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rivoli on shattuck?

Dinner @ Corso June 11
Had an unexpectedly child free evening and decided to check out Corso based upon Morton's post. Arrived about 6:45, restaurant was full, but we only had to wait about 5 minutes for a table. The restaurant has an open kitchen with a counter, a separate bar area, and what appears to be a communal table.

The menu is totally a la carte, divided into antipasti, primi, secondi, pizza, contorni, and desserts. The wine list is totally Italian, but appears to be very reasonably priced. Selections are appropriately limited to the size of the restaurant with 4 to 5 selections in each category.

We split a pizza funghi to start ($12) - crisp, charred crust, very flavorful, with a touch of truffle oil. We had pasta with sugo ($9.50), a luscious slow cooked pork/beef combination and the bollito with salsa verde ($15), not a misto, but a generous portion of slow cooked, melt in your mouth beef. For sides, we chose polenta with mascarpone and spinach prepared with garlic and olive oil ($6 each). Both were delicious.

It's still a work in progress. We found the noise level higher than we would have liked. They said that they're looking at toning it down a bit. And there were a couple of service missteps, but overall a fine experience that will only get better.

The bad news: no reservations, so once the word gets out, be prepared to wait.

Almost forgot the dessert - a carmelized pear served with a vin santo based sauce with a little whipped cream - absolutely heavenly!