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Who's serving shad in CT?

Looking for a restaurant that is serving shad and/or shad roe this coming week. Any leads?

Apr 24, 2010
egret62 in Southern New England

Duesenberg's Cafe & Grill - Catonsville

Wondering what folks think of this newish cafe and grill in the heart of Catonsville, MD? They serve breakfast, and the lunch menu consists of a mix of burgers that is not a typical list ("burger bar" - build your own), sandwiches, salads, a few hot entrees, etc. I had lunch there today and thought it was very good. It was quite busy. I skipped the unusual offering of duck breast on salad and had the Steak and Zola salad (real steak, medium rare and tender, with bleu cheese, tomato, mixed greens - without the bacon). Partner had steak sandwich which appeared to be the same tender and tasty "Angus" beef on a brioche roll (server said you can get it on any bread). Choice of potato or sweet potato fries, or green bean fries. Had the green bean fries - they were good but appear to be frozen with an onion ring batter, nothing special. However, the wasabi mayo that accompanied them was yummy. This was not the cheapest lunch (both entrees were $9.95) but all ingredients appear to be higher end and serving sizes (including sodas) were very large. Service was very friendly and efficient. The table next to us with two kids ordered "the world's smallest sundae" - they got to keep the glass (other desserts looked just so-so). They do takeout as well (note, as other online reviewers have, that fridge by takeout counter has a nice choice of boutique sodas that I didin't see on the menu?). I read that the owner also runs nearby Taneytown Deli.

What do others think, esp. about breakfast?

Choice of Rumor Mill

Please let us know how it went...

Picnic lunch near N. Conway, NH?

Perfect - thanks so much!

Opening Soon - Pho Saigon Catonsville?

It's now open. Pho Saigon, 1116 N Rolling Rd., Catonsville, MD 21228. Phone: (410) 744-2740‎. Heading west on Rt. 40, turn right on Rolling Rd. at the Double T Diner. It's in the next shopping plaza on the left.

I went there a few weeks ago for lunch on a Saturday. It is good. I had rice noodles with grilled pork (bun thit nuong?) and a summer roll. My dining partner had grilled pork chop with rice. Did not try the pho. Video of a Vietnamese musical variety show was playing. Service was very friendly and a woman I assumed to be the owner came over to make sure all was OK. She said they had only been open a litle over a week. I'm not sure it beats out my Vietnamese area faves like An Loi in Columbia, but I will definitely go back to try other dishes. I'd be interested in hearing reviews from others.....

Picnic lunch near N. Conway, NH?

I'm going to be in the N. Conway area for some day hiking in a few weeks. I'm wondering if anyone makes picnic lunches that I could pick up in the morning before my hike. Sandwiches from the local grocery are good too - any recommendations?

Maine Foods (to buy and serve at an event)

Corn chowder
Baked beans
Brown bread
Whoppie pies
Maple syrup on snow (shaved ice?), served with a pickle
Dunkin Doughnuts

Opening Soon - Pho Saigon Catonsville?

While visiting Wong Gal Bi, the Korean BBQ restaurant on Rolling Road in Catonsville (it was great!) I spotted Pho Saigon across the street ( I think it is called Rolling Road Plaza?) with a sign that says "Opening Soon". Does anyone know anything about this place or when it might be opening up?

Caribbean Crust near H-Mart

I tried their spicy beef and chicken patties. The beef one was excellent, the chicken one was OK, it has a nice curry flavor. The crust was nice and flaky but a bit chewy on the edges, probably because I bought at the end of the day.

Need a Latte help with Baltimore coffee.

I spent almost 10 years in Seattle, and spent too much money on various espresso machines and beans when I moved here, in search of a perfect latte. SBC or Starbucks are OK, but I prefer a strong and somewhat smoky roast and like supporting smaller businesses. For me Coffee Therapy in Mount Vernon has the best lattes, hands down. Fair trade organic coffee, good foam, great local artwork and music in a laid back atmosphere. It is on Franklin, around the corner & down the hill from Beadazzled, which is on the corner of Franklin and Charles.

Caribbean Crust near H-Mart

I stopped by today - alas, they are closed on Sundays, beware.

Caribbean Crust near H-Mart

Don't know if it's open yet or if they deliver, but it is a Golden Krust, here is a link to the menu:

Sidecar Grill near Hippodrome?

Reposting ...has anyone been there?

sunday, near the Walters

Cazbar just a couple of blocks south on Charles for Turkish food. There is a Nepali restaurant next door but I haven't tried it- others on the board have liked it. Do check hours on a Sunday for places in that neighborhood.

