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Quintessial Dining Experience - NYC

The observation deck, as quintissential as it might sound, would end up being a nightmare. Took my in-law from China there. 2 hour line....the view was nice, but the process would not be.

Here's are a couple of thoughts:

If weather is nice, find a rooftop bar and enjoy Manhattan from the top. I think there's a rooftop bar at the Met, overlooking Central Park. Also, the rooftop at the Thompson hotel in Columbus Circle is nice too. For a view of the Empire State, 230 Fifth is a nice spot as well, or the one on top of the Dream Hotel in the Theater district.

From a dinner standpoint, as you can see there are many ways to go. But since its a SERIOUS date, I suggest going highend - a few options:

- River Cafe
- One if by Land, Two if by Sea
- Per Se (early seating like 6pm, so that you could watch dusk fall - its really pretty)
- Blue Hill
- Marea
- Minetta Tavern
- The Four Seasons (request the pool room)

Rather than the Empire State, the Highline might be a cool alternative place to soak up some new work. Another cool place to have a drink would be the Beekmen Pier at South Street Seaport. They made a beach bar out of a barge filled with sand, and you can drink while taking in the Brooklyn Bridge.

You should have a nightcap at PDT - just the drama of how to get in (through the phone booth) is just so new york.

Hope this helps.

Sep 13, 2012
foodiechan in Manhattan

Best Italian Restaurant in NYC

I suggest you hit Babbo's bar seating (first come first served) early when they open. Always great food there.

You should go to one of Michael White's restaurants and order up a couple of pasta courses, as his is just simply irresistible. Try Osteria Morini, or if you want a classier environment, Marea in uptown then.

Scarpetta is also a great choice.

110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

Osteria Morini
218 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Jun 20, 2011
foodiechan in Manhattan

Best Asian Fusion in NYC

Buddakan is a festive place, but the last few times that I was in I thought the crowd had gotten a bit trashier then when it first opened, as more B&T types now go to that place.

Give The Hurricane Club a go. Modernized "Tiki" food which is their take on Asian Fusion. If you go with a large group like ten or more, their Luau Pig option is simply awesome.

75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Hurricane Club
360 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010

Jun 20, 2011
foodiechan in Manhattan

Ippudo - is it truly THE best?

Greetings folks:

Recently I've been on a ramen binge, and had sampled quite a few joints in the City.

Obviously people often refer Ippudo as the standard bearer. But do you agree?

No doubt the guys at Ippudo put out a solid product, as their pork-based broth was simply sensational. That said, their toppings weren't that outstanding when compared to other bowls that I had, and their charshu was simply average as well. Their noodles I do like, but I also find other styles offered in the City intriguing, and thus not "attached" to any particular kind.

So if ramen is mostly about the broth (to which I belong to this camp), then there's reason for Ippudo to be crowned the Ramen king. But I am sure there are other considerations out there among those addicted to ramen.....for once I am not a big fan of the wait times at Ippudo.

Your thoughts? And here are a few places that I thought put out a great product too:

Naruto's charshu
Takumi's sho-yu based broth
Terakawa for their toppings and assorted condiments
Kuboya has a savory blended broth
Toto Ramen's spicy broth and their homemade ma-yu

Join in on this discussion!

Naruto Ramen
1596 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10128

65 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Terakawa Ramen
18 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010

Totto Ramen
366 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Ramen Takumi
90 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

536 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009

Jun 18, 2011
foodiechan in Manhattan

$50 per person at 15 East possible?

Haru nearby will have a better deal for your budget.

220 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003

Jun 18, 2011
foodiechan in Manhattan

Minetta Tavern or Keens Steakhouse?

Both are great. Keens is more old school - and if you are into "historic" restaurants Keens has the history behind it. Minetta is a bit more showey, but their beef is surprisingly good (I really liked the marrow served with the beef).

Both are on the west side so access should not be an issue if you need them close to either tunnels. Keens is very close to Penn Station should you prefer to take the train. It is true that Minetta is tougher to score a ressie. How about Quality Meats?

Quality Meats
57 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

Nov 26, 2010
foodiechan in Manhattan

Tips for an "elegant Sunday brunch" in Manhattan?

Skip Manhattan and go to the River Cafe in Brooklyn. Its a little bit of a hike, but the view is awesome (think the entire lower Manhattan skyline in 3-D, including the Brooklyn Bridge.

