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Asheville Anniversary

It was really nice. To start we had shellfish cheviche shooters (very good), then a wood grilled Ginger Caesar salad with dried fruits(divine). My entree was Ahi Tuna soaked in sake with wasabi ponzu topped with a citrus slaw. Boyfriend had Filet of Ribeye with chocolate mole rub served over a light type of gnocchi (had had a lot of wine by that point, it is a touch fuzzy haha). For dessert he made Cream of Tequila Creme Brulee', it was very very good.

Our total was $120 and we tipped above that of course. That incuded 4 course meal, as much (or as little) cooking demonstration as you like. We brought wine (and boyfriend brought scotch). We had reservations for 7.00 and left a short bit after 10. Of course we had the entire place to ourselves.

My boyfriend loves Mexican food and Chef Mo is from Mexcio City so we plan on going back to do a cooking lesson with traditional Mexican Fare.

Overall it was a fun, different and delcious anniversary, I would not hesitate to reccomend!

Asheville Anniversary

I agree with others here, Fig and Cucina 24 are great. For me, Rezaz's has always been overpriced and disapointing. Zambra is a lot of fun and has great food/wine/cocktails and the goat cheese brownie is my favorite dessert in town! If you decided on Zambra know it turns into the downtown bar scene as it gets later.

For our anniversary, my boyfriend and I went to Chef's in Motion. A very small place off of Biltmore Ave. The Chef only does private dinners so there is no worries about crowds. Of course, we called ahead and discussed our taste with the Chef. He planned a 4 course menu for us. We bought a few bottles of our favorite wine and had all access to the resturant. The Chef Mo incorporated a cooking lesson into dinner. The food was excellent. It was a really lovely night and something different if your want an intimate dinner.

Vigne in Asheville

Just a tid bit, the concept of Vigne' began as a wine bar (hence the name) however, as it evolved and turned in to a full scale restaurant. So I agree with rphillips, if you are looking for a "wine bar" Sante' is the place to be, Enoteca is fun as well. If you are looking for amazing food ( lobster rissotio has brought tears to the eyes of many a grown man) give Vigne another try :)

Limones in Asheville

Hi Ya'll

I have been to Limones a few times and really have not been overly impressed (besides some really yummy cocktails). I know this is an Asheville fave and I am going with friends this weekend. What does everyone love food wise so I can be on the look out for something to wow me!