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Donuts...Doughnuts...Where art Thou in Monmouth County?

I remember Hoffmans in Point Pleasant...ashame to hear they closed. Scary but true..many of the supermarkets offer fresh donuts..but Im sure they come in frozen or ready to bake. If anyone is ever in the Hampton's there is very small chain called Dreesen's. They are the old fashioned crueller like donuts..always warm and with a choice of sugar, cinnamon type. Great moist inside, crispy outside.

Jan 15, 2010
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Sawa in Eatontown

Ive heard god things anout this place too..Question: Is there anything good there for the non sushi(fish) type person?

Jan 15, 2010
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Heading to Summit Lake in Upstate NY...Anyone have any culinary oddities or suggestions?

Hey fellow hounds,,

Packing up the family for a 5 day jaunt to the mountains of NYS. We will be staying at a house on Summit lake. If anyone has any recommendations nearby...culinary oddities are welcome as well! You guys never let me down!

Ocean City Restaurant Help Family!

Please forgive me for being this forward....but ..if you have been going to OC for a while...why would you even think fine dining? The magic of OC...which I have summered at for the last 20 years is its family inspired restaurants. No toddlers want to sit through a fine dining meal for 1 and a half to 2 hours. there are several reliable seafood restaurants available for you to choose from. We go to OC with other families and all consider ourselves "foodies" but we realize that this particular location is really very hard for us die hard gourmands. Last year when we had some friends stopping in for a visit we planned a beach picnic...Use Spadafora's. They will deliver your fresh cooked seafood to the beach! We had one of the most memorable dinners ever...the kids played on the beach while we ate and drank (Wine in plastic cups) and enjoyed the sunset. I know its not a fine dinig experience but iit truly was memorable! I've posted before about my faves in OC..would love to hear yours too.
Boyars: Great takeout...Familiy style..thier BBQ Chicken is to die for.
Skip all the pizza places cept for the Mack n Manko on the boardwalk
Georges: The very best Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

I have been to Gregorys twice and liked it..but far from fine dining..fresh seafood quick fried or broiled is great anywhere though.

have a great vacation

Jul 18, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

tacos no problem.......maybe just a few

tried this Mom and Pop located near the waterfront in Keyport. Pleasantly impressed with what we all had. Appetizer were chicken flautas...nice and crips and not a bit of oil to be found. Topped with super thin sliced Iceberg lettuce and really ripe avocados just fell short on flavor. the chicken inside was cooked and shredded but lacked and discernable flavor. With a little flavor this appy would have been a knock out.

Onto the tacos....nice and moist fillings and they had at least 5-7 choices. I didnt have the tacos but the others seemed did mention that the soft corn tortilla wasnt what he expected...but who knows in the age of taco Bell what he was expecting.

Sandwiches...very very happy here. I had half of the chorizo...Small diced chorizo pan fried and scrambled with eggs..almost cooked like a patty...slathered with a really authentic chili sauce, queso fresca, shredded lettuce, sliced peppers and mayonaisse. I know..over the top but I loved it. The bread was real fresh and light...almost compareable to portuguese but not as chewy a crust.

Pork Carnita sandwich...def could have eaten this one as a "whole"/.//but even I have my limits. tender little cubes..just shy or shredded braised pork with the same stuff that was on the other one...very very tasty and only 6 bucks~!

Overall I def will go back..things tht caught my eye....Papaya Smoothie...Limon Agua....

Jun 26, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Pizza from Yesterdays in Hazlet?

ok...heres my humble opinions on the area pizzas

first choice always..Deninnos in strathmore..but they do not deliver.
Stefano's hazlet: Ok but not a pronounced flavor and inconsistant toppings
Villa Holmdel (Kohls) Ok but also inconsistant. Sometimes the crust can be very thick and almost rubbery.
Angelas Airport plaza: Fair but consistant..good cheese..
Gourmet Pizza First St Keyport: Surprisingly good but out of the way...fresh topping and good sausage.
Anchor Inn Union Beach: Fair but lives off its old reputation..very loyal following.

Pizza Pet Peeves
How can anyone in their right mind use canned mushrooms or Peppers?
No fresh herbs on pies
Gimme a lil Olive Oil on there to bake in!
Under cooked pies with too much cheese.

Hope this helped you in some way~

Jun 21, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Vegetarian choices in Monmouth Cty

My vote for Eurasian Eatery. Mrs Chan's tried and true recipes rock! My suggestions would be:

My number 1 gotta have it is the Szechuan Dumpling Salad. Buckwheat dumplings in a vinigary hot sauce with fresh jullienne veggies and soy nuts...Dont make a mistake and share it

Black Bean Mousaka
Pasta Toss with Vegetables
Falafel Burgers

and for the carnivore...Chicken Cordon Bleu Dumplings

Bon Appetite!

