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Clarence area recommendations?

Looking for a couple of interesting, tasty ,healthy, fun, innovative..( too much to ask?) places to dine while on a road-trip from Toronto next month. Last time we ate at Asa Ransom House and found it too stuffy, boring and over-priced for what it offered. Open to suggestions and can travel a bit but don't want to go too far from the antique markets!

Where to go? Taking adventurous teenage grandson to BILTMORE in early March: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners.

Le Grande Orange is fun for casual lunch and quirky shopping...and it's close to the Biltmore.
Delux and Parlor also good suggestions and close as well.
Walking distance will get you to True at the mall for healthyish fare or Houstons (teenager-friendly ribs etc)

3146 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Mar 04, 2011
Bissel Sedrate in Phoenix

Chowhound's Own Top 10 Restaurants of GTA

Pasta Bar @ Scaramouche
Gilead Cafe
93 Harbord
Saving Grace

Saving Grace
907 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J1V9, CA

93 Harbord
93 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1G4, CA

1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

Can anyone recommend new markets and restaurants in Phoenix

Thanks so much everyone and in particular Silverbear..I was hoping you'd respond as I've found your previous posts on other Phoenix food topics most comprehensive and I've yet to disagree with your recommendations and criticisms. I'll look into Prenzey's when I'm there and will also check out the markets. I've found Vincent's to be a little limited and pricey in the past..perhaps it's grown... Look forward to the Ranch Market but Toronto has a huge Asian population so I won't bother with Mekong and LeeLee.
I 'm anxious to try out your restaurant suggestions as I like your taste.
Thanks again and if you think of any additions please continue to post as I'll be checking in periodically.

Feb 08, 2010
Bissel Sedrate in Phoenix

Can anyone recommend new markets and restaurants in Phoenix

Have been visiting my folks for 2 weeks every winter and have seen the food scene in Phoenix change immensely in 30 years.I'm in the food service industry in Toronto and am curious about all food trends. I love to source spices and local ingredients at markets when I travel around the world. Is the farmer's market at Central and McKinley worth checking out?
As far as new restos go it seems every post here deifies Noca so I'll have to see what all the fuss is about. My past faves have been Barrio, Cowboy Ciao (for the Stetson Chop) Pizza Bianco, Lola Tapas,My Florist and Grande Orange for lunch, Zinc @ Kierlands,Lon's for brunch...
Any hot new suggestions? I'll be there next week.

Feb 07, 2010
Bissel Sedrate in Phoenix

Chipped glass in Toronto restaurant

Thanks for all the input..and yes the remaining beer was not touched! I feel vindicated as I thought perhaps I was just being too persnickety. I won't bother complaining further as it was just a tiny chip that had it actually been in the beer wouldn't have caused any esophageal damage. However, I will speak to the owner of the restaurant when I see him at an upcoming food symposium. I feel that had he known what the server was up to he would've intervened and comped a fresh drink .
BTW, we joked that the only way the server could have guaranteed that there was no broken glass in it is if she had knowingly poured the beer into a glass she knew was already chipped!

Feb 07, 2010
Bissel Sedrate in Not About Food

Chipped glass in Toronto restaurant

Just finished a disappointing dinner in a highly rated Toronto restaurant that shall remain nameless however it's south of King and west of Bathurst.
I don't want to get into all of the details but my main beef, aside from the food being cold, was that when one of my dining companions complained to our server that his beer glass was chipped and he was worried there might be glass in his drink she proceeded to pour what was left of his beer into another glass and said 'I can guarantee there's no broken glass in it".
We were shocked that she didn't offer him a fresh drink. Were we wrong to assume that would be in order?

Feb 06, 2010
Bissel Sedrate in Not About Food

Leftovers Brunch

Jan 09, 2009
Bissel Sedrate in Recipes

Favourite summer recipes?

I've been reading posts all morning and am starving now!

Summer favourites are so numerous....but a few that come to mind are:

...I usually chop some watermelon or pineapple or mango into mine along with some sambal and lots of fresh coriander and lime because I like it sweet and spicy.

Grainy salad
Bulghur,quinoa,millet,wheat berries...whatever fresh veg is pepper,cukes etc..fresh mint,toasted almonds....a honey lemon dijon vinaigrette..fresh mint

Lately I've been mixing tvp or 'yves veggie ground round' in with the organic ground Angus which makes the meat go further and is probably better for you.I also put sauted shallots and garlic, finely chopped parsley and basil , matzoh meal and an egg in the mix. Sorry, I rarely measure but the ratio of real meat to fake that worked best was about 2/3 meat to 1/3 imposter.

Jul 25, 2008
Bissel Sedrate in Home Cooking

Best place for French-style pastries?

Pain Perdue on St.Clair W. has wonderful pastries, croissants quiches and a great pissaladiere.
The only problem is the TTC fiasco that's screwing up the street. Patachou also has an outlet/bakery/tiny cafe just a bit further west and on the south side of St.Clair.