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Fallbrook? Anything worth eating?

You won't be sorry if you do decide to move to Fallbrook. Even overcame my fear of avocado ranching and love it!

Nov 19, 2013
charlotteowens in San Diego

Fallbrook? Anything worth eating?

Moved to Fallbrook a year ago from San Francisco so have been on the lookout for some good local restaurants.

Estrella's Mexican. Busy all the time because everything on the menu is delicious. No reservations but the staff remembers who is waiting. Even they are busy they never make you feel like you should hurry. Save rooom for a stop at the yogurt shop next door.

Fresco. Fresh made pasta at the Sunday lunch buffet which includes unlimited good champagne. Outdoor a Bonsall off the 76.

Also in Bonsall is Peking Wok. Don't be fooled by the outside shopping center look. Inside is a cute little bar in the corner, a piano player in the evening and house made potstickers! Also good are the chili dumplings and the lettuce chicken.

Back in Fallbrook is the fairly new Oink and Moo. Such good barbecue ... Hamburgers of all kinds like the Bling Bling served with Brie and mushrooms sautéed in wine. Also a small place by the library but they do take reservations.

Nov 19, 2013
charlotteowens in San Diego

Carlsbad around Christmas

The Broken Yolk in La Costa serves breakfast all day.

And Bistro West just off the 5 offers fish, steaks,salads and wine by the glass....also near La Costa off the 5

Nov 19, 2013
charlotteowens in San Diego

Best in North SD county?

The Poseidon Restaurant in Del Mar sits right on the sand with both indoor and outdoor seating. Parking lot with valet parking.

Nov 19, 2013
charlotteowens in San Diego

Are you thinking about Christmas cookies yet? (Seriously!)

I started baking today with
Gingerbread biscotti
Coffee thins
Red and green stripped shortbread stacks

and will continue until completed with

Nutty bar with pretzel crust
Chocolate crinkles
Peanut butter kisses with a 1/4 peanut butter cup inside
Mexican wedding cookies
Sugar cookie cutouts
Carmel corn

For gifts, I put assorted cookies into medium mason jars with a big red ribbon around the lid and freeze until time to give them away. They stay fresh and still taste great.

Dec 05, 2011
charlotteowens in Home Cooking

What's your Favorite Christmas Cookie that you give as a Gift?

I make these cookies most years...they are a regular macaroon except make an little indentation in the middle of the cookie before baking,after baking and cooling, dip the bottom in melted chocolate-you can use melted candy discs but I like the flavor or melted semisweet chocolate chips, let dry upside down, then you can add either a red jelly or more chocolate to the middle just before serving. They can be made ahead and frozen until ready to serve.
Hope this helps,

Dec 05, 2011
charlotteowens in Home Cooking

My visit to Fish and Farm

Our DAT experience was so different from 2009, I felt I was eating in a completely different restaurant. And not an evening of fine dining that was worth $65 per person. It seemed the restaurant has run out of steam.

My husband had a before dinner drink and we shared a bottle of wine.

Soup or salad-the wedge salads with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits were 1/2 the size of the salad served to non-DAT diners and the dressing was sparse.

Beef or Salmon-my husband had the beef which came with mashed potatoes on the bottom, fresh salad greens in the middle and a tough little piece of meat on the top. Having fresh greens on top of warm potatoes seemed to be an odd combination. My salmon was okay but had a strange salty vegetable puree underneath with a small side of sauteed napa cabbage...another weird pairing of tastes

Dessert was an unimaginative serving of vanilla ice cream-maybe 1/2 cup with a sprinkling of some crunchy chocolate on didn't fill the little jar in which it was served.

Coffee was served lukewarm and had to be sent back. No refill offers until we were getting ready to leave. Service was uneven, one waiter for maybe half the restaurant? taking the orders, bus boys refilling water glasses and multiple strangers bringing the food from the kitchen. The tax was added to the price of the menu items before the bill was presented...there is a sign on the podium at the entrance that this is being done for the good of the patron.

If DAT is an event to bring return customers, Fish and Farm didn't get it.

Fish and Farm
339 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Brunch in Columbus, OH

The Worthington Inn is located in a historic building in the Village of Worthington-quaint in a colonial way as this little town was once the capitol of the state. The buffet contains all the usual and tasty foods you would expect to see. No champagne included buy you can order drinks after noon.

Murray Circle

Lunch wth a friend here today and it was a great experience...helpful staff and delish food. The views from the windows are amazing. The bar, which is cozy, has music on Monday evenings and the restaurant is light and bright. Our corner of the room had a fire burning along with spectacular views out to the Golden Gate Bridge. We both had the green salads with thinly sliced, crisp veg. Our entrees were the porkchop over grain risotto and the hamburg. The desserts were lemon pudding with creme fraiche and boston cream pie with malted milk icecream. We always had several servers filling water and iced tea glasses, changing silverware, clearing table. The dining room was 2/3 full. I would like to return for dinner around sunset..

Seafood near airport

Kincaid's by the Bay ..has a great bar, nice bay view and fresh seafood on the menu.

Best Tiki Bar?

Trad'r Sam's out on Geary Street is a bit funky but the drinks....ever so many choices...are fantastic.

