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Schafly Brewbubs: St. Louis

I agree...Andy White is doing good things at the Tap Room from what I hear...and I've always liked their fish n chips...and stick y toffee pudding....

now I'm hungry.

STL area lunch rec with river views?

I think I meant Grafton...Not Alton...but Alton is nice too...

STL area lunch rec with river views?

Best bet is heading up to Alton IL...they have some interesting, casual spots with river/outdoor seating. Nothing comes to mind in the city.

Schafly Brewbubs: St. Louis

I prefer the Tap Room but I am a downtown dweller. It's more of a 'bar' atmosphere. The Bottleworks is can get a mini tour of the operations....and if you go on Weds they have a wonderful farmer's market....

Cheap eats/hole in the wall in St. Louis?

I like their's heavy on the vinegar...they put provel on the cheese garlic bread (i like that) and they have a nice t-rav platter with a flavorful marinara (compared to most)......and it is just a great neighborhood joint. the owners are wonderful and they love St. Louis and are proud of their neighborhood. Mark and Michelle have been dedicated to Ricardo's and they have done a great job.

Cheap eats/hole in the wall in St. Louis?

Saleems is gone but just across the street is the BEST falafel in town....Al Tarboush Market. Great tabouli as well.

Italian is bad in STL...but i like Ricardo's...they don't pretend to be something they are get a nice plate of pasta, salad and the wine list is good...and reasonable. It's the typical red sauce...but thiers actually has flavor. It really is "St. Louis Style" italian!

Cheap eats/hole in the wall in St. Louis?

One more...9th Street deli...BEST Cheesesteak in St. Louis and really good soup..located in Soulard. Just down the street on 9th and Victor is Tip's a bar but has good Serbian food...but's SMOKEY!

Cheap eats/hole in the wall in St. Louis?

I would def. go to 10th Street's on 10th and Washington. Great food. I would also do the Irish Breakfast at Tigin. They serve a good fry-up and have football on the TV (most the time). I would eat the fry up AFTER you run. I would also go to Ricardo's in Lafayette Square for Italian food...nothing fancy...just a nice family owned and operated St. Louis spot. I would disagree with the Arcelia's rec tho...I prefer my La Vallensana on Cherokee Street. My fav. Mexican spot at tortas. Pappy's for BBQ. I know it's a hot ticket right now but's the first place we go when we come home for a visit. (so glad to be home in STL on a perm. basis this summer! Thank God.) My fav. Vietnamese joint is in U. City Mai Lee...totally out of your way...but worth it in my book. Pho Grand is good...and closer...but folks seem to love Bahn Mi So...I just can't handle the wait.

You MUST check out the Vine on S. Grand. Very unassuming Mid-East grocer...GREAT FOOD!!!!

have fun and enjoy the race!

I grew up downtown so there are lots of dive bars I would recommend...none that serve decent food tho....

St. Louis Family Dining

i concur with the BLT recommendation and also would like to add their egg salad to the list. not to gloppy...good amount of egg and seasoned well.

St. Louis Family Dining

The Lemp Mansion does a great family style fried chicken dinner on Sundays. We would frequent it when living back home. They even do a dinner theater (kid appropriate) if you are interested...and as a side note...they would let me take the kids upstairs on a tour of the house.....the supposedly haunted house! The kids loved going the fried chicken was good...fried in lard...came with the usual sides.

STL- Tex-Mex to commemorate Texas Independence Day

Let's see...there is this place...take hwy 70 to Lambert Airport..get off...park in the long term parking garage...pop in the terminal...get the first ticket to Austin you can find...get out at Austin-Bergstrom Int'l...hop a cab to Chuy's or Shady Grove over on Barton Springs Rd.

These are the only places I can think of that have Tex Mex worth eating...close to St. Louis.


German food in St. Louis?

St. Louis City doesn't support them either. All of our German restaurants are gone. Bavarian Inn...gone....Bevo Mill...not really a German restaurant anymore...Black Forrest on Cherokee...gone....there is the Gast Haus but they serve chicken fingers and chef salads....some German food. And I have to be honest that it has really gone down hill. When they first was great but once the original cook was was the good food.

sidenote: Best German food in Pittsburgh is Max's Allegheny Tavern.

Dinner at Mosaic [STL]

I'm a bit confused as to why a restaurant would serve a fresh tomato and mozz dish in the middle of winter. I wouldn't expect it to be good.

St. Louis recommendations?

I would also suggest a trip to the Wine Merchant in Clayton as well. Amazing cheeses, great wine selection...friendly staff. Fun classess and they do tastings every Sat for free.

St. Louis recommendations?

yep...the downtown Drury across the street from the old court house.

St. Louis recommendations?

I have to include Pomme in the Clayton mix. Both locations....I have had great meals at both spots. One is more upscale and the other is a nice cafe with a decent wine list...and good breakfast. I still think they have the best croissants in town.

St. Louis recommendations?

Clayton is nice. The Ritz Carlton is's about a 15 minute drive to downtown..but you can catch the Metro. I always prefer downtown...and if work is paying...stay at the Four Seasons. LOL!