To avoid the brunch crowd I took my family there for a late lunch and had a ball there. We just sat at our table, taking in the view and taking our time....since they were not busy no one bothers to hurry us along.

You will have a great time.

Jul 19, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Visiting from Toronto - Suggestions?

I just went to 15 East for their Sushi Omakase and it would really good. The chef was from Jewel Bako and he's very informative if you sit at the sushi bar. I think you should do sushi for your third ressie. I had eaten sushi in Philly and in T.O. and I thought from a product quality stand point New York might have the best fish.

For steak, I would add Quality Meats and BLT Steak (not prime) to the list. These two are more modern and not traditional like Lugers or Keens.

One other suggestion is L'Atelier del Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel. His execution is solid and my wife and I had a great time dining at their bar one time and did a "tasting" of six courses of small plates (they serve small plate portions).

Jul 05, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

recs for rest or wine bars that are funky yet tasty

If you are serious about wine then Veritas would be a great place. The food is awesome as well but with a 35000+ cellar it is simply one of the best places for wine.

If you liked Casa Mono then there's another place on 19th Street called Boqueria. Have a cocktail at the speakeasy-like Flat Iron Lounge before you head to the restaurant.

For a truly out-of-this-world experience try L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel. My wife and I sat at the bar and did their small plates. We did 6 courses (12 different things) and was in food heaven! The Chef is world famous and his execution was very original and unique.

Another interesting place is Landmarc at Time Warner Center. It is a "factory" but you can't beat the energy of the joint.

I hope this helps!

Jul 04, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

15 East Sushi

Hello all:

Last night I had a chance to dine at the Sushi Bar at 15 East, and we had a great time! Just a little background - 15 E. is the Sushi joint opened by the couple that brought us Tocqville, and the restaurant occupied Tocqville's old space.

We chose to eat at the Sushi bar and did the Omakase. The chef, as it turned out, was the same fella that we dined with when we went to Jewel Bako. He's very informative and educational as well - I think that's why we had such a good time.

The sushi was simply exceptional! Not your average sushi joint stuff but rather some very interesting choices. A few memorable ones include:

Poached Octopus (marinated in sake and thoroughly "messaged" in, according to chef)

Japanese Wild Bass (he shocked it in ice water before serving)

Lean Tuna (out of this world!)

Scallop Hand Roll with Spicy Nori

It was not inexpensive though. The food was at around $150 a head, and with the two bottles of wine and a bottle of Sake the check was quite hefty. But money well spent! Service was good, and very attentive. Again, it was the Chef that made the night special.

Highly recommended!

Jul 04, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Blue Smoke / Bond 45 / 5 Points Restaurant

Blue Smoke is interesting but not necessarily Danny Meyer's best concept. Their BBQ is okay but nothing to write home about.

Bond 45 and 5 Points I hadn't been but the former is the part of the Fireman Group (a la Redeye Grill, Trattoria Del Arte, Brooklyn Diner etc) their food is always solid but a bit unoriginal and usually mass produced.

As for 5 Points, from what I read, would be the most "local" joint serving unpretentious but solid food.

I would go to 5 Points.

Jun 13, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Best Ethnic in the city...Greek, Thai, Indian???

If you want to stay in Mid-town for real ethnic food then your question is mute. NYC is a city of neighborhoods and if you want experience real ethnic cusine then you might have to go a little farther to venture into real neighborhoods and especially in the Boroughs.

For Greek you might want to give Astoria a try. Demitris is my neighborhood joint but I am sure there are other great suggestions from other Chowhounders.

For Thai, hands down to Sriprhaphai in Woodside. Voted many times as the best Thai in the city. Highly recommended.

As for Indian, I am not sure.

As for Korean, try some of the 24hr joints in Korea Town and in Flushing.

Here's my $0.02

Jun 12, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Best prime rib in the city?

No disrespect to all the premier steak joints in the city (and I work in one of them). But when it comes to Prime Rib, Houston's got my vote. Yes they are a chain but having worked there myself I could honestly tell you that they do so much prime rib on a daily basis (they would roast 8-10 whole primes) that they are always fresh and the au jus was meticulously prepared. Try their French Dip as well.

Jun 03, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Has anyone been to New Wild Salmon

Another one of those Jeffrey Chowdoro (a la Kobe Club) concepts. All hype, all about chic chic, and no substance whatsoever. Take your money somewhere else.

