, they did have a couple performing. I have never heard Jimmy Buffet, the Beatles and assorted other artists being played on an accordian before, it was unique.


Moving to Chelmsford next week, any tips?

At Old Court, try the Shepherd's Pie (my favorite) and the Fisherman's Platter (it might be called something else, basically a bunch of battered and fried seafood, including huge pieces of fish, served on a plate of fries).

The bartender there when we've gone says he's Irish and has the accent to back it up. From my trip to Ireland (back 10 years ago now), I'd say the Old Court is close, but still a little too clean and American compared to the pubs over there.


Moving to Chelmsford next week, any tips?

I asked the same question when I moved to Chelmsford and have been compiling my own list over the past two years.

A lot of good suggestions on:
My personal comments on the places mentioned:
Old Court - I like it, Shepherds pie was very good.
Cobblestones - Decent, but overpriced for the quality.
Mambo Grill - This is a favorite of mine and my wife's.
Southeast Asian - Very authentic, maybe too authentic. But was very good.
Athenian Corner - Excellent. While Gyros wasn't on the menu, they made them and was the best I've ever had. Grape leaves were excellent as well.

Glenview Grill and Pub (
)This place is very good. Enormous menu. Very good lobster bisque. Everytime we've gone it's been very busy. But worth a wait. You won't find it by accident though, it's pretty out of the way.
Szechuan Chef ( is probably the best Chinese we've found in the area.
Pho 88 - Excellent Vietmanese, another favorite of ours.
Amici Trattoria - Nice, small italian place right across the street from you. Try the Tortellini Pescelli.
Brother's Pizza - Also right across the street. The only pizza/subs we order in the area.
Cavaleiro's in Lowell - Nice Portuegese restaurant. A little pricey, but good.
India Palace - On Rt 110 out towards Westford. Good Indian food. Probably my favorite in the immediate area.
Tamarind Bay - Down near Harvard, but I have to mention it as it is probably my favorite restaurant.


Suggestions for a seafood market in Cambridge or Northwest suburbs

I'm looking for a seafood market in Cambridge, or on my way home to Chelmsford, so anywhere around Concord, Carlisle, Chelmsford would be great.

I'm in search of clams for grilling over labor day weekend. Preferably Middleneck clams, if I can find them.


Aug 26, 2007
planetmn in Greater Boston Area

Szechuan Chef, Chelmsford

My wife and I ate at Szechuan Chef in Vinal Square, Chelmsford last night and it was very good. We were craving chinese on our way back from Nashua and didn't know any local areas, so we stopped in.

The dining room was quite nice. The first thing that impressed me was the menu. It's not the typical chinese restaurant/take-out place menu that you see where they'll have a hundred dishes, yet they all basically use a different combination of 8 ingredients. This menu was quite nice. Lots of squid, a few different duck dishes (smoked duck sounded good, and I'm not even a duck fan). They had a lot of the typicals (orange chicken, general tso's, etc.) as well.

We started out with the crab rangoons, which were fried perfectly. Pretty light, with a hint of lemon in them. For entrees we ordered the orange chicken and the szechuan spicy calamari. Both dishes had some spice to them. The chicken is in huge pieces, and had a great orange flavor.

The squid was definately my favorite though. A nice combination of squid and veggies in a spicy, but not overpowering sauce. We couldn't finish even half of each of the entrees. Two people could easily get away with an appetizer and an entree and wind up with a ~$15 bill before tax and tip. Our appetizer and two entrees came to $36 with tax and tip, and is enough for at least one lunch (probably two).

At the end of our meal I overheard the owner talking to a regular customer. The customer was asking about business and if Bamboo (in Westford) had taken away any business from them. The owner replied that business has been slowing down some, especially in the summer (they've been around for 20 years). But that they have a higher percentage of asian diners than they've had in the past.

We've eaten at Bamboo and were not impressed. It was very yuppie with just adequate food, and high prices (for what you got).

In any event, if you're in the Chelmsford/Tyngsboro area and want some chinese, I'd definately recommend Szechuan Chef.


Sep 23, 2006
planetmn in Greater Boston Area

Recent trips to Tamarind Bay?

