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Soy Sauce

Where can I get soy and other Asian sauces that have more kick than La Choy or Kikkoman"s?

Jan 16, 2012
nisaba in General Topics

Good Restaurant near Red Moon Theatre at 1463 W. Hubbard chicago

I have tickets for this Thurs at 8 p.m. at Red Moon Theatre. Where would be a good place to eat in this area?? We will be driving so taking a cab will not be an issue. I looked up the West Town Tavern @ 1329 W Chicago Avenue but the neighborhood is dicey for a girl's night out.

Any ideas would be helpful -


Sep 07, 2008
nisaba in Chicago Area

Caterer for small group at Christmas

What is the name of a good caterer for 10 adults (not counting the kiddies) at Christmas. I have used Fox & Obel but would welcome some new ideas. This dinner would be in a downtown location on December 22nd -
Thanks for your suggestions -

Nov 27, 2007
nisaba in Chicago Area

Sticky Buns

Where can I get a good Sticky Bun - gooey sweet with lots of nuts??

Sep 02, 2007
nisaba in Chicago Area

Bakery Brunch

Where can I get a good Bakery Brunch or Lunch. Parking would be helpful.

Jun 30, 2007
nisaba in Chicago Area

Which bakery makes the Best Whole Wheat Bread?

What bakeries make really good Whole Wheat Bread?

I usually go to Red Hen, double park on busy Milwaukee Avenue and buy a month's worth at a time.


Mar 06, 2007
nisaba in Chicago Area

Selling out at Trotter's Express

I haven't been to Trotter's on Monroe but am a "big" fan of Trotter's on Fullerton. They have Barbequed Thai short ribs to die for. In addition to other goodies such as pot roast, lamb shanks the ubiquitous chicken and on and on. Pricy but quality not to be had in any other carryout that I can find.

Jan 26, 2007
nisaba in Chicago Area

Online source for Delish Decadent Valentine Goodies

That is the best salivating choco site I have seen.

Decisions! Decisions! To go choco candy or choco brownies!!

Thanks for the info.

Jan 21, 2007
nisaba in General Topics

Online source for Delish Decadent Valentine Goodies

What are some sites for really great Valentine Goodies? Preferably decadent food goodies.
Need sites for kiddies plus Kiddies of all ages.

Jan 20, 2007
nisaba in General Topics

Keefer's o.k. for young child?

Is Keefer's o.k. for an 18 month child along with 8 other adults?
This would be for a family day after Christmas dinner. Other suggestions?

Dec 26, 2006
nisaba in Chicago Area

BYOB and pay a $25.00 corking fee when going to a recognized restaurant that has a wine list?

It has been suggested to me that BYOB is the way to go to avoid the poorly selected but expensively priced wine selections that can appear even a 4 star Chicago restaurant.

I have not heard of doing this before and just wonder if it isn't
a bit tacky at best.

I have no problems with BYOB when the restaurant suggests this but never have done this with a highly regarded restaurant with a wine list.

Your Ideas Please

Oct 25, 2006
nisaba in Not About Food

Which is better at North Pond - the 3 or 4 course set menu for a party?

For a once in a lifetime party cost is not an issue -but having the right amount of food is.
With restaurants serving huge amounts of food and not having been at North Pond recently, I can't decide between the 3 or the 4 course set menu. Any comments, or menu suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 23, 2006
nisaba in Chicago Area

Is North Pond Dependable?

Thanks for the supporting comment.
I did have a big party there with Pheasant so tough you couldn't chew it.
My other experiences were always top drawer. Maybe it was a "fowl" time?!

Oct 02, 2006
nisaba in Chicago Area

Is North Pond Dependable?

I am planning a once in a life-time party for 10 on a Saturday night and want the food to be as special as the price and the setting. I am interested in North Pond but am concerned as it has had some negative comments. A restaurant gets these ratings but I would like to minimize the possibility of any surprises and/or "bad nights"
Please Advise.

Oct 01, 2006
nisaba in Chicago Area

Steak House for 80th Birthday Party

I am planning an 80th birthday party for 10 people with ages from 18 to 80. Of the great downtown Chicago steakhouses, which would best accomodate this family/friend gathering on a Saturday night?

Sep 26, 2006
nisaba in Chicago Area