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Lavanderia - Westmount

Exactly my sentiment but Antonio is a very smart guy and can fix this as he moves ahead. It harder to fix a kitchen that isn't working , than a size and price issue.

Lavanderia - Westmount

I went to try things out on NYE. They had only one offering an $85 tasting menu.The tasting menu was out of whack too much food and too expensive for what it is. Almost everybody was leaving with a doggie bag after having overeaten, not a nice way to leave a restaurant 1/2 beggar 1/2 glutton. I had no complaints about the quality of the food or the service but I would not rush back. I can never get enough of Park but Lavanderia may only get to see me once a year. I'll bet you a dollar that within six months Lavanderia will become an extension of Park.

Oyster help (Montreal)

One of the best things of eating Oysters is the seawater in it's shell. If you have them done you will loose the water in transport. Better yet you should ask for a 5 minute class in how to open an oyster. Its really easy woman or man.

Food Events 2015

Let's not forget Montreal's top foodie event Table of Hope May4th 2015 at Windsor Station.

Normand Laprise makes Order of Canada

He has a team of people that create and experiment with the recipes. He is a talking head.

Normand Laprise makes Order of Canada

Laprise and Kretz deserve Canada's highest honor. Ricardo is just a pretty face created by TVA. If my memory serves me well he has never worked in a Restaurant in his life.

Oysters at costco

Cocktail Oysters would be your best choice. You should look for Beausoliel's in a small wooden box. They are on sale this week for $17.95 for a 24 count

Wolfhead smokers cold smoked salmon (*the best kind*)

If you like Wolfhead from New Brunswick try Ovenhead from New Brunswick at the fishmonger in Atwater Market. Or if you want to bring it in via FedEx I am sure they would accommodate you.


Would you share that recipe.

Christmas turkey

Tony at Boucherie Westmount takes orders for any size Grain Fed Turkey at competitive prices. Call him at 514-481-1181

where to buy cassonade?

Isn't cassonade Brown Sugar ?

Best wine under 20$

Guigal : Cote du Rhone... You will never go wrong

Saturday brunch around Jean-Talon market / mile end

On your way up to JTM stop at Faberge on Fairmont St or more creative Laurence on the Main .

Mid Priced Montreal Restaurants

I would say Milos (Montreal &NYC's top fish restaurant) at Lunch or after 10pm for $20.14 for a three course meal.No better value in Montreal. If you like that you can also try Lemeac on Laurier for the same deal at night after 9:00pm. Both places are NOT BYOB.Reservations needed at both places.

Your favorite BYOW restaurant?

The top dishes I have tried at Nhu Y are the Ban Xao, or this dish with shrimp over sweet potato lightly deep fried with a host of fresh herbs and salad leafs. You have a pair of scissors you cut your shrimp/s.patato then roll it with the salad then dip it in the fish sauce,,,excellent. The service is done by the owner a lovely lady. My favourite Vietnamese Restaurant in Montreal.

Quebec City December 24-28 2014

Looking for some good mid priced restaurants in Quebec. I would also like to know whats open on December 24 and 25th ?

Have you tried Freshii on ave. du Parc?

I'll wait for more reports before going there. It does not sound good so far!

Restaurants for families near Fairmont downtown Montreal

Sounds like you need some good french bistro food to give you a memory to bring back home. Neither is close but both are at the top of their game they are Lemeac on Laurier and L'express on St Denis. A French bistro menu has something for everybody. Closer to the Queen E but not French Bistro that seems to fall into your
likings would be Mburger owned by Moshies its an upscale burger joint. A DDD type place is the Satay Bros winter location on St Jacques St W. Hope I could help


They are potato buns and GADOUA here in QC makes them.

Montreal dining for 2 year old's birthday

You might want to add Club Chasse et Peche to your list along with their other restaurant Le Filet small dish fish with a great wine by the glass selection. Patrice Patissier on Notre Dame is a wonderful place to stop for an after dinner drink and pastry/cake. You might want to call ahead for a special request.
Nice not to have to go to McDo for a birthday party.

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

Your being sold the Brooklyn Bridge at JTM. There is no such thing as summer honey crisps they are the last apples out of the orchard and responsible vendors should then keep them in
a cold storage for two weeks then they are ready for selling.If you are interested in knowing more look on the University of Minnesota website. They are the creators of this apple.

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

The Honeycrisps will be out at Stevensons Orchard in Franklin Center this weekend. While you are there try some Sweetango's and Zestars ( already out) the two other apples created by University of Minnisota under licence to this producer. Sweetango's are sweeter than Honeycrisps and Zestars are a nice mix of the both. They also squeeze the best fresh cider using Sweetangos mixed with PaulaRed and Macs. The mix changes every week depending on availability. A lovely Sunday car ride.

Lunch at Jean Talon market

Pretty sure Petit Alep has shut down or moved,

Where can I find a large roasting capon in Montreal?

Good choice !

Where can I find a large roasting capon in Montreal?

Frenando on Roy St East or Zinman's on Ste Dominique come to mind.

Dinner with Boss in Montreal?

Max's resto's are all great choices and I will add DaEmma and Primo & Secondo on the italian side.

Saint Agathe and Val David

If you go to Val David go on a Saturday have b'fast or Lunch at Le Petit Poucet then go to the Farmer's Market down the street. One of the best Farmer's markets in Quebec then rent some bikes and take a spin down Le Petit Train du Nord route then finish up at Les Zebres for a "terrior" dinner. Where all food served is supplied directly from local Farmer's. If that's too much for one day break it up over several day's but make a point to go to the market on Saturday from 9-2pm. Notable at the market is the Gaspor Farm pork, supplier to a lot of Americas finest restaurants( e.g. French Laundry,Bolud ext) and the St Sophie cheese vendor as well as the Chaga and Pleurottes mushroom vendor. A potential great day !

Best (bottled) BBQ sauce - Montreal Area

My favourite NorthCarolina style sauce is Bone Suckin' sauce that is available at Atwater Market at plaisir du marche. http://img4-2.realsimple.timeinc.net/...

Ice Cream Chat 2013

Had a Hibiscus flower sorbet at Kem Coba on Saturday which was delicate and delicious.There was a soft ice cream twirled with blueberry and honey vanilla that was exceptional. Not a big crowd I was there at 7pm after the Portuguese Festival. A good night out.

Recent Mont-Tremblant Recs?

On your way up to Tremblant you could stop in Val David and visit Le Petit Poucet Restaurant. Poucet is a original Quebecois restaurant with items like French Canadian pea soup loaded with there in house smoked ham, great breakfasts, super ham dishes and nice maple sugar pies. With a takeout that sells you all of their products ready to go.If you go on a Saturday about a quarter mile away is the Val David farmers market one of the best in Quebec. If you want a little fancier tand very innovative Les Zebres across from the Farmers Market is a top laurentian restaurant specializing in fresh daily local products. He names his suppliers on the menu e.g. Tony's shitake mushrooms.
Closer to Tremblant is nowhere land.