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Regional Chinese roundup 1.0 (early 2014)

China Bee (San Mateo, Taiwanese)

2 Veg Heads Hitting SFO

Il Cane Rosso at the Ferry Plaza is a nice stop for breakfast or lunch. Their veg sandwiches are creative and their soup is almost always veg. They have good veg sides too.

Il Cane Rosso
1 Ferry Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94105

2 Veg Heads Hitting SFO

I'm a flextarian.

Though I haven't been to these two, I would recommend Coi in North Beach and reserve the veg option. I would also swing by the Red Vic in the Haight on Wednesdays at 6 pm for their weekly SF Vegetarian Society weekly dinner. You would be able to walk around either before or after dinner so that you get to see the neighborhood as well.

I really like Gracias Madres in the Mission - organic, vegan Mexican. The tortillas are worth the trip.

Ethiopian food is a good choice too. And Moya just opened South of Market for lunch. I personally would say it's walking distance from the Kimpton (but I walk a lot).

I had a great lunch buffet today at Pagan on Clement in the Richmond. It's Burmese. Take a peek before you sit down just in case they're low on veg options that day. Usually, they will have veggie fritters, tea leaf salad, and 2 curries. I lucked out today and the noodle dish was also veg. But if you don't like that, there's Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant one block down. I can't remember the name though.

And finally, there's the Loving Hut chain. Each location seems to serve a slightly different menu. I really like there vegetarian pho at the Chinatown location. There's also Enjoy Restaurant in Chinatown too for Chinese vegetarian. Lunch plates are reasonably priced.

I believe you can have a good meal at R&G Lounge too. Order one item with tofu, veggie abalone, fresh sauteed greens like yam leaves or water spinach. My caveat would be to triple check that they don't use some sauce that might contain trace animal products like oyster sauce. And maybe, though I haven't tried this myself, call and ask if they can make a double boil vegetarian soup for you. It might cost a lot, but you're on vacation.

Have a great trip!

Gracias Madre
2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Dim Sum at Champagne Seafood Restaurant, San Mateo

I was there during a weekday last week. Service was attentive but the food was only okay. Had the tofu, chicken feet, XLB, chicken Choqing sauce, and one other dish I can't even remember.

I was most disappointed with the XLB and the chicken with Choqing sauce. Not that I had high expectations for the XLB, but it was worse than I expected. The wrapper was very thick and the meat was like a dry little nugget. And I'm not sure what it said in Chinese for the chicken with Choqing sauce but it was a poached yellow chicken with siracha sauce on the side. Chicken was moist and tasty. But how is siracha related to Choqing?

Had a better experience at King Wah in Daly City over the weekend instead. It was packed and the food came out slowly, but prices were gentle on my wallet and the food tasted better. They had a lot of small plates for $2.50 like cha su bao, tripe with ginger and peppers, and a very generous portion of taro cake with preserved meat toppings.

209 Southgate Avenue
Daly City, CA 94015-3164
(650) 756-9700

King Wah Restaurant
209 Southgate Ave, Daly City, CA 94015

Colma BART station - What's good around here?!

Try Los Metates for their tacos, burritos, and ceviche tostada. It's on the side of Colma station where the buses go back onto Hill Street across from Toyota.

No stream trays here. All meat is cook on the flat top after you order. I like their carnitas and lengua the best.

260 San Pedro Rd
Daly City, CA 94014

3 Nights Montreal, 2 Nights Quebec City

Having visited very recently, you must go to Au Pied du Cochon. Get a Metro pass, jump on the Orange Line to Mont Royal or Sherbrooke and walk about 10 minutes to PDC.

It was the best meal I had on my trip. You can splurge on this meal, and eat more frugally on the rest of your trip. It will probably set you back up to $150 for two people if you go all out, but it's worth it.

If you want to do this restaurant for under $100, get the seafood platter, one entree, two cromesquis, beer instead of wine, and skip the dessert. You will leave just as satisfied.

Pho in Montreal: 2009

NorCal. So my standards might be different than your friends.

From El Monte to San Jose and back to The City, I've eaten a lot of pho. Honestly, if I don't get crazy thirsty after eating a bowl of pho, that's already a plus. If I get unbruised basil, dry bean sprouts, and a wedge of lime, not lemon, I'm happier. And if the soup taste like a fragant, heady mix of roasted star anise, cinnamon, and onions, I'm in heaven.

