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Seafood or fish restaurants in Paris

La Cagouille is great for simply cooked super fresh fish and seafood and not overpriced. Avoid the menu though and go a la carte - it's worth it!

Sep 16, 2011
afrocuban in France

Venice (Italy) recommendations please

We were intending to go to La Zucca, but it was closed that night - hopefully next time. I think the cichetti are the best thing about eating in Venice and they don't have to be expensive if you eat standing up at the bar - house wines by the glass are generally cheap and of good quality also. When it comes to sit down 3 course type meals I agree although Trattoria della Marisa was fairly priced I thought, at least at lunchtime when we went.

Mar 23, 2008
afrocuban in Italy

Venice (Italy) recommendations please

Thanks to those who responded, here's a quick report - if anybody needs more details please ask!

Osteria San Barnaba(Dorsoduro) - our only sit down evening meal. Both pasta dishes were very good, gnocchi with ragu & tagliettini with a treviso & speck sauce. Main courses of rabbit with roasted vegetables & a beef dish very similar to boeuf bourguignon served with polenta were also good but we should have ordered one of the vegetable side dishes as the veg that came with the meat was little more than a garnish. Desserts of tiramisu & profiteroles were the low point of the meal, being far too sweet. Wine was a local Malbec which was good if a little thin. Lighting in this very small restaurant was far too bright & the music was not great but hey, it's the food that matters! Overall a good but not great meal and at 95 euros for 2 people no great bargain considering that we didn't have any fish or seafood.

Trattoria della Marisa (Cannaregio) - we went at lunchtime & the restaurant was full of local workers. Both of us had the same pasta course, the sauce being pancetta, rocket & cherry tomatoes(not sure of the pasta name). This was excellent - perfectly cooked pasta with a very tasty sauce. Main courses were meat balls which tasted heavily of liver & were very good, & a thin cut steak which was good but not exceptional. The mains were accompanied by grilled aubergines & sauteed swiss chard, plainly cooked. With a half litre of acceptable house red wine & 2 expressos the meal came to 30 euros for the 2 of us which was excellent value. Hope to return for an evening meal here on a future visit.

Aciugheta Enoteca(Castello) - we shared a plate of mixed cichetti, 8 in total I think, mostly fish based - anchovy, sardine, bacalao, herring with some meat & vegetarian cichetti also. All were excellent. After this we ordered some cannochie (6 for 12 euros) which were amazing, very fresh & perfectly cooked "a la plancha" - very plain with a little parsley. With a bottle of mineral water the bill for 2 sitting down at lunchtime was 43 euros - not at all expensive for this quality of food. Stylish interior & excellent service also.

Enoteca Cantinone Gia Schiavi(Dorsoduro) - more cichetti, 12 in total, all on little squares of bread & all very good indeed. Price with 2 glasses of red wine & a bottle of mineral water was 16 euros - a very cheap lunch for 2 without sacrificing quality. Bargain of the weekend!

Osteria Alla Bifora(Dorsoduro) - Stylish new place on the Campo Santa Margherita. A large plate of beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan which we shared was very good indeed, as was the house red wine. 4 glasses of wine & the carpaccio came to 24 euros. On the next table a couple were tucking into an even bigger plate of mixed cold meats & cheeses which looked excellent also. Would definitely go back.

Cafe Noir(Dorsoduro) - we arrived late in Venice and it was midnight once we had checked into our hotel so there was very little in the way of food available. We managed to get some panini in this relaxed but cool little bar which were (surprisingly at this time of night) excellent, as was the prosecco that we washed them down with. 4 large glasses of prosecco and 2 large panini came to 15 euros.

Tonolo(Dorsoduro) - Once we discovered this breakfast venue, we couldn't stop going back. Excellent coffee, cakes & freshly squeezed blood orange juice at cheap prices. Standing only.

Mar 21, 2008
afrocuban in Italy

Seafood or fish restaurants in Paris

La Cagouille is my favourite, no heavy sauces there for sure!

Mar 12, 2008
afrocuban in France

The Best of London (a different list)

3 rules for eating out in London : -

1) Never eat Indian food on Brick Lane
2) Never eat Chinese food in Chinatown
3) Never eat Italian or French food in London unless you are prepared to spend at least £40 a head & preferably at least £50.

Hardens guide is good - stick to the restaurants with a 1 or 2 rating for food, anything less is generally very poor value for money.

Mar 12, 2008
afrocuban in U.K./Ireland

Venice (Italy) recommendations please

I'm in Venice (Italy) from Saturday to Tuesday, can anybody please recommend some reasonably priced (for Venice) restaurants? I like simple local cooking using fresh quality ingredients, not overcomplicated or pretentious & I'm not too keen on "fusion" cuisine. I eat everything if it's fresh, seafood, fish, meat. Not bothered about the decor or the view, just the food! No overpriced Michelin Star establishments please & definitely no bars with microwaves!

I made a list from comments on your boards, has anybody been to any of these restaurants recently & if so do you think they would fit the bill?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Anice Stellato(Cannaregio)
Osteria Alla Frasca(Cannaregio)
Trattoria della Marisa (Cannaregio)
Bentigodi Osteria da Andrea(Cannaregio)
Osteria Giorgione(Cannaregio)
Osteria Al Vecio Bragosso(Cannaregio)
Osteria da Alberto(Cannaregio)
Osteria dalla Vedova(Cannaregio)
Osteria La Zucca(Santa Croce)
Osteria San Barnaba(Dorsoduro)
Antica Trattoria La Furatola(Dorsoduro)
La Bitta(Dorsoduro)
Osteria Santa Elena(Castello)
Trattoria Dai Tosi(Castello)
Trattoria de Remigio(Castello)
Osteria al Mascaron(Castello)

Mar 12, 2008
afrocuban in Italy