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Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

Thanks for all the feedback. Can't wait to be back!!

Coming (home) to Miami for Christmas week, help?

Lived in Miami until mid-2012 and we're coming back in December for one week, here are a list of our favorites. Are they still worthwhile? New/better restaurants we should go to?

Here's our list of faves:
River Oyster
Burger & Beer Joint
Michael's Genuine

Also any recs for places that will be open Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?


Great, simple French bistro, brasserie

I'm looking for a great French brasserie or bistro that serves the classics (escargot, steak frites, coq au vin, etc.), ideally in West or Southwest London. I have been to Boudin Blanc, Racine, Le Colombier, Cheyne Walk Brasserie and Balthazar (I realise they aren't all in W/SW London), but would love other recommendations. Thank you!

Oct 14, 2014
comidaqueen in U.K./Ireland

BYOB restaurants or those that charge reasonable corkage?

I'm looking for great restaurants that allow me to bring my own wine. I don't mind paying corkage, as long as it's not exorbitant. Preferably restaurants in Soho, Mayfair, or West/Southwest London. Thanks!

Oct 13, 2014
comidaqueen in U.K./Ireland

Late Saturday night dinner in Paris?

We are arriving in Paris on a Saturday afternoon for my husband's birthday/Jimmy Buffet concert (he's obsessed). I have booked L'Ami Jean for lunch on Saturday but am looking for a place to go post-show (around 10 or 10:30pm) for a delicious dinner. We are staying near the Champs-Élysées so looking for a place near there or near the venue (La Cigale in/near Montmartre) or even between the two that will be open at that hour. Concierge suggested Coq Rico or Welper. I thought about La Maison de L'Aubrac but we're thinking of Robert et Louise on Sunday for lunch so I worry that might be too much beef for my hubby. Ideas?

In the past we've loved Le Villaret, Viloin d'Ingres, Paul Bert, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Sep 11, 2013
comidaqueen in France

Child-Friendly in MIami for Foodies?

I went to Yardbird today and they don't have high chairs. There were lots of kids there, but if you need a high chair, it's not your best bet...

It was delicious though!

Child-Friendly in MIami for Foodies?

Altamare is delicious and very kid friendly. There is indoor as well as outdoor seating and they are one of the few nice restaurants I have found that has a changing table. Altamare doesn't get super crowded, so I don't think it would matter what time of night you dine.
I have recently seen kids at Pubbelly Sushi - which is a new, hip sushi spot. Since Pubbelly Sushi is kid-friendly, I imagine Pubbelly would be too.

I also agree with Pilches, most places will be accommodating, particularly early on in the evening.


Half-Priced Wine Nights?

I'm trying to compile a list of restaurants in Miami that have half-priced wine nights, and the nights on which the special is offered.

This is what I have so far:

1. Graziano's: Sunday-Thursday half priced wines on a special wine list (not on the whole list)
2. Ortanique: Tuesdays
3. Green Street: Mondays

Others? Thanks!

Graziano's Restaurant
9227 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165

Urgent: Pizza delivery in downtown Miami and ceviche in South Beach?

Ceviche 105 is fantastic and it's in downtown Miami. Not sure exactly what pizza places would deliver to you, but I know that Tutto Pizza delivers and their pizzas are pretty good.

Xixon's New Location - Anyone been?

The New Times reported that Xixon was expected to reopen this past weekend. Did anyone try it? Curious to know if the feel and flavors are the same!!

2101 SW 22 ST, Miami, FL 33145

Need a restaurant in Sarasota area with a private room for about 12

I have had pretty good meals there. They still have some of the dishes I enjoyed when they were Zorias.

Jan 28, 2010
comidaqueen in Florida

Miami Valentine's Weekend - Food Fest

Here are some ideas:

1. De Rodriguez Cuba on South Beach - new, upscale Cuban. Delicious mojitos.
2. Joe's Stone Crab (for, clearly, Stone Crabs), for other seafood, in Brickell, River Oyster Bar, for a more local casual spot, Garcia's on the River
3. Search the threads for local cuban spots, Joe's is a Miami experience
4. Hmm...maybe Gibraltar at the Grove Isle Hotel, the restaurant is newly opened (used to be Baleen), not sure if anyone has been yet, but supposedly it's gorgeous, tables right on the water, etc.
5. I don't know many of these places in Miami.....
6. Two of my favorite spots for drinks in Miami on the water are: Smith & Wollensky (the outdoor bar -- don't eat there) in South Pointe Park, and The Standard Hotel's waterside restaurant/bar on the Venetian Causeway

Need a restaurant in Sarasota area with a private room for about 12

Main Street Oyster Bar has a private room

Jan 26, 2010
comidaqueen in Florida

Best place for stone crab around Siesta Key

You might want to try Walt's Fish Market on 41 just off of Siesta. Not sure if they have stone crabs, but they are the best bet.

