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Sunchokes in Philadelphia

Thanks everyone. Stopped by Reading Terminal... Iovine's was out, but says they are starting to get them regularly. Then I checked Ardmore Farmer's Market again on the way home & this time they had them, for $5.99/pound. BTW, this was the recipe...

Nov 03, 2014
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Sunchokes in Philadelphia

Saw a great recipe for sunchokes... but don't know where to find them. Tried a few local farmers markets & whole foods, but no luck so far. Has anyone seen them recently in the greater Philly area? Is this the right time of year for them?

Nov 01, 2014
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia


I love BT Brownies in Lansdowne ( the best. I also like the ones at Sweet Jazmine's in Paoli ( Both also have online shops for ordering brownies for shipment.

Mar 08, 2012
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Are these places I should check out for 3 nights in Philly - Other thoughts??

We moved to Philly from SF... and the one thing I would add to your list is a good Italian restaurant. Hoagies & Italian are definitely the big things that Philly does better than SF (and most anywhere else). I usually recommend BYO's (also uniquely Philly... but might not work if you want to sit at the bar) - Melograno's and Modo Mio's are among my favorites in the city. I'm sure others will have thoughts on great italian with a single-diner-friendly bar. And definitely get yourself a great hoagie while you're here, too. You won't find those in SF... we tried!

Jan 27, 2012
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia


Heading out of the city a little bit, my favorite Thai in the area is Chiangmai in Conshohocken. Consistently good and decent prices. Their drunken noodles are probably my favorite thing on the menu.

Jan 22, 2012
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Big two weeks for restaurant openings in the city

Just for another opinion, I made it there (percy st in comcast) last week and had a great experience. A couple of thoughts... $10 for a sandwich, side & drink is a pretty solid deal for the comcast center - and since it's a little bit separated from the other restaurants (just up the steps), there was no line at all for percy st, even when it was 10-deep at the pizza place. I had the barbecue chicken sandwich (with cole slaw and jalapenos) and a side of mac & cheese and was very impressed - bold flavors that worked well together. I still haven't been to the original location, so I can't compare.

Jan 01, 2012
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Buffalo wings worth consuming??

I loved the wings I had at Flanigan's Boathouse in Wayne. In addition to the standard buffalo sauce, they have a bunch of others - thai peanut were surprisingly my favorites.

Sep 20, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Main Line or NW Philly?

We had to make that same decision - deciding between Narberth/Wynnewood and Chestnut Hill. We decided on Narberth - but it was done solely because of the schools and the wage taxes. If we had the luxury of doing it for the food scene and ability to walk to cool stuff, I would definitely have chosen Chestnut Hill. Narberth is very cute - but it's definitely suburban with a 'small town USA' feel that's great for family, but terrible for food choices. With a lot of trial and error, you'll find the 1 chinese, 1 indian, 1 thai, etc. that you can drive to in 10-15 minutes - but not a lot of good options that you can walk to. That said, you can walk to the train station and be in Philly in 20 minutes, which is a wonderful thing - and one that we take advantage of frequently... even with small children.

Jul 05, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Where to get quality Spanish olive oil?

There's a new place that just opened up in Ardmore called A Taste of Olive (their website shows other locations in Haddonfield and West Chester). They have some spanish olive oils - Hojiblanca & La Trinidad -

Jun 10, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Tomato Pie in Philly Burbs?

Carlino's has the best tomato pie I've ever had... locations in Ardmore & West Chester - probably right around your 10 mile rule.

Jun 05, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Looking for someplace near Arden Theater with kids

We just went through this last week for the flea & the professor and wound up at Q BBQ & Tequila. We were there on the early side when it wasn't too crowded and there were lots of families. There wasn't a kids' menu, but they had hot dogs and fries and lots of other things that were crowd pleasers for all ages. For me, it was good, but not great, food - but perfect for what I was looking for with my 4 year old before the Arden.

May 26, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Conshohocken area best

+1 on Chiangmai

And I've loved everything I've tried at the Stone Rose (gastropub). I haven't had the burger, but my wife was raving about it and they call it their specialty.

Apr 27, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Basket Cheese in the burbs?

Carlino's in Ardmore & West Chester carries it. They even sent out a special mailer on it... I've never tried it, but it sounds great!

"My fondest memories of Easter are always those of my Nonna, Chef Angela Carlino. My Nonna would be the first one in the kitchen to get started on the feast preparation. I would awake to the smell of Mama's holiday soup slowly cooking each Easter morning. She would have a table set with her famous Easter Bread, Basket Cheese drizzled with Carlino's Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cracked black pepper, and also an animal-shaped cookie for each grandchild; my siblings and I would always fight for the Lamb-shaped cookie because it was the biggest and most beautiful. With Mama Carlino, there was always an array of delicious Easter goodies to start the day of feasting. The most traditional Easter morning specialty is Easter Meat Pie, stuffed with Basket Cheese. Basket Cheese is a mild cheese that tastes like a combination of ricotta, pressed cottage cheese, and fresh mozzarella. (Some nutrition facts, Basket Cheese has 14 grams of Protein and about 26% of the Daily Recommended Value for Calcium. It also has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are heart healthy and great for brain function.)"

Apr 22, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Sunday Dinner Specials?