Jun 18, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Fathers Day Brunch in Essex County or Morris County..

Im not sure which county Summit is in...but its not far from Short Hills. The Huntley Taverne would make a very nice setting for a Fathers Day lunch or dinner. The Shrimp Cocktail there is the star of the show. Huge prawn like shrimps with their heads intact and a great presentation. The wine list is awesome.

heres a

Jun 06, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for something Different For Lunch

Hello Hounds,

After a weekend in Atlantic City, the family and I will be driving back up to monmouth county in the afternoon. Does anyone have any intersting Lunch stops that would be convenient to stop at on the way back? Should be kids friendly and not looking for anything pricey. Im looking for more of an culinary adventure for the whole family. All input is welcome!!

Jun 06, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Nice Lunch in Atlantic City

Angelina, I liked Opa as well. I was thjere with my wife and kids in tow the week they opened. Service was a little overwhelming (but for an opening better than none). The amuse of hummus and warm pitas thrilled the kids so much I asked if we could buy it for an appetizer for them They accomidated. I had the mousakka which was very good. My wife had something unmemorable. What really impressed us both were the Greek Salads. Plenty of super crisp lettuce, crunchy red onions, olives, real tomatoes and an ethereal Feta cheese, that at first looked like too much until we both tasted our first briny bite! All this slathered in a fresh lemon & oregano red wine and olive oil bath. I would definatley return. And for those of us with kids, you can literally sit outside on the boardwalk and people watch or send them to the Candy Store that is adjacent to the restaurant...its a 3 story sugar palace that will keep them busy while you sip your wine.

Jun 06, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Open on Monday?

Trinity in Keyport is open on Monday Nights

Jun 06, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Central Jersey Ice Cream

Ralphs gets my vote too. I go to the one in hazlet. Is it just me or do the ones at Rita's not even compare? Went to the Rita's in Union Beach...service was top notch but both the ice cream (custard) and the Ice was terrible. Support Ralphs the flavors are great and its made in smaller batches.

May 23, 2008
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Birthday cake in Monmouth County

Hey a very experienced cake consumer and Dad I feel obligated to give my point of view. The cakes that appeal to children have nothing to do with the taste but with the decorations. As any pastry chef can tell you, unless its marzipan the finishing product are all super sugary and really not that appealing to adults. In my family I developed the two cake cake for the kids and it usually is an ice cream on that satifies and one for the adults. Of course I would reccomend FT in Highlands but I also really really like the Heritage Bakery in Matawan. Mainly known for their SUBLIME Boston Cream Donuts, they use this same custard in a variety of their specialty cakes. I have even gotten a Crumb cake there with this custard. They are definately worthy of a try. If all else fails there's always Cookie Puss at Carvel!

May 23, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Central Jersey Ice Cream

I gotta just out out there my vote for any of you choosing the NJ shore this summer...Hoffman's in Point Pleasant..very very good...unique combinations as well. My ultimate was a place in New Hope PA ....I think its called Gerundsens or soemthing like that on the main drag. For me Cold Stones were good for kids but not necessarily suitable for us adult chowers...Read this future entrpreneurs.....NJ needs something in the Ice Cream genre in the midsection for us foodies!

May 16, 2008
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Cheesesteak hoagie in Ocean City, NJ area?

Hey condolences on the passing of your friend, they sound like a true 'chower'. I would have hoped to see this earlier to recommend Boyar's on Asbury in Ocean City. You will find that they are the real deal! Great Steak Subs and basically any of their grilled meat items are good. It amazes me that a family style bucket of real BBQ Chicken is priced so reasonably. Any of you hounds try Ocean City please try Boyars and let me know what you think!

Apr 25, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for something "real" in AC

Hey fellow chowers...Im heading to AC next Tuesday evening and was hoping to find a restaurant that is not over the edge. By this I mean...not in a casino..and not a multi-million dollar setting. something real..maybe rustic italian? french? Do any of these places exist down there? thanks in advance for your picks

Apr 11, 2008
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Ocean City, NJ [moved from Tristate board]

Hmm Sounds good I definately will try the Seahorse. As for Dixie Picnic, I did try last summer and was pleasantly surprised. Puccinni to me was a little too "sub par" shore pizza for me. Great ideas just not executed well. Also for pizza in a family resort kinda pricey. Mallons cinnamon buns are legendary but the last two times I went there I felt that they were actually burned around the edges and kinda dry. Once again I must hail my all time favorite Ocean City weakness to be the chocolate covered macaroons at George's!