As for other restaurants in the area, Cafe Bologna is great for Italian, Vizen for sushi, Main Street Oyster Bar for seafood and continental/American cuisine, Epicure for salads and pizzas....

Jan 26, 2010
comidaqueen in Florida

New or Coming to Miami / Dade - 2010 Edition

What's a JB Kitchen & Bar?

Coming to San Juan

I just returned from a few days in San Juan. I have some recommendations and a few warnings. We went to La Perla in La Concha Hotel, Budatai, Baru and Pikayo. All but Baru were second visits for my traveling companions as they had loved them all last year. Of the group, Baru was the most fun/casual -- the shrimp skewers with yuca fongo were delicious (it's in OSJ). Budatai was forgettable. Pikayo and La Perla are very expensive and while neither were fantastic, La Perla was definitely tastier than Pikayo. My friends were terribly disappointed with Pikayo as it was their favorite last year.

A few of us stopped for apps and drinks at Marmalade and we definitely will return for a full blown meal there on our next trip. Delicious soup and unusual and tasty tuna tartare preparation.

Enjoy your trip!

Halfway b/w Palm Beach Gardens & Downtown Miami

Am meeting a friend tomorrow night halfway between PBG and downtown Miami. We'll both be taking I-95 (he's coming South, I'm going North). Any suggestions for good spots between the two that are easy to get to? Looking for a somewhat casual restaurant, delicious food with entrees below $30.


Aug 24, 2009
comidaqueen in Florida

Best place to buy wine in Miami?

I'm looking for a place with a good selection and unbeatable prices....El Carajo has the best prices that I know of, but are there any other gems out there?

Brunch on the Beach on a Saturday?

I have friends coming into town in a couple of weeks and they want to have brunch on the Beach (South or Miami) on a Saturday morning. Any suggestions for a fun and tasty place?

Suggestions for Breakfast/Brunch in Coconut Grove or So. Beach?

Green Street in the Grove is a fun place for brunch!

SoFla Weekend Specials - Mofongo! Pozole!

I haven't been, but I'm sure it's on Saturday -- as that's the traditional day (in addition to Wednesdays) to eat feijoada!

Pizzavolante - another Miami pizza contender

I was also at Pizzavolante on its opening night. We had the special gnocchi with short ribs -- delicious sauce, very light gnocchi and the short ribs were tasty without being overpowering. We tried the Vermont mozzarella and the burrata both of which were delicious. We also tried the pizza Bianca and another pizza (with sausage, I think). Both were delicious. Overall we had a great time, delicious food, tasty inexpensive wines, and very nice service.

Where to buy good pizza dough in Miami?

I'd like to make pizza at home and I'd prefer to buy the dough instead of making it myself. Are there any pizza shops that will sell their dough to me or is Boboli the only option?

Downtown Miami - April Update

Good to know! Thanks!

Downtown Miami - April Update

While not sushi, Area 31, the seafood restaurant in the Epic hotel just got a great review in the Miami Herald. The Epic is a block from Manny's.

Best steakhouse in Miami/Miami Beach?

To add to blisskat's question, is the Ruth Chris in the Gables good, or is Capital Grille on Brickell better?

New Miami-an with Food/Wine Obsessed Parents Visiting

I just moved to Miami from NY a few weeks ago and have already had the pleasure of dining at Michael's Genuine, Sra Martinez, Matsuri, Graziano's, Sardinia, and many others.

My parents are coming to visit (from NYC) next weekend and they (like me) are incredibly obsessed with good food and wine. They also value good service, ambiance, and the ability to hear one another at dinner. My dad requested that I take him to "real Miami" restaurants, i.e. not something he would find in NY...oh, and he doesn't want rice & beans or to go to Joe's Stone Crab.

Here's my tentative list for the meals:
Thursday night: Francesco's
Friday lunch: Michael's (whlie exploring the Design District)
Friday dinner: Prime 112 (this may upset their eardrums, but I wanted to throw a scene-y place in the mix and it was recommended as a hot spot (I've never been)).
Saturday lunch: Thinking something ethnic
Saturday night: Michy's
Sunday lunch: No idea. My dad requested steak, but generally a big meal since they probably won't eat for the rest of the day. They do not like brunch, and don't want to go to a restaurant that serves brunch.

Given my limited knowledge of the Miami restaurant scene, I would love any opinions on my list and any alternatives that might be better. Thanks!

Kefi's new $16 prixe fixe?

The prix fixe is only from 5-5:45.

Dec 10, 2008
comidaqueen in Manhattan

Great (cheap) Ethnic? PLZ HALP

Try Caracas Arepa Bar. Cheap, authentic, delicious Venezuelan food.

Nov 20, 2008
comidaqueen in Manhattan

Ippudo Question

I've always shared an entree there and have never had any problems. Nor do I think I've ever been charged for the split.

Nov 19, 2008
comidaqueen in Manhattan