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New York foodie coming to Fort Lauderdale

I've been to Fort Lauderdale a few times (I like in Washington DC) and the only good place I've found so far was Canyon. We sampled many different appetizers when I was there and everything had really great flavor. I would definitely recommend it!

Also, when I was looking last time I found many favorable posts on this board for Cafe Maxx in Pompano Beach, but I didn't have a chance to try it so you may want to consider that as well.

Cafe Asia

I have to agree with this. I was there for the first time a couple weeks ago with a group of friends and sampled lots of different sushi and sashimi. Honestly, the only thing that was okay was the cucumber roll (i.e. just cucumber in the roll). All the sushi using raw fish had little to no flavor and tasted not fresh at all. However, some friends had mojitos and they were very good. I would go back again for drinks, but definitely not for sushi.

Celebrating parents 43rd Anniversary!! Restaurants needed!

If you are willing to go above the price range listed above, I would definitely look into Blue Duck Tavern. They do excellent braised meats and steak, and they come with interesting and unique sauces etc.

Founding Farmers

One of my favorite appetizers is the brie flatbread with apples and onions. The flatbread is actually a sliced french bread, but the flavors together are delicious. The stuffed dates were very good last time I had them as well. Overall, I haven't really been impressed by any of the entrees I've tried, though.

Summer '09 Restaurant Week - plans and reviews

The shortribs at PS7 are delicious. Probably one of my favorite items on the menu there.

Restaurant to splurge a little

Is Obelisk open that weekend? If so I would highly recommend it. It is a $70-75 per person menu of delicious northern Italian food. The chef brings out a few small plates to start, then you get to choose a pasta course, then a meat/fish course, then there is a cheese course, and your choice of dessert. IMO it is actually a great deal for the quality and amount of food you get. It is a very small restaurant so it is most likely already booked, but I've been able to get in last minute by calling to see if there were any cancellations, so that would be a good option for you.

Another great restaurant on the price level of Central is PS7s. It would be a good choice for one of the other evenings.

Affordable dining options in DC

I would skip Old Ebbitt Grill. In my opinion it is just a tourist trap since it is so close to the White House, and therefore overpriced for the quality of food you get. I was there somewhat recently for a friend's birthday dinner and everything I tried either tasted stale or right from out of a can...

where can i find bananas foster in the district?

Legal Seafoods had it a couple years ago. I absolutely hate the restaurant, but I remember they did the bananas foster table side and it was pretty good actually.

rehersal dinner downtown DC

PS7 would be a great idea. I recently had a wonderful dinner with work for about 20 people in the private room. We had some delicious appetizers during a cocktail hour and then a three course meal plus a champagne toast. We drank quite a bit it seemed and I heard the bill was just under $2,000. The food was delicious, the service was great, and everyone in our group had a great time.

Boston Hound needs help-2 dinners

Definitely go to PS7 - IMO you can't do better in their price range. I also really like Proof and Bistro Bis, but I've been more impressed by dishes at PS7. I haven't been to Corduroy yet but I hear great things...

Also, I second the recommendation for Equinox. They are also having specials June, July, and August - 3 courses for $40 per person, which is an excellent deal.

Fun restaurant in DC to celebrate graduation after day at the zoo?

I second, or third, this recommendation, having gone there for the first time last week and had a great meal. I don't know that much about Asian food, but considered it 'great' because the food tasted as though it was made with very fresh ingredients and had a lot of good flavor. The spicy scallop sushi was my favorite, but other good dishes were both of the dumpling appetizers, the 'Big Duck' (just like peking duck), the barbeque eel roll and a roll filled with tuna, pineapple, and cucumber.

Trip to San Francisco from DC

We had the hummus (no flavor at all - I think the kind you can buy in package at Safeway would have been better), lamb and beef kabobs with a pomegranate sauce (couldn't taste any pomegranate and were tough), and the chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemon (again, completely bland!). The only decent thing was the champagne cocktail with elderflower liquor... I tried 3 wines before that (just a small taste) and all tasted so acidic as if they had been opened many days ago...