My wife and I took another couple there for dinner last night, and it was great (again). We ordered the Tandoor Potatoes stuffed with Indian Cheese, which I and my friend's wife liked, but the other two didn't like them so much. The Lalla Mussa Dal, Black Lentils simmered overnight, is something I order every time we go, and was great, everyone liked it, even my friend who didn't think he'd like lentils.

We also ordered the Cauliflower, which I probably wouldn't have tried except for the vegetarian with us, and it was incredible as well.

Service was fine, but this was an early saturday dinner. I haven't tried the other Cambridge Indian restaurants mentioned above, but the thing that stands out most for me at Tamarind Bay, is that the menu isn't the typical Indian restaurant trying to serve Caucasian's menu.


Aug 06, 2006
planetmn in Greater Boston Area

Looking for Fresh Produce/Good eats in NH/VT (I-93 and I-89)

On the way up we stopped in Norwich. Got some veggies at Killdeer Farms, which were absolutely delicious. Sliced up the Zucchini and Squash, rubbed on some olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled them up. Also got some fresh green beans which were nice and crisp. That was a great recommendation.

Went next door to the King Arthur store and picked up a sourdough bread, which was quite good as well. Didn't eat anywhere on the way up.

Coming back though, we stopped in Waterbury, VT and ate at Arvad's. It's a pub right on main street. Food was pretty good, nothing spectacular, but they had their own soda's which were good (we had the rootbeer and the black cherry).

We grabbed a bunch of brochures at the rest stop and I think next time we're going to spend more time in VT on the way up, or even make another trip out of it. Between the New England shops and the breweries, I'm sure we could have a fun time.

thanks for everybody's help,

Looking for Fresh Produce/Good eats in NH/VT (I-93 and I-89)

Hi all,
My wife and I are going to be driving from Chelmsford, MA to Malone, NY later this week, and I was wondering if anybody knows of a good place along the way to pick up some fresh produce (cord or squash, etc.). I would also be interested in any good places to stop and eat along the way.

The route we'll take is Rt 3 to I-93 up to Concord, NH, and then 89 through VT up to VT-78.


Mystic or Groton Area

A few places in Groton I compiled while working there:

Abbott's in Groton has excellent lobster. BYOB. Prices aren't bad, a little on the high side, but definately worth it if you like lobster.

The same people own Costello's Clam shack, which is less lobster, more clams, mussels, etc.

The Spot, located on Route 1 in Groton is good bar food. Pretty typical bar menu, with a few interesting additions.

Over in New London (less than 10 minutes from Groton) is Saeed's which has mediterranean food. Very good gyro's.

In East Lyme, about 20 minutes or so away, is Flander's Fish Market. I never have been there myself (not much of a fish fan), but coworkers raved about the place.

In Mystic is the Voodoo Grill. Great corn chowder, and some interesting things like alligator on the menu. It's in a great part of Mystic to walk around after dinner too.

The Bank Street Roadhouse over in New London has a great pulled pork sandwich, and is right on the river.

What ever you do, stay away from the Casino's. You won't find anything decent there. Also stay away from Go Fish in Mystic. I hope this helped.

Very good food at Athenian Corner, Lowell, MA

Took an aunt to Athenian Corner in Lowell today for lunch. The food was great. For appetizers we tried the grape leaves (a must have) and the fried calamari (wasn't that good). We then had the Mousaka, Broiled Lamb sandwich and Gyro for entrees. All meals came with a cup of soup. We all had the lentil soup which was great. The sandwiches also came with a greek salad.

The portions are quite large. While Gyros aren't on the menu, they did make one for me, and the meat was the best I've had. I ate half of it and brought the rest home. I didn't try the broiled lamb sandwich (normally served on bread, but requested it on a pita), but my wife and her aunt both said it was great. They also shared the Mousaka which they say was very good, and they maybe ate a third of it.

Afterwards, my wife had the Baklava, which was good (I stole a bite). It wasn't as much honey as other's I've had, but it was a big piece and had cinnamon on top of it. It was delicious.

Overall, Athenian Corner is definately a good choice, especially if you like lamb. So if you like greek and are near Lowell, definately give it a try.


Jul 09, 2006
planetmn in Greater Boston Area