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Reykjavik Iceland Report

Great report. Thanks for sharing. Thrir Frakkar is a fantastic restaurant. It's almost as if you're in somebody's home when dining there. I do agree the food is heavy there, but perhaps that's a sign of authenticity.

Your experience at VOX doesn't surprise me. It's never appealed to me on my visits, but I've walked through it. Your experience confirms my impression. As I understand it, VOX is divided into a bistro part and a restaurant part. Which were you in ???

I don't know where you got the impression that VOX is reputed to be Reykjavik's best restaurant. It's not. The Gallery at Hotel Holt, a former Relais and Chateaux property,is by far the best restaurant in Iceland - and I go to Iceland frequently. The best lamb I've ever tasted is there...

Again thanks for sharing. I will give Sjavarkjallarinn a try the next time based on your report.

Aug 01, 2009
clipper7 in Europe

Recommendations in Rangoon?

Not your criteria but I wouldn't miss a meal at the Strand. Absolutely fabuluous - and such a sad commentary on the state of the country that thist top-end place can flourish. When I was there some years ago it was mainly the local elite who were there.

Grocery Store in Manila

Can anyone recomnmend a grocery store in Manila? I'm looking for a large one, hopefully with an aisle or two for typical ex-pat fare...

What are your current Top 5 food cravings/addictions North of Boston?

I have been following this discussion with great interest as I will be spending my vacation in Cape Ann. Can anyone recommend an "upscale" restaurant in this area. Thanks.

Aug 03, 2008
clipper7 in Greater Boston Area

48 hours in... Zurich, Switzerland

Based on my experience with food in Zurich, I'd immediately recommend going to the French part of Switzerland to experience good food. I found none in Zurich.

Hot Dog Buns in Paris

Thanks. I have no problems finding hamburger buns here. Place like Monoprix DO NOT sell hot dug buns. I have asked bakeries to make it here - and the answer is a definite no...

Aug 14, 2007
clipper7 in France

Hot Dog Buns in Paris

Does anyone know of a store that sells hot dog buns in Paris ? I don't like baguettes for this purpose - simply too much bread - and I have not managed to find "proper" hot dog buns anywhere here. Thanks for your help.

Aug 13, 2007
clipper7 in France

Paris: Client Dinner for 10

The Auberge Dab at Port Maillot is a classic for meetings like this. There's another one at Auteuil, whose name I can't remember at the moment.

Aug 24, 2006
clipper7 in France

Santiago, Chile

Absolutely true. I have NEVER - on 9 trips recently - had a good meal in Santiago. The closest was the sunday brunch at the Ritz-Carlton - thank you Chowhounds for pointing me in that direction.

And if anyone mentions Astrid & Gaston (sp) as a fantastic restaurant, I'll go crazy !!!!!!!

Bangkok: Avoid Le Normandie

Yes, but these things are what give restaurants their reputation in this part of the world.

In Paris, the requirement for ties is rare indeed, but in my experience you feel better having one... You don't look out of place !

La Defense area for chow?

Absolutely true. Port Maillot - which is 3 or 4 metro stops from La Defense, and is the home to the big convention center of paris - has many wonderful restaurants nearby....

My favorite is Petit Pergolese !

Aug 24, 2006
clipper7 in France

Five best European food stalls

Absolutely - that's what us Chowhounds are here for !!!!

La Defense area for chow?

I know you've already been there by now, but for others I'll post a warning not to stay in the La Defense area. It's a combination of high-rise offices and low-income housing. As a result, nearly all restaurants are open for lunch only, i.e. they have to cover all their fixed costs without the dinner service. This means that its both expensive and that the quality is poor since no self-respcting restauranteur would opt to have his restaurant there.

Aug 23, 2006
clipper7 in France


Attached is the store locator for Icelandic lamb in the US. In my experience, it's available seasonally, not year-round.

baby-friendly paris

This is absolutely true. Paris is the most baby-friendly restaurant city that I've experienced.

Aug 21, 2006
clipper7 in France


Yes, you can get Icelandic lamb in the States - at Whole Foods

Five best European food stalls

As ranked by the UK Guardian newspaper on Saturday, 12 August 2006.
What are other people's experiences ??? I can verify that the Reykjavik hot dog stand is teriffic !!!

Five best European food stalls

1. Scotland
Aware of the current obsession with wheat-free, low-GI, low-calorie diets, one young Scotsman has hit upon a simple but clever idea - take-away porridge. Stoats Porridge Bars serve pots of porridge with various toppings - from brown sugar and cream to white chocolate and roasted hazelnut - from a cute stainless steel trailer at markets and festivals.

2. Reykjavik

Baejarins Beztu Pylsur (City's Best Hotdogs) is a fast-food institution down by the harbour. It's reckoned almost every Icelander has eaten a hotdog at this neon-signed kiosk, and even Bill Clinton chowed down here on his visit in 2004. The secret's in the sauce, apparently, a confection called remoladi, which tops off the usual staples of fried onions, raw onions, steaming dog, ketchup and mustard.
· Pósthússtræti, Reykjavik.

3. Athens

Breakfast in Athens is a cappuccino and koulouri (sesame-studded bread ring) eaten on the hoof. You'll find koulouri and sugary "donats" at street stalls all over town but it's the all-night Koulouria Bakery in Psyrri (Karaiskaki 23) that late-night revellers head to.

4. Nice

Eating in France doesn't have to mean long, heavy meals. If you're after a snack in Nice, look for one of the many stands selling socca, a thin pancake made from chickpea flour and cooked on copper plates in wood-burning ovens. Check out the Chez Thérésa stall at the flower market in the old town (Cours Saleya).

5. Istanbul

When the bars kick out, Istanbulites make for Ortakoy with its many street stalls. The popular dish here is midye tava - basically a fried mussel sandwich. Sounds odd, tastes delicious. They slice open a baguette, fill it with just fried mussels and cover it in a garlic, bread and walnut sauce. Makes a change from kebabs.

Best restaurants in Bangkok

I stayed at the Oriental not too long ago and they did not have a tour like this - the Shangri-La however did.

Cool places in Hanoi [moved from South Asia board]

The Sofitel Metropole hotel. It's perfect.

Restaurants in Champagne

Fellow hounds,

My wife and I are planning a long weekend in Champagne while in Paris in September. We'll most like stay in/near Reims, but Epernay is also a possibility...

From what I've discovered on the net, the following appear to be the most highly recommended restaurants there...

Royal Champagne
Les Crayeres
Château de Fère

I'd appreciate comments on them - or suggestions for others...



Aug 21, 2006
clipper7 in France

Great Western Food in Tokyo: The Brasserie at the Imprial Hotel

After a week of all-Japanese food, I was longing for a Western (French) meal and the Brasserie at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo was recommended to me. It was absolutely excellent.

The restaurant is not located in the main building but in an adjacent building, it's on a lower level but the ceilings are two-floors high to bring back memories of Paris, the service was perfect, and some of the dishes I saw looked more authentic (traditional) than you'd get in Paris! And the price was a pleasant surprise - about $100 for 1 person, including a bottle of imported Chablis. I highly recommend it.

Jul 08, 2006
clipper7 in Japan

Bangkok: Avoid Le Normandie

La Normandie is possibly the most expensive restaurant in the city - and this is no secret. Why didn't the men in the group alert you to the prices - or why didn't you ask for a menu with prices ???

Chinese in Paris?

I can highly recommend TANG's in the 16th district. It's a very refined Chinese restaurant and Charlie Tang, the owner, and his wife, are simply the best. It is pricey though - 150 Euro for two, including a good wine.

Jul 08, 2006
clipper7 in France