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Vietnamese in Montreal that don't serve the usual

A big vote for Nhu Y as most authentic Vietnamese resto in town. The sweet potato cakes with shrimp on top, hand wrapped in lettuce and herbs is out of this world and with a little rose from Provence how could you go wrong.

First time in Montreal - what area to explore?

If you find the consensus moving you towards Le Plateau/Mile End you are better to book your lodging with AirB&B as the Hotels are scarce in that area.


"A traditional part of the Christmas réveillon and New Year's Eve meal in Quebec" says Wikipedia. It is sold all year long but the greatest consumption is during the winter months. Not many people have the urge for Tourtiere when it 30 degrees out. Now you know Max.


I wasn't talking about the quality standards i was talking about buying Tourtieres out of season. I am glad to see that you are a clairvoyant and can judge a Tourtiere that you have never tasted or have no knowledge of their product they put in it. There is a great distance between perception and reality


Shame on them for selling past due product. At a place like that the big boom for that product is winter months. The next time go to La Binerie on Mont Royal where they sell Tourtieres all year round.

Suggestions for Good Pho on St. Laurent?

I agree 100% with EaterBob but in reverse order of preference. I prefer the broth at Pho Lien and they have Sate ( in Vietnam Sate is like a Sambal ) to add that gives it great taste along with a small very hot chili pepper.

Brisket in Montreal

Best Angus brisket is from Boucherie Westmount call Tony before going as his meat orders come in at different times during the week. 514-481-1811

truffle oil

I have never had a good truffle oil. I get truffle butter at Nicola Travaglini on Mozart near the JTM. Nicola is one of the largest importers of truffles and truffle product from Italy.

Has anyone been to Le Paris recently?

I had my birthday there every year ( 60's 70's) at Le Paris , my favorite item on the menu were the sweetbreads. Then as the restaurant scene changed my tastes moved over to Les Halles and Chez Bardet .Chez Paris was left in a cloud of dust. For old times sake I went back about five years ago. The family that owned had just sold it to the staff and most of the items were the same unfortunately for me sweetbreads were only put on the menu du jour from time to time. The food was competent but not newsworthy. Now its a BYOB and that is not a good sign.


If I was eating Jackfruit in Australia in February we have to be out of season now. I also remembered that Etienne DeVienne at JTM used to import them before he opened his two shops.


I just had some great Jackfruit in Australia in February, If you were to check at JTM call Chez Louis.

Restaurant near the Bell Centre with kids

Burger de Ville on Stanley
Santa Lucia on Stanley for great stone oven pizzas & Italian fare
Ariel on Drummond French Bistro food.
Mandy's on Crescent for the best salads downtown
Alexandre on Peel French Bistro food with an old school steak tartare made at your table

Old-School Pizza Question

My two favorites are Miss Jean Talon and Pendeli's on Cote St Luc Road. Nothing has changed in 30 years,

Snow White Cream Soda

Snow White has been gone for at least 40 years. Cott still makes a good cream soda available at depaneurs and local groceries.

Montreal recs for pescetarian

Here the issue is not fish but the ethnic preparation. The top seafood stop in Montreal is Milos on Park Ave a greek resto. At lunch and after 10pm a three course meal is $20.15 all other times of the day it is VERY expensive.To think Middle Eastern I would say La Sirene du Mer or EZO on L'Acadie. Italian you have both Bis and DaVinci downtown. Portuguese you have Ferriera on Peel that is one of the best in Montreal. For Japanese Park on Victoria has Montrealer's raving.British you can have a great lunch at Brit and Chips or The Burgundy Lion. I can go on but this is a good start.

BYOW for Cocktail Dinatoire


Quebec Airport Suggestons

Maybe at Vasco de Gama at Trudeau Airport ? Thats the only place I can think of.

Lobster festival?

This year has been a tough year for "Lobster Festivals" as the price has not gone down to an affordable price. At Mothers Day the stores felt obliged to bring the price down but it was a lost leader. The reason for the high prices is that the ice only finally melted two weeks ago and that did not allow the fishermen to go out and catches were small so the price is extra high. The next break might come closer to Father's Day at which time the " Lobster Festival "signs will go out at restaurants.

Smoked Meat w/non-meat eating husband

I would try either The Main on St Laurent or Lester's on Bernard or Snowdon Deli on Decarie who all have varied menus.

Fun, lively restaurant with good food Montreal?

The Burgundy Lion on Notre Dame in St Henri is a lively gastropub with good food . They have inside and outside seating and a mixed age clientele .

Is Toque Worth It?

Toque is real gastronomy that you can only find at a precious few like Toque in Montreal. The quality of product is impeccable the attention to detail and the presentation are excellent and if you were going to go to any first wave restaurant that would have to be Toque. Normand Laprise is a Montreal treasure. I hope that answers your question. The menu de degustation is the way to go.

good coffee beans in montreal?

Le Vieux Europe on the Main has 40 odd choices of fresh beans they have anything you might desire from Teaberry,Kona,to high mountain Columbian that is delicious.

Quidi Vidi restaurant

Any relation to Fredy Schwende one of the greatest old school chefs of the Laurentians. Fredy would make me Tourtieres at Christmas the best I ever had. I was so sorry when he passed because he was not only a good chef but a good friend.

Visiting Again After A Long Time - Where to Eat Montreal Now?

You have a good handle on Mtl Restos you should look into all the new restos on Notre Dame and in Griffentown proper.
For Tourtiere go to La Binerie Mt Royal you can have a good lunch try out everything (Tourtiere, French Canadian Pea Soup, Baked Beans, Boudin, Ragout Boulettes ect.) If you like they have take away for all food Items. Better than Porcmeilleur at JTM.

Mandy's on Crescent

I don't think Mandy's on Crescent is open yet. The product will be the same quality salads they sell at the other two stores. Expensive but worth every bite.

Best frozen beef burgers in the 514 environs?

Why frozen ? Never had a good frozen burger in my life.

Razor clam season

Thanks guys..Keung Kee is my favourite stop each summer for the Cantonese lobster and snow pea leaves now I'll start with razor clams.

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

I would vote for Le filet on Mt Royal, a delicious small plate seafood restaurant. It also has one of the largest open bottle selections so you can pair your wine to the dishes you order. A must when in Montreal.
I might also suggest a lunch at Milos when the three course meal is a bargain at $20.15.

Has anybody tried the Mother's Day Brunch at Manoir Saint Sauveur?

I agree with JF St Sauveur is a bit of a dogs lunch not like it used to be. My suggestion now would be the Mother's Day Brunch at Hotel L'Esterel in Ste Marguerite du Lac Masson ( 30 kms further exit 69 ) a much better brunch looking out on the lake with great walking possibilities. They also have a nordic spa next to the Hotel. Enjoy !

Has anybody tried the Mother's Day Brunch at Manoir Saint Sauveur?

It's a big busy Hotel buffet, not bad, but not necessarily worth the trip up north. I would vote for the Sofitel's Mother's Day Brunch here in Montreal which I believe is a better experience.