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Recommendation around GW University

You can try Circle Bistrot -
They also have a pre-theater menu

Washington DC mid- to high-end restaurants recommendations

I would recommend Table in Shaw. Dino is very nice but very noisy.

Duke's Grocery in DC - Report

I really like their Cheese Toasty.

Buying Cherry Liqueur or Kirsch in the area

Try MacArthur in DC, I bought there Trimbach Kirsch not too long ago. Their inventory online suggests ts that have several others:

Dacquoise Cake in DC

Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown has a great one.

Free Meeting Room At Restaurant?

Try Tortilla Coast in Logan Circle. They give the back of the restaurant if your group is large enough.

Lupo Verde

We have been. It is a nice space, seating is tight, a lot of people standing at the bar. Food was good. Pizza is good but small. The cheese board was very good but was hard to fit on our small table. I would go back after the hype is over and it is less crowded.

The Fainting Goat

Has anyone been? Any suggestions/recommendations?

DGS Delicatessen in Dupont Circle - Report

The prime rib dinner they serve on Saturdays for $30 is a good deal and very well executed.

Oyamel, Daikaya or Zaytinya

I would consider Bibiana.

Anniversary Dinner

Try Table. It is excellent food in a casual atmosphere and very good service.

Rosh Hashonah Dinner in DC?



Calvert Woodley has it:
4339 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008


What is the price point of the drinks?

Is there anything worth eating on I-81 in PA?

Inspired by the nice responses to the question about I-80.

We are driving from DC to upstate NY and are looking to stop somehwre in Pennsylvania for lunch and to break the trip. Any recommendations?


Jul 22, 2013
moosy in Pennsylvania

Dinner in DC with 23 and 10 year old

Firefly is very nice and has some fun things for kids like make your own cookie.

What to Buy at Costco?

mozzarella di bufala, their wine selection is well priced and interesting, their produce are fresh, cheap for the quantity but come in large quantity

Apr 27, 2013
moosy in Chains

Help with DC food itinerary

Charlie Palmer has great food, and has no corkage fee which reduces the cost substantially. There are no leaves on the trees so the view of the capitol is beautiful. IT is true that if what you want to is the chance to sit next to famous politicians The Palm or Capital Grille are better places.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Whole Foods on P St has them often. They do call them sunchoke, but it's the same vegetable.

Best Gluten Free Pizza in Metro DC?

Ella's is good. On a good day Pizza 17 can accomodate 20 people outside.

Anyone want to critique my plans for next month?

I know people here like Dino, but it is not in the same league as the other restaurants on your lists. I would do Bibiana if I wanted a top notch Italian.

dupont circle

The Palm.

best place to taste/buy caviar in dc?

I believe Dean and Deluca on M street has some caviar last time I checked. My personal concern is that I wouldn't know how much turnover they have. I would buy it online at a place like Petrossian

best place to taste/buy caviar in dc?

I have never been but you could try The Russia House -

recommendations for supermarkets, butchers, fishmongers, farmers markets in DC?

I live in Logan and walk to work everyday in between foggy bottom and Dupont. I love walking (but I could take a bus) and so it's not a big deal for me. My husband wouldn't walk this far every day. Logan has Whole Foods, if you are ok with their price point it is a wonderful asset - not the best meat, fish, bread - but very solid.

I supplement it with Trader Joe's, the farmer's market nearby at Dupont, and a few small businesses around town for things that are dear enough to me to warrant driving - fish, wine, cheese.

Logan is not cheap to live in, but you can't beat the dining options in short walking distance.

Gluten Free in DC with teenagers

Firefly are very nice. Their oil is used for other things so french fries are out, but we asked them to saute potatoes in a pan for us and they did it and it was great.

Best SUSHI in D.C. ????

Sushi Taro (

Driving from DC to Philadelphia

It seems to get bad reviews here:

Driving from DC to Philadelphia

Any place that is worth stopping on the way for lunch?

Where to buy magret de canard/ moulard duck breast in DC/ NoVA?

Whole Foods (on P at least) carries ducks most of the time. Boning out the duck breast is easy and you can comfit the legs....