Need 2 restaurant suggestions for great food and fun atmosphere

I second the rec for Obelisk. Their Italian food is excellent! I don't know what your price range is but it is much more expensive than Jaleo and Zaytinya (its a $75pp tasting menu on the weekend, $70pp during the week), but IMO the price is an amazing deal for the quality of food and service you receive. I wouldn't describe the atmosphere as 'fun' though...

If your looking for more of a tapas-style place I'd highly recommend Vinoteca wine bar on U Street. You can sample a variety of wines with their 2oz pours, get some delicious cheese, and their plates are a medium size (between a normal appetizer and entree) and everything I've had there is delicious. My personal favorites are the truffle pasta and the braised rabbit with gnocchi.

Trip to San Francisco from DC

It started with a Z... Zikaryt or something like that I think.

Trip to San Francisco from DC

Thanks again for all the suggestions! I just wanted to report back on the trip.

The first night we went to Perbacco and had a great meal. The breadsticks and herb dip brought out at the beginning were very good. We then had appetizers of grilled squid and rabbit/truffle filled ravioli. Both were excellent! We opted for the full portion of the ravioli and were extremely glad we did! For the entrees we had a saffron risotto topped with sauteed veal and a braised veal shank. Both were good, but we were so impressed with the appetizers it was hard to meet that standard. If I ever have the opportunity to go back I will definitely try more of the pasta dishes.

The second night was my favorite in San Francisco - Lailoa. This Spanish style tapas place is a real gem - and definitely a steal for the price. The food was extremely flavorful, innovative, and fresh. We ordered the chick pea croquettes with olive aioli (the aioli was sooo good we tried it on many of the other dishes), fried brussel sprouts in a raisin vinagrette with bacon, spicy roasted cauliflower with chili oil, bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with chorizo, and pork meatballs with onions. All were excellent!! I would highly recommend this restaurant!

The third night we went to Bar Tartine and had another excellent meal. We started with gorgozola stuffed dates which were excellent! Not quite as good as those the night before at Lailoa but still delicious. Next, we had sea urchin on brioche with eggs and jalapeno which was okay, but nothing special. It was good but needed more flavor IMO. Next, we had squid sauteed in a ham broth which also included pea-soup filled balls that would burst in your mouth. Very unique and delicious! Next, we had braised goat. It reminded me a little of duck confit and was also excellent. At this point, having been too full for dessert the past few nights, we decided to move on and get a few desserts. We had an olive oil and butterscotch ice cream to start. We tried the olive oil ice cream just for something different and were surprised by how great it was and would definitely order it again! The butterscotch ice cream was good the first few bites but became a little too rich for me after a couple bites... Next, we had a chocolate cake and a lemon custard contained in a martini type class topped with a lemon granita. I don't like chocolate but my boyfriend said it was very good. I was so-so on the lemon dessert - the granita was way too tart and really took away from the great flavor of the custard.

The next night we went to Aziza. Overall I was pretty disappointed in the restaurant, especially since the meal started out very good and definitely had the potential to be great. We started with the roasted pita bread with three dips which were excellent! Then, we had two appetizers: mussels with orange and saffron and beef meatballs with grapes. The broth on the mussels was very flavorful, but the mussels themselves were not good at all. They were incredibly fishy and kind of gritty to the point that I didn't want to eat them. The meatballs were fine, but were very small and the jicama salad that came with the dish was pretty bland. Next, we decided to split an entree of the braised rabbit. It was okay. The sauce with the rabbit was alright, but definitely nothing I'd order again. We also had a side of couscous, which again, was okay but nothing special. At this point we decided to move onto dessert and ordered the banana pastry. It was a banana custard between crisp sheets of caramelized pastry with caramelized bananas. This was actually pretty good. Overall I wouldn't recommend the restaurant for anything other than going to the bar to sample a unique cocktail and order some grilled pita and dips to go along with it.