Good Dining in or near Daly City

Banana Island won't disappoint-in Westlake Shopping Center. They serve a combination of Thai, Singapore and Indonesian. I never share the "pancake" appetizer, delish served with a light curry dip. Don't be put-off by the fact it's in the shopping center, as soon as you go thru the door, you are in another land.

Dinner near Legion of Honor?

The Pacific Cafe opens at 5pm for dinner and you should be in line (yes a line starts forming early) by 4.30 so you can be in the first seating! As you wait,either in the small lobby area or on the sidewalk, you will be given a glass of the white house wine...and this glass will be refilled-to the top-as long as you are waiting for your table.

This restaurant, which opened in the early 70s, remains consistant with the tasty fresh seafood, the decor, the friendly but efficient waitstaff. It is small with seats for about 30 at either 2 or 4 person booths...thus the wine while you wait. It is pleasant to chat with other diners while sipping your wine.

Fabulous dinner in San Diego???

Posidion in Del Mar..right on the sand. Good happy hour although they close for about 1/2 hour between lunch and happy hour.

Feb 15, 2009
charlotteowens in San Diego

What would you add or subtract from the Chron Top 100 List?

1300 On Fillmore...both for the food and the atmosphere

Straits Cafe in the Westfield Mall- I was disappointed, does anyone agree with me?

Try Banana Island in Westlake...they have a combo of Malaysia, Singapore and Thai food.

Belden Alley suggestions?

Sam's Grill is still great...right on the corner and a taste of the old-days fresh fresh fish restaurants! I love the private booths in the back.

Please help my Italian parents eat in San Fran tomorrow

I suggest
Sam's Grill for that old time San Francisco restaurant feel with fresh fresh fish -only open Monday-Friday for lunch and dinner
Scoma's for the Italian Fisherman's Wharf experience

Columbus Eateries Rec?

Barcalona-in German Village- serves tasty tapas and large plates in an interesting atmosphere. They also have an outside patio for dining.

Rigsby's on the Short North is a reliable place for innovative food based on Mediterranean flavors,

Schimit's in German Village is a Columbus institution...the hot bahama mama sausages and the cream puffs cannot be beat. And who doesn't enjoy an German ompa band?? Schiller Park nearby is a good place to and has a pond. On summer weekends you can catch a concert or play there.

Burlingame Semi-Casual Biz dinner

Broadway Prime is the best. The owner and/or his son are always there to be sure that your experience is a good one. Service is great too. The fish entree-if you don't want the prime rib-changes often-has always been tastey too.

The perfect Foodie Wedding--what would you do?

My daughter's wedding was in the Fall at the La Jolla Cove. Our theme was Tuscany meets the Tropics. We had long tables set up both inside and out, used only candles of all sizes and in many different containers. The food came for the French Gourmet and was delicious. We had the salad course served but then everyone went to the several buffet stations. Lots of wine and champagne the entire time.

Feb 28, 2007
charlotteowens in General Topics

What do you know about First Crush?

It's okay if you want a quick meal before going to the theatre.

Michael Mina mediocre experience

Bring back the comfortable, affordable and elegant Compass Rose and while you're at it...also bring back Dewey's Pub that was located across the lobby from the Compass Rose.

SF Dim Sum to Go

You have two choices for carry-out dim sum at Yet Wah's in Diamond Heights in the Safeway shopping mall. Either order in the restaruant upstairs or from the small take-out shop next to the bakery. There are more choices at the main restaurant but faster at the smaller place.

ocean beach cafes

The Seal Rock up the hill from Louie's has great ocean views and one of the best egg benedict's ever served with all the breakfast trimmings. Dress is super casual. Service is super quick but they don't hurry you out of the have time to read your newspaper if you want.

Desperately Seeking Authentic Malaysian Food in Bay Area

I don't know if the food is authentic Malaysian, but Banana Island in the Westlake Shopping-
Daly City is good. They serve a mixture of Malaysian, Singapore and Thai cuisine. Their roti is a must every time.

Westlake Joe's - Report [Daly City]

It's a hard choice between Westlake Joe's and Banana Island (located in the Westlake Shopping Center) I know each restaurant serves entirely different food but both are yummy. The spaghetti and meatballs in the tomato sauce is the best ever. Joe's also mixes up all those good oldtime drinks that your parents also ordered-old-fashions, manhattens, stingers-all made full of liquor. While Banana Island serves a mixture of Thai, Malaysian and Singapore foods with ice cold Thai and Chinese beers. The 'pancake' served with a green curry sauce is a must. Service at both places is friendly and fast but the staff never makes you feel rushed.

One Night in San Francisco/Two Nights in Half Moon Bay

Sam's Seafood on highway 1 by El Granada has fresh fresh fish with interesting side dishes, oysters and even lobster!


Did you try OG's in Encinitas?? I know they do deliver to La Costa.

Feb 13, 2007
charlotteowens in California

3 Nights/Days of Dining in San Diego

For a super breakfast after an early morning walk on the beach there's Pipes in Cardiff.
The Brigitaine in Del Mar always satisfies whether you eat in the dining room or the bar
The Wine Shop by Dove Road in La Costa has interesting wine tastings with snacks on
Friday nights. They stock some unique wines from all over the world.

Feb 13, 2007
charlotteowens in California