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Oceana torched!

wonder how much was "fox-ified" (reality/shock tv) and how much was real - overall it was one of the most negative kitchen nightmares shows i think. Once a tourist trap - always a tourist trap - obviouusly Moe is in it for the money. They probably served fresh food for about 2 days after ramsey left and it is back to usual to increase profit margins.

May 21, 2011
chowmac in Food Media & News


Getting to be that time of year - any good places (roadside?) in NOVA - I-66 or VA 267??

Group Dinner in FQ

Looking for recs for a group dinner of 40 or so in the french quarter
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/experiences etc

Apr 07, 2011
chowmac in New Orleans

Birthday Dinner at Tilth

awesome review - great pics too!! I'm visiting next week and will be going to dinner there. What did your companions have? any comments/recs from them?

Aug 27, 2010
chowmac in Greater Seattle

Banquet for 200 - suggestions?

Planning a relatively large meeting and looking for decent eats (obviously fine dining is out of the question lol) in or near seattle. Ideas thus far are the air museum, aquarium and chateau st michelle winery. Any comments on these or other suggestions appreciated!!

Aug 26, 2010
chowmac in Greater Seattle

Pupatella has menu posted.

Second to that - not something i would have thought of but it was really good. This place is so good with great people running it. Not a place that you would think find random passers by, but some guy came in asking if they sold pizza by the slice (LOL) - he stayed and ordered a pizza and my guess will be back.

Fair Lakes??

looks good! thanks - any recs?

Fair Lakes??

I'll be in Fairfax/Fair Lakes - I assume it is overrun by mediocre chain restaurants? If not, please suggest chow places to check out! TIA

Poor Experience at Etete

I've eaten there about 4 times - the food is good, the service WAS mediocre - but the last time we went it was HORRID (about a year ago). We were going to a show at the 9:30 club and almost missed the start because of the service - which was pretty much just as described by the original post - basically they got orders wrong, took forever to get the "first" order then another LONG wait to get the food they did not order for us the first time (you would think they would put a rush on the makeup order). No water service etc - then it was impossible to get the check!! We usually leave 20% for just adequate service. Since we told them in the middle of the debacle that we had a show to catch and things did not improve we left NO tip (something we have never done). Not sure we will be back - there are too many other great choices in the U street corridor.

Lunch recs near convention center

thanks for the recs - should be fun next week especially if the saints win!!

Feb 06, 2010
chowmac in New Orleans

Lunch recs near convention center

Will be in town for a conference - what is not to be missed for lunch?

Jan 30, 2010
chowmac in New Orleans

Ballston Food Carts

Yes, it was ok but not up to pupatella. Once you have been to Portland OR you never view food carts the same way again....

Ballston Food Carts

Everyone loves Pupatella but we need something Mon - Wed LOL - has anyone tried the kabob or burrito carts that are now there? comments??

Super Pollo in Ballston - CLOSED

oh great - 2 decent places close down but the crap around there remains (like the "uncommon market" which is buffet style slop served up day after day....)

Jessup/Columbia - Sports Bar

Jessup/Columbia - Sports Bar

If you want some decent beer give Frisco's a try - several flat screens at the bar, mexican/pub fare

Kinkead's or...???

Got foodies coming to town and they are staying on Penn Ave near Kinkead's - is it still as good as it used to be? Any other recs in the vicinity? Is Blacksalt (even though not really close) better??

muffaletta - italian store??

I've heard they do a muff - can anyone reccommend them?? their other stuff is great!!

Q "carolina style" pulled pork in a grocery? .... yeah, buddy!

Went to the ballston store - did not see anything by the deli - but they had a white tub in the packaged meats section (near the hot dogs etc) from the same company - is it the same thing?

Oct 21, 2008
chowmac in Chains

Recs near SFO airport?

Will have a car but would like some chow worthy places within 10 miles or so?

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

Planning a large takout order for some friends - some are not so "adventurous" LOL - so I was thinking of kung pao chicken (in addition to the usual "good" stuff) but don't see it on there western menu - do they have it? any comments??

Kobe recs?

Kusum Homba sounds interesting - can you provide detaled directions please? The link to their website does not seem to work, are they still open?
TIA. Any recs for Kobe beef?

Jul 26, 2008
chowmac in Japan

Best Fried Calamari?

Agreed - went there for the first time on saturday - very good calamari

Jul 13, 2008
chowmac in Manhattan

Kobe recs?

thanks for the japanese recs!! Yes, please send along non-japanese recs as well as we will be there over a week.

Jul 09, 2008
chowmac in Japan

Kobe recs?

I will be in Kobe for about a week at the end of July - first time in Japan. Would appreciate and recommendations!!! TIA

Jul 08, 2008
chowmac in Japan

Driving to Baltimore from Northern Virginia...

I second Grace Garden - I drive there from northern VA just for takeout to take back to NOVA!!!

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

thanks - i've only been once and chef did that for the fish noodles and came out to explain what and why he did it - i was impressed and you are right, I was going nuts in the car on the way home!!!! YUMM!!!!

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

I'm planning my second visit on saturday - since I live 50 miles from there I'm going to get alot to "go" for later!! Has anyone tried the shrimp balls stuffed sea scallop??

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

Does anyone know if they will be doing takeout?

Cru Cafe in Charleston - Only for Lunch?

Just visited charleston for the first time - went to cru cafe for lunch and then for dinner twice - it is that good - reasonably priced and not pretentious like some restaurants. Lunch was very good but not necessarily memorable?? But dinner is a different story. Sit at the kitchen table if you want to chat with the chefs and staff - we did that twice! HIghlights off the main menu were the gnocchi appetizer, "fried chicken" which is an interesting concept/presentation, thai risotto, tuna (excellent!! - served perfectly rare!!) and pork chop. Some specials that were excellent were fried green tomato and pork belly appetizer and roasted beet/goat cheese/arugula salad. Oh yeah, don't forget to get an order of the mac and cheese.......

Jun 15, 2008
chowmac in General South Archive