Bet ya that it will be on Eater's death watch in 6 months.

Jun 03, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

San Juan, PR

The true gems of PR is their street food. Alcapurria's (fried mashed plantains with some sort of meat or seafood in it) and Baccalaito's (fried salted cod pan cakes), and not to mention the various Pinchos (kebobs basically) are awesome! Have an ice cold Medalla with them street food and your are in heaven.

I would suggest skipping the chic chic joints because they are so-so at best. The Water Club has a great roof top bar though. My only dinner recommendation is the Parrot Club in Old San Juan. It is an institution there and the food is solid and I particularly liked the service at the bar (first come first served). Down a few "Ron" and Cokes for me!


Jean Georges' Dunes

Hello fellow Chowhounders:

My wife and I will be heading to the Bahamas for our vacation later on in the summer and will have a layover in Nassau before hitting the out Islands.

We took interest in having lunch at Dunes and would like some honest feedback about the restaurant. We live in New York and had dined at JG's eateries before and would like to see if the standards and execution hold up at this outpost of his.

Cost is not an issue (I guess after meals at Per Se and the Laundry everything seemed "cheap!). But rather we seek a good, not showy dining experience with a lot of focus on the food.

Any comments are welcome.


Dining and Drinking Options in Eleuthera

Hello all:

My wife and I are planning a trip to Eleuthera later this summer. Just wondering if you have any suggestions for watering holes and dining establishments.


Best desserts in nyc

Some of the places mentioned are a bit suprising to me (Bolo?) as they really are not famous for their desserts. Gramercy Tavern has really good desserts because it was Claudia Fleming that made it famous.

Another good choice would be Payard bistro on the Upper East Side as it is Francois Payard's place. Another famous pastry chef in the City.

If you are in to home made ice creams and pies then look at Quality Meats in Mid-town. Yes it is a steak house but Cory Colton the pastry chef is very good. He had trained with the folks at Ben & Jerry's so it is the real McCoy. Their pies and ice creams are on a rotation.

Don't forget the famous Jacques Torres chocolates in DUMBO (Brooklyn). Their sweets are out of this world.

One other cool little joint is Serendipity on Midtown east. They have something called the "Frozen Hot Chocolate." I'll leave it at that - go check it out for yourself!

Another personal favorite is the Tres Leches at Ideya on West Broadway in Soho. Awesome! (We liked it so much that I bought a whole pie for my wife's birthday).

I hope this helps!

May 26, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Romantic Date in TriBeCa...Help!!!

I'd say start off with a drink at the bar in the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park. Its on an upper floor and has a great view.

From there I second The Harrison. You can avoid the suits by going there on the weekends or may be a little later in the evening. Another place worth mentioning is Landmarc. Very rustic and dark. The only thing is that they don't take reservations for small parties so there might be a wait. However they have such low mark-ups for wines that it is hard to resist.

Degustation, while I found the food solid, I differ with some of my fellow chowhounders as I found the place rather expensive. May be I just eat a lot, but their portions are very small even by tapas standards. Afterall it is a Jack/Grace Lamb institution and you are going to pay a premium for it.

If tapas is your thing, then take a look at Bar Jamon or Casa Mono near Union Square (Irving Place) or Bouqueria on W19th Street. If your girl is into the tapas thing these are great spots (but you will have to break out from the old app-entree-dessert mode). These places serve some kick ass Spanish wines! Order something from the Priorat!

If French is what you are looking for, then Fleur de Sel on 21st Street? is a great little spot. Cyril the chef is very good and it is his art on the business cards.

I hope this helps.

May 26, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Quintessential NYC street food

This is not quite street food but I think you should sample one of NYC's finest: Pizza! There are pizza joints everywhere but if you are into Pizza then Lombardi's on 32 Spring Street in Soho is the spot!

If you have time to venture out of Manhattan, take the subway to Coney Island and grab a few hot dogs from Nathans. The Cyclones (a Mets farm team) also plays there, catch a game, or just take a walk along the boardwalk. This is very New York as well.

Have fun in New York!

May 26, 2007
foodiechan in Manhattan

Best Sandwich Places in Manhattan?

I love the Sliders at the Stanton Social. The Cheese Steaks at B Bar in the village was good as well (but that was a while ago).

Jul 08, 2006
foodiechan in Manhattan