Apr 08, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Best burger in Mon/OC?

Ok chow are my ratings

Jims Burger Haven: Really good...Love the burger but I can only go there alone. The place is just so dirty that I\m afraid to put my kids at risk! This place could be a goldmine if they could only find a powerwasher. 1 bacon slice rating.

Barnacle Bills: Consistent good char and good quality meat. Cant go wrong and who wouldnt like a place you can "boat" into. A definate 4 slice of bacon burger!

Why do my kids love Burger King? cant even rate.

The Bulkhead Bar & Grille: Had a burger with Pork Roll and Cheese with Hot peppers....I almost thought I had gone to far but really really liked it...I hope my internist isn't reading this! This burger tasted good and I definately will return for it..but I can't give it a 4 slice of bacon rating. They need a better roll. Roll was dry and tasteless.

Does anyone remember the old Rollo's Barbecue on Route 35?

Apr 06, 2008
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Ocean City, NJ [moved from Tristate board]

Ok a good thing to remember,,,most of the food is family oriented. My absolute favorite "fast food" place is Boyar's on Asbury. Great burgers..great BBQ chicken buckets...fries are good too. Darn I almost forgot...the Cheesesteaks are winners too...all can be delivered to your rental.

Now as for boardwalk treats!!
Try George|s on fifth...super super chocolate covered macaroons..and really good Ice Cream...although my wife is a devotee of Kohr's Frozen Custard.

Pizza- Hands down are the Mack & Mancos

Just over the bridge make a right in Somers Point and try Gregory's Seafood...a definate throw back to the jersey Shore fish fry.

Breakfast..hmmm...I like Uncle Bobs and The Beach House..Only thing with Beach House is that they get kindy snooty with us out of towners.

Apr 06, 2008
BaconGuy in Mid-Atlantic

Famous Deninos of S.I. Stealths into Aberdeen, NJ

I found Deninos after a run to the Hobby Shop..Found it to be the best I've had in quite a while. They get good marks from me for using all FRESH veggies...How many times has a perfectly good pie been ruined by canned mushroom and pickled peppers? This is sacreligious!! Ok..not being modest here I have to confess that Im addicted to the "garbage pie"....perfect hot out of the oven and even later room temperature. Im one of those "freaks" that will eat pizza outta the box the next day. A skill I learned in college! But enough about their I the only one that thinks their Buffalo WIngs are awesome as well? 3.5 bacon slices for the pizza (If they could get it a hair thinner will definately qualify for 4) and 4 bacon slices for the Wings.

Apr 06, 2008
BaconGuy in New Jersey

Morton's Steakhouse at Caesars in AC

We celebrated my wifes birthday at Mortons last week. Started out with some cocktails. We both went for my favorite Brazilian concoction, the Caipirinha. They were everything and more, perfect proportions and lots of fresh juicy lime wedges. You have to watch out for these, the brandy they are made with "cachacaa" really packs a wallop! No wonder the South American's can do the salsa all night long!

Ok on to the food. We both new we were gonna be ravnous carnivores so we opted for salad as an appetizer and first course. We both chose their Iceberg Wedge. The salad was prepared very well, crisp lots of really well cooked bacon. I would have preferred a few bigger chunks of bleu cheese in the dressing. Nice round loaf of crustiy onion bread with butter was also served.

Oh need to mention that they come to the table here with the cuts of meat and fish in a raw state and describe them to you...I guess some folks like that..for me...not really a plus. If its gonna be put in front of me...I want it cooked with a knife and fork! I ordered a bone in ribeye and she ordered fillet mignon. We both ordered medium. Now for me the following isn't really a big steak came meduim well..just barely pink and hers was really more toward medium rare...actually blood red. Really a shame because of the ala carte pricing. Obviously our expectaion at a well respeted stakhouse was high. We also had the lyonaise potatoes. They were seasoned well and nice and hot. Had mentioned the steak issue to a friend and he said I cant beoive you didnt send them back. Im kinda a low key guy and we honestly had plans and didnt want to wait.

I had also ordered a "rare wine" find only to hear that they hadnt yet recieved it. Service was good and I would have to say that for $200 plus for 2...I would only give this place a rating of one bacon slice outta four.

Just one more kudo to the barkeep for the outstanding cocktails!

Apr 06, 2008
BaconGuy in New Jersey