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Can I buy a real molcajete in Toronto anywhere?

I need help from any chowhounders that live in T.O.
I would like to buy a real molcajete. Not a concrete-copy that will leave grit in my teeth forever, but one actually meant for making food! Is there anywhere in Toronto where such a wonderful implement might be found? Does anyone know?

TIA, any advice would be much appreciated.

Help finding Harisaa in Waterloo

I am hoping to find some Harissa paste in the Waterloo area.
Al Madina's used to sell it but doesn't anymore since their renovation : (

Help fellow Chowhounders, any advice?

Near University of Waterloo

If you want upscale environment (and slightly more pretentious prices too) then I'd recommend Wildcraft. Their W burger is very good, but there are lots of vegetarian options that will please your daughter.

Here's what I'd recommend in the area:
Ennio's (on King St) - Italian, midscale with a nice range of different dishes (& vegetarian too) that are all consistently decent quality, owned by a local family to boot;
Pho Ben Thanh (on Northfield) - Vietnamese/Thai, a local mini-chain, excellent food for very very reasonable prices, with plenty of vegetarian options that are actually delicious;
Benny's (on Weber) - this is roadhouse all the way - nothing too horrible, but nothing great either, but if that's what you would like, the portions are huuuuge and the prices quite reasonable;
If you are willing to drive a little, you might consider the Charcoal Steak House / Del Dente's (which is in the basement) in Kitchener off Fairway. Both levels serve very solidly good food. Again, slightly higher prices but good portion sizes.
Another place further away is Arabesque (on Victoria), which serves Middle Eastern cuisine (shawermas, falafels, etc). The prices are incredibly reasonable, and the food fresh and very delicious.

I would have to disagree with the rec for Mongolian Grill - in my mind, it's actually pretty bad food, gimmicky to say the least, and in this day of H1N1, I'd avoid places with raw meats left out on open buffets like the plague pits they likely are. And while I haven't been to Heidelberg House in about 5 years, it's because the last time I ate there, the place was dark, dim and dingy. But I am a mother of a 5 year old, so I'm very picky about the cleanliness of where we eat.

Good luck, hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations.

425 King Street North, Waterloo, ON n2j 2z5, CA

Orlando Restaurants - Please review my list!

After getting this great feedback, I think I've revised my list, here goes;

Pao Gostoso
Memories of India (we get great Indian food here too, but my husband LOVES it)
Pizza Fusion (or Giordano's. because seriously, we've NEVER had deep-dish pizza, and I am still curious. Is there another place in Orlando that has deep-dish that is better or more authentic? And quite frankly, we're not going to go to Chicago anytime soon...)

We've struck Shin Jung off the list - mostly because we eat Korean all the time, and I think I'd like to try things in Orlando that we just can't get here in Canada. And while the fancier restaurants would be nice (we've talked about Ravenous Pig, but it doesn't sound child-friendly), our daughter has a one-hour restaurant window. She's very quiet and well behaved... for one hour. So that limits how high-end we can really go.

I'm most excited about trying Cuban, Mexican and Caribbean cuisines if possible. If anyone has more recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

Memories of India
7625 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

Padrino's Restaurant
2500 E Hallandale Beach Blvd Ste I, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Nov 09, 2009
mcvixen in Florida

Orlando Restaurants - Please review my list!

Thank you so much for the help. It is dead easy to find expensive places to eat for dinner in a new town, but it's when we're trying to find tasty, affordable, local mom-and-pop places that the challenge begins.

I will definitely add Ming's, and move Padrino's up the list.
I was aware that Sweet Tomatoes is a chain, but they don't have them up here (nor anything like it). But I'm hearing more bad than good, so we might stay away.

Please keep the recommendations coming, they are so helpful!

Padrino's Restaurant
2500 E Hallandale Beach Blvd Ste I, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Nov 08, 2009
mcvixen in Florida

Orlando Restaurants - Please review my list!

I'm heading down to Orlando with husband and 5 year old. All three of us are foodies, and we love interesting and spicy foods. Normally at home we prefer to eat at small, locally owned restaurants, and avoid most international chains like plague-pits.

We're really hoping to enjoy some dishes that we wouldn't normally be able to enjoy in Canada.

From what I've been able to pick through on the 'net, I've come up with a short list of options, but the advice & opinion of Orlando foodies would be oh so helpful and might help us narrow things down.

(If it's a help, we'll be staying at the Caribe Royale, but will have a car).

Sweet Tomatoes
Pao Gostoso
Giordano's (we've never eaten Chicago deep-dish pizza before, what type of fillings are good?)
Bahama Breeze
Pizza Fusion
Padrino's Cuban Bistro
Shin Jung (might this be too far out of the way?)
Los Generales

And just to prove that we are not being completely anti-Disney (our daughter is 5, after all), we also plan to eat at:
Kona Cafe in the Polynesian
Wolfgang Puck Express
Earl of Sandwich

I would really appreciate feedback and opinions, and if anyone has a local favorite they would be willing to point out, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks and cheers!

Nov 07, 2009
mcvixen in Florida

Recommendation for resto near Pacific Mall?

I should add: we are driving up on a Monday. Are those hand-thrown noodles available on Monday or would it likely be closed? Does anyone know?

Recommendation for resto near Pacific Mall?

Thank you for the tip regarding Korean vs. Chinese in that area. We are driving in from Waterloo and while I'm very familiar with the Mississauga end of town, I've no idea what happens on the eastern side of Toronto!

Ok. Will revise our expectations.

The hand-pulled noodles sound fun, especially since I will be having my 5 year old with me... do you get to watch them throw the noodles?

Recommendation for resto near Pacific Mall?

We're planning a road trip, my DH, DD and I..... and are going to be stopping at the Pacific Mall to browse around.

Any recommendations for good asian places to eat in the vicinity?
a) Ideally, within 5 to 10 minutes drive of the mall;
b) Korean is great;
c) good Ramen would be better.

We would likely be stopping for an early dinner, at about 4 pm, before pushing onto Belleville / Kingston.

Thank you!

best Korean restaurant in Mississauga?

Thank you everyone - I am definitely going to check out the Chodang place!

best Korean restaurant in Mississauga?

I am planning to take my parents (both Korean) out for dinner when we are visiting Mississauga next month.
We have eaten at the Minami on Dundas (my mother thinks it a bit too salty), and also at Miga. (I was okaaay with it before but thought their chapchae was weird and their fish stew hotpot was boring).

To you Mississauga Chowhounds - are there any recommendations for new, really tasty Korean restos in the Mississauga or Etobicoke area?

Thank you!

Good Meat Place/Butcher in K/W/C

You could try Osogood Butcher's in Waterloo. Part of the "Eat Local, Eat Fresh" group - I understand the pork is from their own farm too. Great prices and very good quality, very friendly staff and butchers that are very willing to answer questions and help you.
But be warned - Friday and Saturday mornings the place is BUSY.