The Bad and Good of Yesterday's Lunch

Thanks for this review. I almost went there recently but ended up next door at Cazbar instead, which is also good. Sorry you had such a bad experience at Copra. My coworkers and I have eaten there many times and we always enjoy the food. They are almost always very busy during peak hours so I usually go a little early or late. The crabcakes and the pizza are always a hit with newbies. Salads are great. FYI you can rent the downstairs for functions - it is a fun room with a bar and large screen TV's.

Non-Chain Restaurants near Arundel Mills

Elgringoviejo - where is Martithia's? I googled it and came up empty. Thanks

Groceries between BWI and SW Baltimore

Boycott Walmart and try the local supermarket chain, MOM's (My Organic Market) - they have wonderful fresh produce - it is a small sized supermarket. It is at the southeast corner of the intersection of Route 1 and Rt. 175, in the shopping plaza with a Starbucks and Panda buffet. You can hop back on to 175 and catch 95 north back to Baltimore - easy. Plus they carry your groceries to the car!

German - Old Stein Inn near Annapolis

Thanks, everyone, for your advice. I ate there this evening and enjoyed it a lot. I have eaten and cooked German food a bit but I am no expert. It is not the best German food I've had, but good. We had the wurst platter as an appetizer, which is a plate of different types wurst (sausages) sliced in thin rounds and grilled, served with cubes of cheese (muenster, havarti, cheddar?) and a side of grainy mustard. Pretty good. I had Jagerschnitzel (pork) with spaetzle and red cabbage. The sauce on the schnitzel was really tasty with a nice bite of black pepper and lots of mushrooms, but it was very salty. The pork was moist and the batter was still crispy. The spaetzle had breadcrumbs and nutmeg, and the cabbage was quite tart with cinnamon. My dining partner had sauerbraten which was good, potato dumplings (moist with a nice flavor) and the same red cabbage. The bread that came with the meal seemed authentic and handmade so we asked the server where it came from. She said it is imported from a German baker and arrives by UPS, so when they run out, it's gone until the next shipment. My dining partner happens to be an artisan bread baker and seemed to think it was good, but not great - it is a lighter rye, thinly sliced, with a good crust, and still moist (this kind of bread is really dense and does not fall apart or "crumb"). I like more of a rye flavor but it is rare to get this kind of bread around here so I ate it up. The atmosphere is perfect - dark wood, lots of people, many who are clearly regulars (one little girl says "Dad, I can smell the spaetzle, can I get some now?" as she walks in). I am not a beer drinker, but there were tons of options. The Biergarten was open despite a rather cool evening, with no wait (go figure). The place must be busy on weekends - they have a "call ahead" policy, which means you call up to one hour before you plan to arrive and you will get priority seating. I arrived about 6:30, had called ahead, and was seated in about 5 minutes. The service was fine and friendly. I would go there again.

German - Old Stein Inn near Annapolis

Has anyone eaten there? What did you think?

Sidecar Grill near Hippodrome?

Has anyone tried the Sidecar Grill near the Hippodrome?

Next choice in Baltimore??

The new Joss Cafe (sushi?) opening soon in the 400 block of North Charles Street. I've always heard their Annapolis location is good but I don't get down that way very often. Does anyone have any opinions about Joss?

Asian Court dim sum report

Thanks for all the info on Asian Court. I took my husband there today for his birthday. We've had a lot of dim sum, mostly in Seattle and NYC, and we agree that while Asian Court is not the best we have ever had, is certainly quite good, and the best we've found in the DC/Baltimore area. The har gow were excellent as were the rice noodle crepes with beef or shrimp. Too full for the clams with black bean sauce, which look yummy. We went right at noon on a Saturday and it was almost full. The service was very attentive, and all the staff were very friendly. We got four different "thank you's" as we left the restaurant. We'll definitely be back!

Where to find fresh lavender in DC area?

Most of the local farmers' markets around here have lavender in the summer. Alternatively, I grow lots of lavender and you are welcome to take some from my garden - I live on the SW side of Baltimore, right near the the Baltimore beltway.

Balsamic Vinegar in Baltimore?

I had not thought of those options. I ended up ordering from - they had several different price ranges. I am stopping by Scittino's tomorrow and will report back if they have anything, since that is close by for me.

Balsamic Vinegar in Baltimore?

Thanks, everyone. I will continue to research these options. FYI DiPasquale's, Eddie's of Roland Park and Trinacria all carry only vinegars in the $35 range.

Balsamic Vinegar in Baltimore?

Thanks for all the advice, Indy 67!

Balsamic Vinegar in Baltimore?

Does anyone know where I can buy a high end balsamic vinegar in the Baltimore (or DC) area (I plan to call DiPasquale's and Trinacria tomorrow)? I am looking for a tradizionale - something like Cavalli Gold Seal from Reggio Emilia, recommended by Cooks' Illustrated, price range $100-$150? This is a special gift for a chef. Thanks!