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Mexico One Plate at a Time

No problem with Lanie. She is cute, and bright and does have a clue.

However, as other have mentioned Claudine Pepin is an utter klutz, and clueless as a bag of broccoli. She seems afraid of her father which makes me think he has been mean to her in the past. She will add [some ingredient] and her father will chastise her and scold her and tell her she added too much or at the wrong time. She will take a taste with a spoon and then reuse the same spoon for something else. She is genuinely stupid.

Mar 05, 2010
lukeinva in Food Media & News

Announcement: New Board Breakdown for Chowhound

Why do you lump Washington DC with Baltimore? My only instinct is, you have never traveled to either city and must think they are across the street from each other.

Mar 01, 2010
lukeinva in Site Talk

Need restaurant suggestion for business lunch - Herdon, Tysons, Reston area

The Lebanese Taverna in the Galleria (Tysons 2) is pretty darn good.

Spice in shakers at Kebab restaurants?

Indeed it is Sumac. I googled it and that's exactly it... ground up berries and it is a purplish kind of color. Thank you both.

I've got a hankering to try grilling lamb kebabs Afghan style and want to have the right spices. And rice.. now I am looking for that long grain rice that they serve in Kebab places.

Spice in shakers at Kebab restaurants?

Does anyone know the name of the spice that you shake on your Kebab dish? Someone told me it is made of ground raisins among other ingredients. I would like to add it to my kitchen and hope I can find it in an Asian market (if I know the name!)... many thanks...

ps- if you'd like to add your favorite NoVa Kebab restaurant please do. Initially I really liked Food Corner in Tysons, but it has kind of worn off now.

Rotisserie for Weber Kettle yay or nay?

Me too, have had weber grills for years. However, you are completely wrong about the rotisserie attachment. It delivers amazing results and I would challenge you to a cook off with a panel of judges. Turkey, leg of lamb, whole chickens, pork roasts... etc. My results cooking the same meats on the grill are never as good as when I use the rotisserie. Yes you do need an extension cord, just deal with it.

Nov 09, 2009
lukeinva in Cookware

Why is NoVA so devoid of good homey fair?

One reason is that shopping centers want established chain/corporate restaurants to occupy their spaces because they are less likely to go out of business. That's the way they think in Reston anyway.

Best BBQ in NoVA or DC to cater for Birthday

Three Pigs in McLean or Dave's in Oakton shopping center (awesome rib tips).

Comfort Foods from Fresh World

Actually the new store is Compare Foods (link to story):

Apparently they are more of a Latino market, which is great, but personally I will miss the Asian products at Fresh World. Oh well... will just have to go to Fairfax now.

best sandwiches in arlington?

Lynn Street Cafe in Rosslyn. They roast their own fresh roast beef and fresh roast turkey breast, everyday.

Good hot dogs

One must consider DC's roots. NYC and Chicago were populated by settlers direct from Europe (and all over) who established neighborhoods, Polish, Germans, Italians, etc etc and brought with them ethnic foods like brats and sausages and delis and Italian dishes, et al. Whereas DC was staked out by the govt founders seeking to create a District; a place to establish the seat of the US govt. That's my theory.

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?

There's one here in Reston. We got a large mushroom to go one night... and ate one slice each and threw the rest of it away. There's a safeway in the same shopping strip and it made me wonder why they don't buy fresh mushrooms instead of the canned that they use. Without the students from South Lakes HS they would be out of business, imo.

ISO American Food: Reston, Herndon, or West

Jimmy's is a good place for a beer and a laugh with the local rednecks. Not good for food tho.

Not really American food but Euro Bistro on Elden street is pretty good and so is Cantina D'Italia. Down the street a bit in the Pines shopping center is Pollo Inka ... very good Peruvian food. Maybe the best little place in all of Herndon.

Best French?

The different replies here make me curious. I'm assuming everyone has been to France and eaten and many different places? Restaurants in France vary in different regions and cities. Normandy uses much butter and cream, Brittanny has the best moules frites in the world, and in the south tomatoes are the prevalent ingredient. Cheese is different all over the country. Soo.. saying one restaurant is more authentic than another is hard to do... there are good and bad restaurants in France, too.

Some of my favorites are La Fourchette in Adams Morgan, Bistro du Coin on 16th, and Bistro Francais in Georgetown. In some ways they are just as good as any restaurant that is actually in France. And, in some ways there are restaurants in France that you may not like at all.

For me it is the bread... there is only one place that I know of in the US that even comes close to authentic French baguette: Lingos Market in Rehoboth Beach.

Quality French Style Pastry/Tarte in DC

Thanks for the recommendation, this is exactly the sort of place I was looking for. Proving once again the power of the chow boards.

(Unfortunately I have to wait until tomorrow as their hours (per google) are closed on Mondays)

Quality French Style Pastry/Tarte in DC

Can anyone suggest a good bakery in DC where I can get a nice tarte au pommes? Or other French-style tarte with fruit (strawberry, etc). One that will serve 8 people. Many thanks. Capitol Hill neighborhood preferred but elsewhere, too.

Great food in Reston, VA?

The most steady quality is probably either Clyde's or McCormick's... or... two good Asian places in the Tall Oaks center for Pho and Thai. For pizza and Italian Lucia's in the Fox Mill strip is good, not great but good. For really good S. Am food go to Pollo Inka in Herndon, or Cantina D'Italia, or the Euro Cafe. You can find them on google.. .just a few minutes west of Rston on Baron Cameron dr. Avoid Champps & Chillis

Capitol Hill Lunch? Grocery Markets?

I thought Eastern market was only open on weekends.... but it is open during the week, too? Thanks for all the suggestions... Bon Cafe sounds good... I like sandwiches made with french bread.

Best Store Bought Pickles in DC (no restaurants)?

Cornichons. Available at Trader Joes. They are French (but used all over Europe), very strong vinegary little pickles about the size of your pinky. Once you try them they are addicting.

Capitol Hill Lunch? Grocery Markets?

Hello, I'm new to Cap Hill and I'm asking for neat recommendations for lunch and also I can't find a supermarket in the general expanded neighborhood around the Hill. Many many thanks,

Why is DC lumped in with Baltimore?

Columbia and Laurel would be part of Baltimore just as Vienna and Mclean are a part of DC. Annapolis would be separate, of course.

Aug 26, 2008
lukeinva in Site Talk

separate boards for Baltimore and Washington?

They should be separated. I mean if you're browsing about for a Saturday night excursion you're really not going to drive to Baltimore (or the other way around) for a dinner night out.

If you want to go to learn about Baltimore restaurants than you would go to the separate boards for there, and likewise for DC. A Baltimore/Annapolis combo board makes more sense than DC & Balt. I'm from DC and we simply don't go to Balt for a night out!

Mar 13, 2008
lukeinva in Site Talk

Reston Town Center: Many New Restaurants Coming...

Reston kabob is barely average...imo. It's a little further but the Kabob place in Herndon (K-mart shopping center) is much much better.

Why is DC lumped in with Baltimore?

Greetings... I just found these boards and have been perusing all the great tips and recommendations. Question tho, DC is a completely separate from Baltimore... why are these two cities lumped together? It's like combining NY and Philly. Doesn't make sense...

Mar 13, 2008
lukeinva in Site Talk