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Pasadena is weak!

I like Gayle's off of fair oaks
eating at the culinary school's restaurant off of Green was nice
Saladang & Saladang's Song for Thai
Lucky Boy for huge ass breakfast burritos
Lovebird's is cool
Houston is good for prime rib
Philly's Best just opened for Cheesesteaks
Yoshida's is awesome (but really san marino on huntington though)
TONS of chinese off of valley also (mei long village, little sheep for hotpot, etc)
Din Tai Fun for dumplings in Arcadia

Mar 13, 2008
yipper in Los Angeles Area

philly cheesesteak!

Was just over at Philly's Best in Pasadena. Just opened up in the Del Mar Metro Station close to old town.

220 S. Raymond Ave
Pasadena, Ca

bread - amoroso rolls
meat - i think its 7 ounces
cheese - american, wiz, & provolone

Always liked the one in fountain valley, so it was nice to see it open up in Pasadena

Mar 13, 2008
yipper in Los Angeles Area