The last night was also a disappointment. We had tried earlier in the week to go to Nopa and tonight decided to walk in. There was an hour and 45 minute wait, which I didn't mind, but my boyfriend was very hungry and didn't want to wait that long. We had a drink at the bar and when he finished he said he was going to check out the restaurant next door and came back saying the menu looked good and we should try there... It was awful! The good was bland and didn't even taste fresh.

All in all though it was a great trip thanks to your recommendations. Thanks again!

Sushi-grade Tuna

That is really weird because the Wegmans in Fairfax definitely sells sushi grade tuna. They also have "Wegmans grade tuna" which a step slightly down from sushi grade (frozen within two days rather than one out of the sea I think he said...) and the man at the seafood counter said searing the Wegmans grade was fine to eat after searing for a minute or two on each side. I might try back there another time...

Trip to San Francisco from DC

Thanks very much to everyone! As of right now I'm leaning on definitely Perbacco, NOPA, and Aziza. The other ones I'm still deciding on right now are: Zuni, Bar Tartine, Laiola, and Fringale. Any lasts thoughts of picking one over the other?

Also, how is the four course tasting menu at Quince? It was mentioned in a list and for four courses for $68 looked like a pretty good deal.

I would still love to do Coi but the menu looked lacking in meat based courses (which is definitely fine by me) but combining that with the price makes it more difficult for me to persuade others...

Need a last minute party location in downtown DC

PS7s has great cocktails and small plates and a private room. I'm not sure the cost or if they would rent it out to a party that wasn't dining, but it is definitely worth checking into.

Trip to San Francisco from DC

Thanks so much to everyone so far for the recs! I feel like we have so many great places to choose from and need to stay longer!

I really like the look of the menu at Perbacco in that it has a fairly large selection of interesting appetizers and small plates so we can do a quasi-tasting menu with a selection of them on one of the cheaper nights. Any other great restaurants that would offer that same possibility?

Trip to San Diego from DC

Thanks for the recommendations! Cafe Chloe above look like a great french bistro, but besides that I think we might stick with the ethnic recs in San Diego then. I've never tried sea urchin so that will be a definite stop during the trip - I'm looking forward to trying it!

Apr 27, 2009
dcfoodie13 in San Diego

Trip to San Diego from DC

Thanks for the advice! We were thinking that we might need to rent a car... From what you said I think we probably will (since we were planning to rent a car to drive from San Francisco (where we are spending the first half of the trip) to San Diego we'll probably just ask to keep it for the next few days then.

We're definitely not looking for expense account places - local, innovative, fresh food is the best. If we do have a car, what would be your other recommendations?

Apr 26, 2009
dcfoodie13 in San Diego

Trip to San Diego from DC

It would be quite a long list, but my recent favorites which I would definitely return to are Obelisk, Restaurant Eve, Marcel's, Equinox, PS7s, Blue Duck Tavern, Vidalia, Citronelle, Central, Proof, Le Paradou (though its closing now), Bistro Bis, Brassiere Beck, Marvin, and Oya. I'm probably missing some though...

Apr 25, 2009
dcfoodie13 in San Diego

Trip to San Francisco from DC

Staying in Union Square, but will be going all over the city to site see and such, so location isn't particularly an issue. Lunches will be during the week probably around 2pm or so.

Trip to San Diego from DC

I'm a DC hound who will be in San Diego for 5 nights in early May and was hoping to get your help for some recommendations for dinner. We like restaurants relying on fresh ingredients prepared in unique ways. One night we'll do a splurge restaurant - what is the best restaurant in the area keeping it to around $100 per person. (If anyone here is from DC, something Obelisk-style would be great). Other nights we'd like to keep it to $50 per person and under. We like all kinds of cuisine, especially innovative. An American, French, and Italian restaurant would be great. Also, places to get the best ethnic cuisine in the area - we're open to all kinds.

I've searched the boards, but I've had difficulty finding what I've been looking for so your help would be greatly appreciated!

