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Craft recommendations??

My girlfriend and I did the tasting menu with wine pairings a few weeks ago. Everything was great. The wine pairings were also spot on. Particularly memorable was the lobster pot pie. Second the peanut butter cup dessert.

The Palm Steakhouse

Not a fan of the steaks, but AM a fan of everything else. The Gigi is the best salad in LA. The lobster is great. Echo the half and half. I used to occasionally get pasta for lunch at the downtown location, but don't know about dinner.

Jan 21, 2009
chestercopperpot in Chains

Is there a better sandwich place than Bay Cities???


Anisette - must-try items?

The foie gras is spectacular.

Sushi Zo -- Only if you'll pay $150/person to be insulted by the rude and arrogant Keizo

Sasabune does the same no soy sauce nonsense every time. Very annoying.


Rustic Canyon's at lunch is pretty good.

Carson Area restaurant recommendations please

The local politicians seem to like Sizzler.

breakfast place in long beach or south L.A.

That reminds me. Nick's on Main St. in Seal Beach is great for breakfast burritos.

breakfast place in long beach or south L.A.

Agree that these are good choices. I second Bake 'N Broil, the Potholder, Schooner or Later, and would throw in the juevos rancheros at Egg Heaven. I would go with either Bake 'N Broil or Schooner or Later depending on the vibe. Bake 'N Broil is more coffee shop, while Schooner or Later is more laid back, outside, drink a soju bloody mary or beer vibe.

Henry Moffett's Chicken Pies

I loved the one in Bellflower until it closed. I'll have to check out the Arcadia branch to fill the void. Now, Fritz's has just closed too.
What's Bellflower coming to?

Which steak to get at Mastros?

I'm a big fan of the porterhouse there, but that doesn't really solve your problem. Brownie's sharing idea is or good one or you can do like I do -- take the rest home for steak sandwiches the next day.

West Hollywood/Hollywood first date?

AOC, while great, isn't a first date spot. You will be setting the expectations too high. It's more a third date type place where you take her to close the deal.

Good steakhouse for birthday dinner?

Mastro's boring? Good one.

Best Buffalo Chicken Sandwich?

No, the best thing to happen to SoCal. Ironically, Chik-fil-A always sounds best on Sunday (but they are closed on Sunday).

5/605 freeways

There's a Pepe's right near the 5/605 interchange. Great tacos and burritos.