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White (Easter) Borscht

Responding to chow49. Long time after as well. Our family enjoys same white borscht Easter Sunday. Difference is no sour cream (will try.)
My dad made horseradish every year for Easter packing it in jars giving many away. Hard to find decent horseradish without added fillers and such. His consisted of the horseradish vinegar and salt. His secret was grinding very fine. Brings back memories reading all the posts.

Apr 06, 2015
debbydu in Home Cooking

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Saw on the news few days ago General Mills is bringing back French Toast Crunch due to consumer feed-back when discontinued! You are kidding me!! We have been asking for Team Flakes to come back for years.

Dec 14, 2014
debbydu in General Topics

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Sent my e-mail. Suggested they sell it on a web-site and to put me down for a case!! Please don't taunt me with the TEAM Flakes pictures

Mar 21, 2012
debbydu in General Topics

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Hey bebo1068, My daughter moved to Europe. On next visit will check that out for sure. Better yet she will be visiting soon will have her scope out for me and perhaps bring me a treat.
Just don't understand why they are not made anymore considering some of the junk cereals that are made!

Mar 16, 2012
debbydu in General Topics

Alternatives to Cook's Illustrated Online?

Um, how about CHOW!!! Seems to be all I need. CI is a waste of time.

Jun 02, 2010
debbydu in Food Media & News

Donut Muffins

If you want light and fluffy try this recipe for French Puffs, I think it's an old "Betty Crocker". 3/4 c milk,1/2 c veg oil,1egg, 2 c all purp or whle wheat flour,
1/3 c sugar (I use a little less), 3 tsp baking powder, 1tsp salt. 400 oven 18-20 minutes. Add wet to dry. When done dip tops in 1/2 c melted butt/marg and then into combo of 1/2 c sugar-1 tsp cinn. Yield 12
Great with coffee

May 31, 2010
debbydu in Recipes

Basic Roasted Acorn Squash

New to squash, love to try this recipe. Forgive me for asking, when serving do you scoop out squash in serving bowl or serve individually as side dish and eat as is.

Feb 19, 2010
debbydu in Recipes

Parmesan Kaiser Rolls

Thanks to Linda431 for step by step instruction web-sites.

Oct 12, 2009
debbydu in Recipes

Whatever happened to Team Flakes?

Totally agree, my husband and I miss them to. Maybe we should send all the posts to Kraft.
I used to browse the cereal sections of markets in visiting areas when traveling, thinking I might discover them. We to find comfort knowing there are others!!!

Aug 14, 2009
debbydu in General Topics