Seems like Sunday night is a time that restaurants have creative menus or specials (at least that was the case in SF). I know the Little Fish sunday night prix fixe has been discussed a lot in these forums... but are there any other Sunday Night specials you know of in Philadelphia that we should know about?

Mar 26, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Tower Theater??

Tomo Sushi is another one of the spots in the food court above H-Mart... definitely recommended if you need a quick place to eat before a show at the Tower. Great rolls for a great price and just a few minutes walk from the Tower (added bonus - better street parking... meters run until 9pm and an easy-in/out $5 lot across the street)

Mar 24, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Non-Valentines Day Dinner

I'm in town for a business trip and looking to explore some of the great restaurants that I've read about on chowhound. Monday night (valentine's day) winds up being one of our few free nights, but most of the places I've checked online are offering prix-fixe valentines day "specials." Any thoughts on restaurants downtown that will be offering their standard menu on Monday night? No real guidelines... other than that I'm interested in trying some of the 'usual suspects' that get recommended to out-of-towners looking to try the best of the city.

Feb 13, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Greater Seattle

Best homemade pasta in Philly?

Maybe closer to 20 minutes... but Carlino's in Ardmore has great homemade pasta - fresh & frozen... lots of shapes. Second location in West Chester.

Jan 09, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Where to find empanadas

Thank you for the recommendations! Haven't heard of either spot, but they're both on the list now! I do wish we had more of the bakery style spot where they have cases of empanadas for $5 or less. As it stands, I buy them a dozen at a time from Ruben's in NYC every time we head up there.

Jan 04, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Where to find empanadas

After watching an old episode of Bobby Flay's Throwdown, I'm craving empanadas... any suggestions on where to find them in philly or the western suburbs? I'm sure there are great ones at spots like Amada... but ideally I'd love something more casual, along the lines of Ruben's Empanadas in NYC or Julia's Empanadas in DC.

Jan 03, 2011
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Wow, Swift Half

I saw this article on the closing and new plans for the space earlier in the day...

Dec 30, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia


Gemelli in Narberth is a nice spot. 30-50 would probably be the size of the full restaurant.

Dec 22, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Han Dynasty of Philadelphia

After reading this thread and a few others, I was very hesitant to try Han Dynasty in Exton for the first time today - but, I have to report back and say that we had an amazing meal. Granted, I have nothing to compare it to - but, based on today I would definitely recommend it. Thanks to some of the recommendations here, we loaded up on the Scallion Pancake, Wonton in Chili Oil, Three Cup Chicken, Chicken with Hot Dry Peppers and Sliced Fish with Tofu in Wild Pepper Sauce.

We had very friendly service - helping to guide us to some great dishes. The hostess/owner? seemed impressed that we had devoured the three cup chicken (taiwanese - served on the bone, as she had recommended) - and she even dug into the bowl to find a few missing pieces we had mistakenly left behind. I did see that others who were asking for special requests off the americanized menu were not getting the same love from the staff ("can you combine the egg drop and hot & sour soups in the same bowl? can you take out the peppers from the hunan chicken?")... but, we found everyone to be really nice and helpful.

Dec 22, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Has Anyone Been to Seasons 52 in KOP By the Mall?

a little blurb on california cafe's unexpected closing... sounds like it was a surprise to the employees, too!

Dec 08, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

pappardelle pasta

not super-close to Norristown, but Carlino's in Ardmore & West Chester has great homemade pappardele... fresh & frozen.

Nov 27, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Kid Friendly Pasta Spot for NYC Marathon

I've seen lots of posts on each topic separately... but I'm heading up to NYC for the marathon and need to load up on carbs the night before, along with my kids (2 and 4). Looking at spots like La Zie and Via Emilia (anywhere that's subway-able from times square is fair game) - but, can't tell which spots might be good for the kiddies... ideally a spot that at least has a high chair - bonus points if there's a kids menu, but not essential.



Via Emilia
47 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010

Oct 25, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Manhattan

Out of Ideas on the Main Line

Gemelli (Italian) in Narberth is my favorite new spot in the area. I'm also really enjoying the newly re-opened Hunan in Ardmore. And Sang Kee in Wynnewood is pretty good (I really enjoyed a few of the specials the last time went in). You said non-adventurous, so I'll assume that Indian is out... otherwise Tiffin (Wynnewood & Bryn Mawr) and Ekta (Bryn Mawr) are both great choices.

Oct 19, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Cochon Noir reports?

They opened at the beginning of June.

Jul 08, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

Cochon Noir reports?

I have some friends coming in town for the Furthur show at the Mann on Saturday and was wondering if anyone had been to the newly opened Cochon Noir - Recommend it as a pre-show spot?

Jul 07, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

philly byo with great food and a private room

we're looking for a byo with a private room that can accommodate 16. we're flexible on the type of food, but looking for quality food... more upscale than casual.

Jun 19, 2010
rumorsofsurf in Philadelphia

What's New in and around Ocean City?

We're getting ready to spend a few weeks in Ocean City, NJ and thought I'd check in to see if anyone has heard of worthwhile new additions since last year in and around that area (Margate, Somers Point, etc.).

May 24, 2010
rumorsofsurf in New Jersey