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Kauai - Grocery Store b/w Lihue and Poipu

You can go to Star market in Lihue (in Kukui Grove shopping center) - more expensive but great selection. Or Big Save in Koloa (closer to Poipu), more local style, better fish selection, maybe a teensy bit cheaper.
I would probably hit Star on my way through Lihue, and then supplement with Big Save after your first day or so.
Have a wonderful time!!

May 14, 2008
waimeamom in Hawaii

Maui Onion Rings on the Big Island?

Anyone know of a restaurant serving maui onion rings here on the Big Island? Either battered or breaded... thanks!

May 14, 2008
waimeamom in Hawaii

Where'd everybody go?

I'm brand new to Chowhound, love it already. I live on the Big Island and am in hospitality. But my big question is: Why doesn't Hawaii get their own board? We have to be lumped in with "elsewhere in America"? Surely we deserve more! What do you guys think?
Aloha -