But I seriously haven't had an experience like that in a long time. Most places don't make their soup from scratch. They add commerical pho paste or use canned broth.

My favorite places are the ones that only make pho and nothing else, not even an imperial roll. At least in SF, that's hard to come by. With that said, Pho Cali (in Montreal's Chinatown) tasted clean -- like they tried to make it homemade.

Olympic Park

I ate at a place called Baguette & Baguella last week. I don't think I'm spelling it right. It's on the main street, across the courtyard from Marche Maisonneuve.

It's French and Portuguese. I thought it was a great deal. I had a huge plate of grilled sardines ($16 CAD). My husband had moules au provencal that came with a big plate of frites ($13 CAD). Because we ordered the lunch specials it also came with appetizer and dessert.

The atmosphere is ok. It looks like a slightly dated cafe. But if the weather is good, you can sit outside along the side of the building.

And they have wine by the glass too.

Pho in Montreal: 2009

We were visiting Montreal last week from California. Ended up at Pho Cali because we needed a break from pate, bread and cheese.

It was good, better than I expected. I had rare beef and tendon. My only complaint was that I only got two tiny slivers of tendon.

Sunday Stonestown Farmers Market Opens

I went this past Sunday, 7/12. They have something for everyone.

Food vendors include Frank's BBQ, Belgian waffles, Andy & Cindy's Thai food, Indian Gourmet, Edith's Bakery, a cupcake bakery, and a couple of people making pies.

Extras like a guitarist, masseuse and a little area for kids to play.

Also a good mix of produce, certified organic and not. One fish guy, and they say they're working on getting a meat vendor too.

I'm going back next week for Padron peppers!

Does dim sum just suck in San Fran?

I'm reading through the thread and my anger was just building up inside of me. And you, SteveG, totally posted the same thoughts I was thinking!

My only other thought, kind of like your point #5, is that a lot of Cantonese places don't seem to care about what they put out on a day-to-day basis. If it's good today, and bad tomorrow, it totally doesn't bother them.

Seriously, I don't feel the love when I eat dim sum or Cantonese food in general. I know the ingredients they use are the same ingredients I can buy at an Asian supermarket. Their chefs are just more skillful than I can ever be at wrapping up dim sum. There's no premium in the experience merely the convenience of being able to eat out.

And my dear mom would say the chefs here don't innovate enough on their own. If one place puts out a new dim sum, all the other places will follow within weeks. So in the end, it all taste kind of the same.

If I have to eat dim sum tomorrow, agreed, it would be outside of the city at Asian Pearl in Millbrae.

Any idea's where to find shaved ice with condensed milk and fruit toppings?

Sweet Delite on Clement at 6th has shaved ice. Their machine also looks like the ones from Taiwan. Note, condensed milk is considered a topping here. So you can pick either 2 toppings with condensed milk, or 3 toppings and no condensed milk. Can't remember how much they charge for additional toppings.

Sunday night near McPherson Square

Just called them. Closed this Sunday only because Monday is Labor Day.

Sunday night near McPherson Square

Downer, Beck closes at 8. Acadiana is closed on Sunday. Zengo is too complicated. Will check out threads for Chinatown. Thanks.

Sunday night near McPherson Square

To me, complicated or fancy means trying to secure a reservation, more than 2 courses, lots of dairy, or something on my place that I haven't eaten before.

Usually I end up craving fish, grilled or steamed, with veggies. Sounds simple but very hard to find.

Sunday night near McPherson Square

Thanks for the recommendation, but they're closed on Sunday.

Sunday night near McPherson Square

We'll be visiting from San Francisco and won't get into D.C. until 8ish on Sunday. What's good and open late near McPherson Square? Nothing complicated or fancy.

We're willing to walk 15-20 minutes nearby but will probably be too tired to hop on the metro again.


Tai Yang (Boba + Eclectic Snacks) on Noriega?

I went about two months back. I had the special of Vietnamese sandwich and fresh soy milk for $4.50 and an order of XLB. It was ok, not enough umph for my taste. Will stick to Irving Street Cafe for banh mi and King of Dumplings.

Looking for green tea cake

I just had a slice of green tea cake from the bakery inside Kukje Supermarket in Daly City. It was a pre-cut slice from large sheetcake. Four layers with a little bit of cream between each layer. Mild green tea flavor. Overall it was good but not great.

where to find fresh sugar cane juice in SF?

