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Sichuan Dan dan mian in Vancouver

This is my first post and I couldn't resist posting because I LOVE sichuan food. There is an excellent Sichuan restaurant on imperial near sussex in Burnaby near Metrotown - I can't remember the exact address. Look for the restaurant with the tv in the window. Its a hole in the wall and very authentic, my favourite dishes are the boiled beef, cold jelly noodles and the twice cooked pork. Thinking about these dishes is making me salivate hah.

At the food court in Crystal Mall, there's a food stall called Huaxi which also serves sichuan style food. The noodles are nice and chewy and the broth is delicious, has the sichuan flavor without being overly oily. They also serve dan dan noodles there which are not bad (written only in chinese on the menu).

There is also a restaurant in Crystal Mall called S & W Pepper House which serves Sichuan food, not as good as the restaurant on Imperial but still pretty good.

Mar 14, 2008
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