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Nothing ever new

Wow! you're really pushing that peach crumble, aren't you? This is the 4th day in a row it showed up! Come to think of it, it's been awhile since we got anything special from CHOW...

Sep 02, 2014
TrueBlue in Site Talk

Cleaning gas range grates

Re the water softener: we just switched from using salt to potassium which is healthier and better for the environment & only marginally more expensive to use.
Re: granite care: do not allow any acidic spills to stand long as this will etch the surface. This includes OJ, tomato juice or sauce, lemon juice. Also, beware of placing any hot plate directly on granite, it may crack the plate!
Re: garbage disposal: if you use this, ensure all food is completely ground and flushed away or it will backwash into the dishwasher.

Feb 07, 2014
TrueBlue in Cookware

Frozen Poblano Strips!

Thx for the suggestion. However, it is supremely easy to prep poblanos:
Slice vertically and discard core. Lay out slices peel side up on baking sheet over foil. Broil until bubbling and black. Dump chilis into plastic bag and close. After a few minutes, peel and reuse foil to freeze if you wish. This whole thing will take 8-10 minutes for a big sack of chilis. Nothing easier!
btw: pasillas are dried. That's the only difference. When you dry a poblano it changes into a pasilla. Like water turning into ice? It's still water, just frozen.
And furthermore, the Telera rolls are great for roast salmon sandwiches or grilled portobello because they won't fall apart.

Jun 29, 2013
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What Makes for a Restaurant Service Fail?

No matter the level of restaurant or how wonderful everything else has been, the worst thing a server can do is spoil the moment at the end of our meal by the inquiry, "Still workin' on it?" If a server wishes to know the moment to clear, how much more gracious to instead say: "would you like me to clear?" or "are you still enjoying dinner?" Even MORE perfect would be like European service where the diner requests service when finished. But the WORST is when servers clear some of the plates before everyone is done, leaving those lagging behind to feel out of step.

Jul 29, 2011
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What Grandma Taught You About Food

Always add a bit of sugar to a savory dish, and always add a pinch of salt to something sweet.

Sep 17, 2010
TrueBlue in Features

Pear and Spinach Salad

What is the purpose behind treating the onion to an ice bath?
True Blue

Jan 21, 2010
TrueBlue in Recipes

Ton of Grapes!

Marinated grapes produce a sophisticated bite of something sweet at the end of a meal. The following recipe can be enjoyed as an appetizer or served with after dinner coffee and dessert. Pass them in a crystal bowl or silver dish. Like many recipes with few ingredients, the results are astonishing and the grapes are so beautiful; the marinade results in a grape that is very polished and has heightened color.

Marinated Grapes

8-10 pounds Red seedless Grapes (2 pounds can be Black, if available)
4 Lemons
1 bottle of Fairbanks California Sherry


1. Wash Grapes. Remove stems so you have individual grapes. Place in colander to remove all excess water. When fairly dry, place in 3 large Ziplock bags, filling bags ¾ full.
2. Zest Lemons and add to Grapes.
3. Pour one cup Sherry into each bag. Zip shut and lay flat in refrigerator. Turn bag every day to distribute Sherry evenly.

Grapes will keep a week.

Oct 24, 2008
TrueBlue in Home Cooking