Own by the same people who own Irving Street Deli down the street. I just went in for a bahn mi and haven't tried anything else yet. Menu has a little bit of everything -- instant noodle, bahn mi, sago, peanut butter toast. But I can't recall if they have boba.

where to find fresh sugar cane juice in SF?

Irving Street Dessert Cafe at 20th Ave. They juice it to order. I didn't try it but noticed the other customers ordering it.

Tutti Melon - Frozen Yogurt on Irving @ 23rd Ave.

Had a friend get me some today. For some reason, I don't like the after taste. I got the wasabi in your nose sensation after I ate it. Not the burning part, but just the light tickling. Or when you eat won ton noodles and the place doesn't cook the noodles long enough and it has too much of that ingredient left in it that helps keeps the noodle chewy. Anyways...

Maybe it's low level brain freeze. Anyone else getting this?

I've had my fair share of the frozen yogurt from LA and SF. And none of them give me this weird sensation.

SF Hound needs Dim Sum recs in Vancouver

I ended up going to Shen Fung at Parker Place. It was probably some of the best dim sum I've had it a long time. I had:

-Chicken knee caps. A really big order.
-Snake potage came with chrysamthemum leaves
-Sesame paste filled bittermelon fried dumplings
-Pork liver crepes (cheung fun)
-Duck filled fried dumplings
-Marinated goose webs

SF - Lunch Buffet at Sultan

The service was great too! Maybe because it was Sunday? Water glasses were always filled, plates were removed quickly. The serving spoons on the buffet line were changed frequently. How often do you see that?

And I really loved the tandoori chicken, pakora and kheer -- things I normally don't eat at other places.

They even had egg masala today. I loved it. I can't wait to go back again.

Tutti Melon - Frozen Yogurt on Irving @ 23rd Ave.

Not opened yet. Didn't see an opening date posted either. But looks awfully similar to Pinkberry. If anyone gets to try it before I do, please let us know.


2150 Irving St @ 23rd Ave., San Francisco

Oakland: Taco Grill – soul-satisfying pozole, sublime crispy tacos, organic tortillas, Niman Ranch albondigas and birria de chivo

I was there last Sunday morning and had the combination pozole, fish tacos, and their regular tacos -- one each of chicken, pork, and beef.

The pozole was my favorite item but I would have preferred soft tortillas instead of the tostadas. It was also just a bit salty for me. I agree that the collagen makes the broth tastes better.

The fish tacos came out first and they were tasty. I preferred it instead of the meat tacos. The meat tacos weren't memorable.

We also got a generous sample of the champurrado. I really liked it. I've never had it before but it tasted like a mellow hot chocolate. Not too sweet, fragrant, and filling. I would have never guessed that it was made from masa.

Red clam chowder?

Both are long shots...

U.S. Restaurant, after they moved to their second location on Columbus, would make red clam chowder on an occasional Friday. I don't know if this place still exists or goes by another name now but it was my favorite chowder.

Then I disovered that Rick's Restaurant on Taraval also made a red clam chowder. But they also alternated when it was on the menu. I haven't been there in many years, but you can call to see if they still offer this on Fridays.

SF: Pot de Pho open - Anyone tried the organic free-range chicken, Kobe beef bone or vegan pho with house-made rice noodles?

I had dinner there last Friday. I ordered the rare beef pho and imperial roll. The beef was tender and the fresh rice noodles were good. But I didn't care for the broth. I was expecting something better, more fragrant. The bean sprouts were in the broth already and we got a lemon instead of the usual lime. The imperial rolls were small and only four tiny pieces to an order.

I would go back to try the vegan pho.

My duplicate post

It's on the Western Canada board. Title is "SF Hound needs Dim Sum recs in Vancouver." Can someone delete the second post without any replies? Thanks.

Nov 13, 2007
whatsforlunch in Site Talk

SF Hound needs Dim Sum recs in Vancouver

Are there any differences among all the Kirin branches? Is there one better than the other? I didn't realize Richmond was so close. We may not rent a car, that's why we weren't sure about going there.

If chicken knee caps are outdated, what's new and unique to Vancouver's dim sum? In SF, for a few years now, I've been seeing the same stuff like "dirty chicken" (simmered with goji berries and medincinal herbs), coffee spareribs, or taro cubes with fried basil. And everyone has some version of XLB, shanghai dumplings.