We'll be staying 2245 K St so anywhere near there, public transportation accessible, or a relatively short (20 minutes or less) cab ride would be perfect. The gaslamp district is in walking distance so maybe some restaurants there?

Thanks so much for your help!

Apr 25, 2009
dcfoodie13 in San Diego

Trip to San Francisco from DC

I'm a DC hound who will be in San Francisco for 5 nights in early May and was hoping to get your help for some recommendations for dinner. We like restaurants relying on fresh ingredients prepared in unique ways. One night we'll do a splurge restaurant - what is the best restaurant in the area keeping it to around $100 per person. (If anyone here is from DC, something Obelisk-style would be great). Other nights we'd like to keep it to $50 per person and under. We like all kinds of cuisine, especially innovative. An American, French, and Italian restaurant would be great. Also, places to get the best ethnic cuisine in the area - we're open to all kinds.

I've searched the boards already and Gary Danko, Aqua, Aziza, fleur de lys, and Coi all looked good. Any recommendations on which ones to choose?

Also, the menu at Redd looked very good and the fact that it was on a vineyard sounded good because we were planning to visit one anyway. Any thoughts?

Lastly, are there are any good sandwich shops making their own bread to grab a quick lunch or bread&cheese during the day?

Thanks so much for the help!

Going to Proof and Central: What to order?

Adding to the list: for an entree, the beef cheeks are excellent too. Very tender and flavorful and I liked the preparation - served over linguine.

Going to Proof and Central: What to order?

I have to disagree about the sweetbread appetizer at Proof. I found that to be the best appetizer we ordered that night - delicious in my opinion. The buffalo sauce was spicy, but not overpowering - I thought it blended quite well with the blue cheese and celery served with it.

Another thing proof does really well are the side dishes. The cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce is excellent.

Al fresco dining in NW DC?

I just had a great meal at Ardeo in Cleveland Park and sat on their rooftop patio. The patio itself is very nice but my only complaint is that it doesn't have the greatest view.

1st Anniversary - need knock out restaurant in DC

I third this recommendation. I have yet to make it to Komi or Minibar (both are on my list) but Obelisk is my current favorite in DC.

Ardeo Review

I just wanted to report back about a great meal at Ardeo. I hadn't read anything about it recently on the board, but was looking to try a new moderately priced restaurant and the menu looked interesting so I decided to check it out. It was very last minute, but the host was happy to take our "we'll be there in 15 minutes reservation" and said she'd reserve us a table on the currently full rooftop patio if one came available. A table was reserved for us when we arrived. It was very nice to be outside, but unfortunately the area doesn't have the greatest view...

We received a good bread basket to start. I really enjoyed the mini corn bread muffins. The french bread was good - nothing special though. The third bread had a great herb flavor, but could have been a little softer IMO.

We started with the charred octopus and the mussels. The octopus was absolutely delicious! Perfectly cooked - tender - not chewy at all. It came with fingerling potatoes and a green olive vinaigrette. Excellent too, although I didn't taste much of an olive flavor (fine by me) and it had hints of a citrus tangerine like flavor which blended very nicely together. The mussels were also excellent. I'm usually not a fan of mussels, but these were large, flavorful, and very tender. I think we mopped up pretty much all of the sauce with the bread too - very good!

Next, we had the beef skirt steak and the scallops. The skirt steak was so flavorful just by itself I was very impressed. The side dish with it needed improvement though - truffled asparagus frites - they were just eh. I really enjoyed the scallop preparation as well. They were served thinly sliced, ceviche style with a red plum and ginger topping, greens, and a light oil-like sauce. I thought it was delicious, but the ginger flavor was very strong, so it is probably not a dish for everyone.

For dessert we had the banana bread pudding and the carrot cake. Both were good, but I think needed to be served in smaller portions. The first few bites I thought were delicious, but it seemed to get kind of bland as I kept eating. I think sharing a dessert would be perfect because I left just under half of it on my plate.

All in all I had a great meal and will definitely be back to try more of their menu items.