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Boulud show visits Miami [moved from Florida board]

i disagree, Boulud is a New York chef and the show is really about him, the locations he shoots at are secondary.

E 53 - E57th St bet 1st & Lex

David Burke at Bloomingdales, get their Kobe Beef Hot Dog or mini sliders
Jimbo's - Blue cheese hamburger
PJ Clarke's - Cheeseburger
Houstons - Cheeseburger

- i guess i like cheeseburgers

Jun 20, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Am I missing something without cable?

all of Daniel Boulud's shows/episodes are available on hulu

Top Chef 4 reunion?

"I'm not gay, but I'd probably let him bang me."

Am I missing something without cable?

The best food shows are still on PBS

Top Chef-Reunion

Andrew said in a previous interview that he doesn't even own a tv, which is not uncommon for people living/working in New York. This season he went to Spike's apartment to catch up on the episodes.

Late sunday night around 50th and 3rd.

Dos Caminos, Brasserie, Lever House, Zarella's, PJ Clarke's

Jun 19, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Top Chef-Reunion

movie challenge, Richard choose Willy Wonka as his movie to do his smoked salmon, faux caviar, white chocolate wasabi sauce

Crazy cheap dinner

Sigiri Sri Lanka Restaurant is interesting and BYOB

Jun 18, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Top Chef 4 reunion?

doubtful, voting for fan favorite was done before the finale aired

Dinner and Drinks near 22nd and 2nd?

i would look at the Indian restaurants a few blocks north of you at that price range

Jun 18, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Top Chef 4 reunion?

in the commercial for the reunion, he's not there. I assume it's because he just had a baby at the time it was recorded

Top Chef 4 reunion?

Richard isn't on the reunion show, Andrew has a really good shot at fan fav.

Help Please with dress code in Manhattan

When i was at Mesa Grill I felt like i was eating at some middle america food court

Jun 18, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Emeril in person

This is so funny cause you'd used to be able to see him come and go every weekday in the spring and fall outside Chelsea Market in manhattan

Where can I find the best burger on the Upper East Side. I would love it if they would deliver to 86th and 2nd

Cafe D'alsace - it's the best in the city...according to Ed Levine of Serious Eats

Jun 17, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Top Chef 5 in NYC!

everyone knows what bruni looks like though

batali (tvfn), ramsey (fox), and reichl (gourmet magazine) all have shows/contracts with competing media outlets, which is why I see them as longshots.

New York Food & Wine Festival

no, however this may interest some of you.

Jun 17, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Top Chef 5 in NYC!

with the exception of Boulud, i hope they use new judges instead of using ones already from the previous seasons.

Bruni, Ramsey, Batali, Reichl

After Hours with Daniel

Hulu has all of season 3 (miami and n.orleans) now online

Why a Female Needed To Win Top Chef

^ I agree, it's amusing that a lot of women are making such a big deal out of this. Even more amusing that Bravo's been trying to capitalize on this as well. While I do believe that the show wasn't rigged for a woman to win, I do believe that Bravo's relieved that a woman finally won and doesn't have to deal with the pressure from it's mostly female viewership.

Why a Female Needed To Win Top Chef

"In any case, the perception that TVFN puts forth for most of their male stars is professional and "cheflike," if you will. for the women, it's "housewifely."

look at the current TVFN listing, i don't know anyone in their current lineup that fits your profile as a professional chef, male or female -- which is what TVFN is aiming for anyways. They've been changing their lineup to 'quick and easy' shows since their viewership is pretty much housewives (look at who their commercials are geared towards). Furthermore, look at all the people who've been applying to be on The Next Foodnetwork Star, that should also give you some idea on who the TVFN wants. So many people who have a serious interest in food have stopped watching this channel and switched over to PBS, which is where most of TVFN's original hosts have been moving to as well.

And for what it's worth, Anne Burrell is getting her own show (Secrets of a Restaurant Chef) about the professional kitchen, which is ironic since Mario Batalli is leaving TVFN entirely this year. So yes, to all you women, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Tony's diNapoli, 43rd St.

I'd shy away from this one too. they serve family style portions.

Jun 16, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Classic French in New York. Need Opinions.

Eleven madison park IS NOT classic french, it's progressive french. Nor is it a 'classic new york' restaurant. It's only recently begin to hit the scene.

Le Veau D'or is as classic French as you can get in NYC. It's also one recommended by Anthony Bourdain that reminds him the most of eating back in France.

But based on what you've asked, I think Bouley might be your best bet for both 'classic french cuisine' and a 'classic new york restaurant'

Jun 16, 2008
attractivekid in Manhattan

Why a Female Needed To Win Top Chef

sorry to break the news to you, but female cooking shows outnumber male cooking shows 2-1

...they make for better 'presentation'

all the old cooking shows featuring male chefs are being pulled (e.g. emeril, mario, etc)...notice that the male shows on the food network aren't even about cooking anymore, it's about them doing some gig traveling across the country.

people are making too big of a deal with the 'female winning TC'

Your Overall Top Chef Contestant Rankings?

some people (including Mario Batali) think Ilan just used Casa Mono's menu during Top Chef, which is why he's probably ranked so low

Replay of Top Chef Finale

it's being replayed right now

Where are the Women?

a friend of mine mentioned it's the standing on your feet for 10+ hours and ending up with varicose veins that did it for her

Top Chef - Puerto Rico II - finale (possible spoilers)

if you were to ask the chefs this season even after the finale, "who would you rather work with, Richard or Lisa?" - i bet everyone would say Richard

hell, i bet if you asked "richard or stephanie" -- more than half would say Richard, not to take anything away from stephanie, it's just that there are some really interesting techniques he's got that you just don't learn in culinary school.

An Unforgiving Ending

I never really cared for Atlanta, been there once, hot and humid as hell. But now I have a reason to go...looking forward to your cooking.

Jun 12, 2008
attractivekid in Features