OH WAIT! Hwy 40 is closed from Clayton to Kingshighway I believe. I would suggest staying downtown. Then you could go to Niche, Anthony's Bar, Rooster and Wasabi (best sushi downtown).

St. Louis recommendations?

I couldn't agree more. Phils is AWFUL.

I think alot of my recommedations will be based on where you stay. You can get a Hampton Inn anywhere but I really like the Drury downtown. Great rooms, reasonable price and close to the Metro. I also like The Chase but that is on the spendier side of things. My all time favorite hotel in St. Louis is now the Four Seasons....GORGEOUS views of the Arch/City...I love the bar and the rooms are first rate. I try and go there whenever I can...the spa service is fab.

As for food...I'd hit up Niche, Frazers Brown Bag, Pappy's, Ted Drew's, Pi and get a pretzel from Gus'....again...once you nail down your hotel...I'll have more recs for you.

St. Louis recommendations?

Smokin' Al's closed down from what I heard.

[STL] niche

It's only a short visit but we can't go another 6 months without Gerard & Mathew's fare....

Review: Little Rangoon - Scottsdale

It's amazing how two people can have two different experiences. The only quam with service I had was that it was a bit overbearing if anything. We have been 3 times and have not seen the owner act in this manner. It's a shame to have done so, especially in front of customers. We ask for our food spicy and they don't disappoint. A big plate of diced chilies are brought out when asked...

Its not the best I've every had but so far, its the best I've had here in AZ. We live in Carefree and finding good food is getting more and more difficult by the day. Yes we have Binkleys but we crave Thai and Vietnamese.....we do cook at home but....I can't get it quite right....any recommendations are welcome!!!

Feb 12, 2009
CheesemongersWife in Phoenix

[STL] A loaded question.

Lemmon's is not the same Lemmon's you may remember. They were bought by the guys who own The Black's more a bar now than a restaurant. Great chicken wings and pizza...but SMOKEY! Pool tables in the basement and shuffle board in the bar. They do lots of trivia night and have bands.

Flos asian kitchen

I went to Flo's when we moved here last August. And I haven't been back. I am still trying to find really good Thai/Vietnamese in the N. Valley. I am accustomed to little 'mom & pop' style spots that offer authentic, flavorful and interesting options. I feel like Flo was very commerical and the food was tweaked to accomodate American palates.

What I wouldn't give for a pho that uses oxtail instead of chicken broth! Or a deep rich tangy panang curry....or a great spring roll

We have been going to Little Rangoon over off of Shea & Scottsdale. This place is GREAT! I have never had Burmese cuisine and it was delicious. I like to think of it as a great amalgamation of Indian and Thai......if you have the chance to check this place out, I highly recommend it!!! It's run by a great family! They put their heart and soul into this place....and the food. It shows.

Little Rangoon
7000 E Shea Blvd Ste 1580, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Feb 12, 2009
CheesemongersWife in Southwest

[STL] niche

I've been catching up on your blog. Great reading....and I'm pleased as pie that you took a drive over to eat at my favorite spot in my hometown. I have been lucky enough to have been eating there since they opened thier doors across the street from my, we are in AZ and I can't begin to tell you how much we miss it. Coming home next week and looking forward to our first meal there in 6 months!

Nice Lunch in STL

If you walk over to the Wine Merchant ...just across the cul de sac from the can pick up a great bottle of wine (VERY reasonable prices and GREAT staff). They also have the most amazing cheese counter...full of beautiful cheeses, meats, olives...they also have a fresh baguettes brought in every morning. There's not spot to eat it there but if you would like a light lunch in your room...that's the best ticket. Too bad the weather isn't cooperating and you could have had a nice park lunch.

I would also second Pomme Cafe. The walk isn't that far and it's a quaint little spot with a decent wine list...GREAT onion soup and the best fresh croissants in Clayton.

[stl] downtown lunch spots?

I agree with the Anthony's suggestion. I've never been for lunch but if drinks/light dinner is any indication...lunch will be fabulous.

[stl] downtown lunch spots?

10th Street Italian Deli. Delicious....around the corner from Kitchen K...on 10th and Wash.

Visiting St. Louis after an 8 year absence has just moved from it's original storefront on S. Grand to the bldg. next door. They jacked up their prices with the move...but it's still relatively inexpensive. I prefer Mai Lee for Vietnamese food in U. City....but Pho is good....still draws a crowd.

Visiting St. Louis after an 8 year absence

Kopperman's is still well as LLywellens. And it's Bob and Shari that run the Way Out was formerly on Cherokee & Compton but now at the old Palms spot on Gravios and Jefferson. You can hear both Bob and Shari on our local radio station KDHX 88.1 FM. Shari is the DJ for Dangerous Curves and Bar Room Bob makes an appearance every so often. The Way Out is still a great place to hear live, local and independent music! And if my memory serves me can still get a pizza and beer for a good price.

Duck in Missouri/St. Louis

The Wine Merchant in Clayton sells duck fat...if they are out...they can order it for you. I always got my ducks from my dad...he's the duck hunter in the house and would bring home one or two for us at a time. I would bet if you checked at Soulard or at the Maplewood Farmer's Market you'll be able to get some!