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Calistoga - recomendations

Thank you again for all the wonderful feedback. I am really going to have to do some additional research to figure out what makes the final list. I appreciate the focus on places that will be a fun dining experience for one patron. I cannot wait to go and I will let you know what places I end up trying!

Calistoga - recomendations

Thanks for the recomendation, I think that JoLe sounds like a winner (yummy pork bellys) for dinner. A nice evening walk over as well from where I am staying. I will have to see when I leave on whether I can make it to Boon Flys, I figured it would be a nice stop on the way out of town...

Calistoga - recomendations

Clearly not asking the correct questions for a first time flyer into the area...Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thanks

Calistoga - recomendations

Hey, I've been looking over the boards and was wondering if I could get some additional advice on where to go/eat for my short first visit in two weeks to the Napa Valley, and I'll be staying in Calistoga. I'm a little unsure of how far apart things are, so I am trying to stay in the Northern Valley.

I plan on arriving Monday evening (not sure if I'll make it for dinner, but if so Casual/inexpensive is the focus)
B'Fast - Sarafornia (seems to be highly recommended local place)
two morning wineries (Rombauer and Hietz)
Late Lunch - Mustards (haven't heard much on this board regarding it)
Afternoon wineries (Frank Family Vineyards and TBD)
Dinner - ????

B'fast - Gordon's Cafe (is it still open?) or Boon Fly.

I'm looking for a great bistro meal and will be dining alone, so a great bar dining area would be a plus - probably not interested in Ubunto (though it is highly rated here). I'd also be interested to know which other northern wineries would be worth researching. Thanks for all your help.

Cresent City Steakhouse

Hey, two questions. I am looking for a local steakhouse for dinner and have heard that Crescent City steakhouse is great. I am wondering if that is indeed true and also how safe the neighborhood is for dining, being that it is near Tulane and Broad. Thanks for your help.

Mar 14, 2008
cbsmith in New Orleans