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taiwanese dim sum in sgv?

looking for the best of exactly that anywhere in or around la county and sgv area.

Jul 19, 2007
karin_k_ng in Los Angeles Area

Need recommendations for the area that I am moving to. National Blvd/overland area.

this thread brings back good culver's been a couple of years since i lived there, but there's a fast food philipino place in a strip mall on venice - fast food as in panda express style - next to the thai bbq that's across the street and slightly east of natali thai. $6/7 gets you rice and a few items like adobo, deep fried little fishes, oxtail and other goodies on a flimsy styrofoam tray. probably 8-10 items from which to choose/day. they also cater and prepare whole roasted pig, and they sell desserts.

and if previous hounders are recommending as far as apple pan, then there's a good indian buffet across the street from the mall, right on pico. avg to above-avg. on taste, but a great deal. 8 bucks - eat your heart out. weekdays only.

heartily recommend the egg salad sandwich at apple pan.

quadruple cheer for sushi zo. also for victor junior's.

Apr 06, 2007
karin_k_ng in Los Angeles Area