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Truly best espresso in 2013

Mercury and Manic are the closest to Myriad in Montreal. Occasionally other places match, like Dark Horse, but there's no consistency between days/baristas/locations.

There is definitely a lot of "locavore" nonsense here and a lot of people are clearly skewed by it.

Yes, there's some level of subjectivity to good taste, but only within the confines of actual good taste. The difference between a 4 and a 5 (or the top order of those 5s) could be re-arranged according to bitter/sweet/whatever preference, but giving Nespresso or the like a top-slot is just indicative of - to put it politely - a "lack of sensitivity". Granted this is heresy in a city that loves lobotomizing itself with the 'different-but-equal' dogma.

Truly best espresso in 2013

What are some of the best, say top 5, places for straight, current-generation espresso in Toronto? Not cappuccinos/lattes/americanos. Not espresso brewed by an 80 year old Italian woman in a metal pot. Not espresso judged with any amount of sugar, honey or mixing. I hereby disqualify anybody who judges their coffee with any of these variables from commenting.

I've tried a bunch of them that come "recommended" and they are mostly sub-par, maybe 1-2 out of 5 if 0 is a from a vending machine in a gas station.

I've had decent at Dark horse and Crema and one other I can't recall the name of.

"American" (meat and vegetables etc.) dinner delivery/take-out

At Whole Foods in the states (probably the one in Toronto too, but I'm at Queen and Ossington) there's a take-out counter where you can get chicken/turkey/porchetta/salmon + two sides of vegetables or what not for about $9-15.

Is there any place like this in Toronto, especially near my particular intersection? Delivery would be great.

Traditional sushi lunch

Where are some good places, besides Yasuda?

Oct 09, 2013
whatdoisay in Manhattan

Yerba Mate bar?

Is there a place/cafe/bar that serves Yerba Mate in the gourds etc in Manhattan?

Aug 03, 2013
whatdoisay in Manhattan

Cheap lunch in Chelsea/WV/HK

What are some good, cheap lunch places in the area?

Mar 01, 2013
whatdoisay in Manhattan

Hiro sushi is closed for January, so where do I go?


If you say "Fune" or "Yuzu" or "Nami" we are not on the same... page....

Best Espresso in or around the PATH?

By espresso I mean the thing served at a place like "Manic" or "Dark Horse" or maybe "Crema" etc., not the putrid brew I just had at Aroma, or anything served by the big chains.

So, anything of that sort in or around the financial district/PATH?

Who delivers to the mile-end?

Sure, take-out is fine.

Who delivers to the mile-end?

"But, IMO, in the area of Laurier st. and Parc ave. there are so many good places to eat that it's not worth the effort to order in!"

Like what?

Who delivers to the mile-end?

Good food, preferably.

Who delivers to the mile-end?

Specifically Laurier and Parc.

And for god's sake not Arahova.

Sugarcane in Montreal

Finding this has proved much harder than expected. I've looked through 3 Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown for it and found nothing.

Anyone know a place that for sure has it in stock?

Should You Tip on Takeout?

What exactly are these people being PAID for if not to scoop things into a can and/or write down an order?

Jul 06, 2010
whatdoisay in Features

Dieux du Ciel beer (bottles) downtown?

I saw a grocery store on st-laurent carrying them.

Anyone know a store that sells it by the bottle downtown?


Is there any real, wormwood-full, Absinthe available in Montreal?

Where to buy a cezve/ibrik?

Found one on the Danforth. Thanks for the suggestions.

Where to buy a cezve/ibrik?

In downtown Toronto?