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BBQ choices in/near Rocky Mount, NC


I'm going to be in Rocky Mount for a wedding, and I am trying to figure out which of these places to visit.

A & E Chicken & Barbecue, Rocky Mount

Edwards Barbecue, Rocky Mount

Gardners Barbecue, Rocky Mount

Woodys Barbeque Ribs & Saloon, Rocky Mount

(The Original) Parker’s Barbecue, Wilson

Bill Ellis Barbecue, Wilson

I added two from Wilson that were mentioned in some other threads on this topic, but I'm not sure if we will have time to get down there.

I wasn't able to find anything on A&E or Edwards in Rocky Mount. Gardners had some decent reviews. Woody's looks like it might be a chain, in which case I'll probably avoid.

Any guidance much appreciated.


where to live/eat in boston?


I know this question is sort of random for chowhound, but I'm moving to Boston this summer, and my fiance and I are trying to figure out where the best area is to live that will have REALLY good places to eat <b>within walking distance</b> and also have good delivery. I know we don't want to live around Charles St./Beacon Hill.

For reference, we are big fans of:
comfort food (american),
bars with great burgers,
and organic/vegetarian food.

don't really do the indian thing too often, but having <b>really good</b> chinese and/or mexican delivery is important.

Any suggestions much appreciated. THANKS!

Apr 30, 2008
mr_henry in Greater Boston Area

rehearsal dinner recommendations in DC?


i'm getting married next fall in washington, dc and currently looking for some good rehearsal dinner restaurants. the size of the group is about 50, so need either a decent size room to rent, or just smaller size place where we can rent the whole thing.

as for food, hoping to find something either italian or american, but open to all suggestions. good appetizers are also key, as is a good wine list. prefer to have a more modern setting, so long as the food isn't compromised. partial outdoor space would be ideal.

thanks for any suggestions. if you've been to a rehearsal dinner anywhere in DC, please at least post the name and i'll check it out.


ISO: great breakfast btwn. sonoma & sacramento

doing the drive tomorrow morning and would like to find someplace worth sitting down for an hour or so.

ideally someplace with vegetarian and/or vegan options for my fiance that will still have TASTE!

thanks a lot in advance.

First Trip to SF (& CA). Where to eat?

awesome!!! this is a great list. thanks again to all you chowhounders for the recommendations!

First Trip to SF (& CA). Where to eat?

Thanks for all the replies so far. I live in NYC now. My fiance is from MD.

First Trip to SF (& CA). Where to eat?


The subject pretty much says it all. My fiance and I are taking out first trip out to San Francisco this August, and I'd like some recommendations on places to eat.

We'd like to do at least one great (i.e., semi-expensive) dinner in the city, but other than that, just looking for some great value grub. Small, interesting > scene.

Also, looking for any suggestions on places to eat in/around Napa, as we are headed there for part of the trip. Probably looking to do one fancy dinner out there, too.

I know nothing about California food spots (just starting to research the trip), so please enlighten me.

Many thanks,

old town alexandria party reccomendations


i am looking for a nice restaurant in or near old town alexandria where it might be possible to hold a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. it's small wedding (maybe 20 or 30 tops at the dinner), and i'm mostly concerned about the quality of the food. probably looking for american, french or italian food. nothing much more eccentric.

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

3 days in Baltimore

another vote for the black olive.

pricey, but darn good.

Dive, DIVE!

yeah, one time (out of three) i got a cheesesteak there, the bread disappointed me, as well. i definitely didn't get skimped on the meat, though. that sucks. sorry the rec. didn't work out. "not 'hound worthy" lol. this is a thread about dives.

Matthew's Pizzeria Converts a New Yorker

best pizza secret i've found in baltimore is downtown in the Bank of America building (SW corner of Charles and Lombard). there;s a spot in there called paolino's that actually comes pretty close to the "average" NYC slice, which is more often than not what i'm craving when i'm craving pizza. i'm not talking about john's, joe's, or any of the brooklyn spots. just an *average* NYC slice. slightly crispy crust on the bottom, decent cheese and sauce, and not too thin.

anyways, worth a shot if you are downtown and looking for a lunch slice. best slices are actually there on the early side, too, around 11:30 or 12pm, and they've got a decent selection.

Dive, DIVE!

my downtown baltimore dive lunch place is shane's sandwich shack. it's on the corner of fayette and cathedral, i think.

pretty good fried chicken and well above average cheesesteaks. you just have to trust that the people understand what you are saying b/c from their responses, you cannot really tell

2nd Ave. between 12th and 13th .. good and cheap suggestions please

pizza gruppo

b btwn 11 and 12, i think

great think crust.

good price on lunch slices, as i remember, but haven't been in a year or two.

Jul 10, 2006
mr_henry in Manhattan

Steak in Baltimore

here's another vote for petit louis as the best restaurant mentioned on this thread.

Best diners in NJ

summit diner in summit (25 mins outside nyc) is amazingly good. i'm biased b/c i grew up eating there.

awesome breakfasts. great taylor ham. breakfast sandwiches. large bacon rations.

under-rated/mentioned are the burgers, because most people only go there for breakfast. bacon cheeseburger w/ grilled onions is heaven!!!

Jul 08, 2006
mr_henry in New Jersey