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Lobster dinner in lower/mid Westchester

A rather different experience, but some Chinese restaurants serve a Chinese-style lobster, Central Seafood, for instance -- and, I assume, Aberdeen.

Fantasy Cuisine or Imperial Wok for birthday dinner for Sichuan food lover?

Had lunch not long ago at Imperial Wok and ordered the red pepper flagged beef with garlic sauce. A friend with a hypersensitivity to peppers might have detected some heat, but I couldn't. Obviously, some of you have had a different experience.

Good bar/restaurant for an outdoor drink or meal in Lower Westchester?

Piccolo Mulino in Mamaroneck has a lovely backyard dining space, and we like their food. (Backs up to library parking space.)

San Juan Condado ares - Puerto Rican restaurants (Orozco v.Ropa Vieja)

Ate at Ropa Vieja a couple of times last month. They seem to handle groups well. We liked it, except I was disappointed in their namesake dish -- had nowhere near enough flavor to what I'm used to. Otherwise food was fine and plentiful and service decent. It's not fancy, but pleasant surroundings and reasonable prices. My husband had heard positive things about Orozco, but we never got there. I THINK we had lunch at Waikiki one day. I believe it was good but have no memory of what we ate.

Sushi grade fish source in Westchester

I think also H Mart in Hartsdale. I've never tried making it myself.

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

We ate here for the first time a couple of weeks ago and had a mixed experience. The food we (and the two friends we were with) had was a mixed bag. As it happened, none of us ordered fish as mains, their apparent strong point, but two of us shared the lamb chops at nearly $30, and it was an extremely skimpy portion, served with nothing but a few sautéed greens. The other three main courses were more hearty and not quite as costly. Service was fine and staff were pleasant. Our main problem that evening was noise level. It is not a large room, and there were two fellows playing guitar and occasionally singing. And we happened to be seated right in front of them. Had it just been my husband and I, it would have been quite nice, but we were with friends we see only occasionally and conversation was nearly impossible. To make matters worse, there were other groups of four or more, and they were shouting in order to communicate with their companions. We might go back at some point, but not soon -- summer seems a better option.

thursday night dinner in white plains

La Boca, Gaucho Grill. Sofrito (back room only if you want to talk,) Don Coqui.

Open for Christmas in Westchester?

Asian restaurants of various sorts. For many years we ate at Bengal Tiger (no longer available, of course.)

westchester bagels is their a good one out there?

Sammy's has also become our go-to place. (And, sorry to be a nit picker, but we go THERE for THEIR bagels since THEY'RE better than Golden Horseshoe.)

Sofrito White Plains

If you're wanting to chat with your companions, I'd suggest trying to be seated in the back room. The main room is very noisy even at a mostly empty lunchtime. The food is good, though, especially if you appreciate Puerto Rican cooking. (I'm particularly fond of the ropa vieja.)

New French in Eastchester

It's probably a year since we went. Whatever it was my husband ordered, he was disappointed, but I had the onion soup and thought it was one of the best I'd ever had. My husband has not been eager to return, so we haven't been since.

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

I remember a few years ago eating at a local restaurant we've been patronizing often for many years, obviously happily. But that evening various things went wrong, i remember thinking that if this were our first visit, we might never return. But it was not our first visit, we had a considerable history with them, so of course we did go back, and our experiences since have been just fine.

Nice dinner @ Fortina in Armonk

I've decided to add my two cents to the Fortina discussion. We've only been at lunchtime, when it's not crowded and is certainly quieter. Based on all these comments, we will probably never go for dinner, which is too bad because our lunchtime experiences have been terrific. Our first time there my husband was really wanting some soup, and we figured an Italian restaurant would certainly have some. But they did not, and he expressed his disappointment -- and the manager said, "give us a few minutes and we'll see what the kitchen can do." And a few minutes later out came one of the tastiest soups we have ever had. They appeared to have thrown together some pizza/pasta toppings with some broth and it was really terrific. SO, next time he reminded the staff of our earlier experience and could they possibly do it again. This time it was a variation on strachetella (sp?) and again it was terrific. We've not had occasion to request more soup, but the staff have always been lovely and accommodating and the food tasty.

Pizza Cucina- Post Road-White Plains

Ernesto has just moved the pizza/take out part of his operation over there. My understanding is that the original parts of the restaurant will be reconfigured to more easily accommodate big groups with separate rooms, etc.

Kneaded Bread in Port Chester

Next time try the chocolate challah. Sounds as if it could be disgusting, but it's quite addictive. (Chunks of cholcolate scattered through quite good challah.)

Central Seafood Hartsdale

I have a personal liking for their version of moo shu pork and frequently order it for lunch and sometimes as part of a dinner. Beyond that, we wander around the menu, frequently ordering one of their fish dishes and always paying attention to their daily specials, which can be quite interesting. We tend not to be attracted to any of the gloppier dishes.

Central Seafood Hartsdale

Our experiences have all been good re the food (one or two difficulties with service through the years, but we've been regulars for years and it certainly balances out on the positive side.). The menu includes some "Chinese-American dishes but also more authentic ones, therefore attracting a mixed bag of customers -- BUT LOTS of actual Chinese groups, which would seem to seem be a better recommendation.

buying a large brisket in westchester- where?

Decicco's, at least sometimes, has the big cryovac briskets.

Pig or lamb roast caterer - Westchester ny

Great American Barbecue, I believe.

Best restaurant in Tarrytown, Sleepy hollow area

Give them a call. Haven't been for lunch in a while. Management is nice and might be willing to change things around for you, if nrecessary.

Outdoor dining in lower Westchester

Piccolo mulino has a very nice backyard and good food.

Where to find achiote paste in Lower Westchester?

In White Plains on Post Rd, heading toward Scarsdale, across from where car dealerships have been knocked down, are a couple of Latino markets. Or even Stop and Shop in WP or other community with a size able Latin population.

blood oranges- who has them in Westchester?

$1.69/lb today (Portchester, but I assume in all the rest of their stores, too.)

restaurant suggestions for my Club meetings ? [mid-Westchester]

Sam's of Gedney Way in W.P.??

Central Avenue Updates - Scarsdale/White Plains

Maybe we passed each other in one of those locations -- visited the same places. I went into Mrs G's because I knew they carried some very good breads, but ended up also buying some produce because they looked good and were no more expensive than elsewhere. I thought maybe they were moderating some prices to attract more customers since this is a big store to keep going otherwise. But, yes, a lot of their food is just more expensive than I care to shell out. I happen to be feeding three generations of family these days, with many different tastes and requirements, and I spend a lot of time in a lot of different markets trying to meet most of these needs, making some compromises on costs just to keep the number of market visits within some reasonable parameters, but not a roast for $34/lb.

Westchester- Best soups

Probably ALL of the latino restaurants will have terrific soups. Besides the Colombian ones, the Peruvians certainly do.

Dim Sum Westchester or Rockland County

Central Seafood near Best Buy in Hartsdale also has dim sum.

Nice dinner @ Fortina in Armonk

Went for a late weekday lunch a couple of weeks ago. 2 of us shared a pizza ("spicy meat-ah-ball) and interesting salad with apples. It was very good and, as far as I was concerned, a more-or-less perfect lunch. Servcie and noise level were fine, but of course it was not crowded and others around us appeared to be business folks.

Jackie's Bistro not closed yet! [Easterchester]

We ate at Jackie's Bistro several times over the years, without any of the problems mentioned here -- we may well only have gone on weeknights and never encountered any disasters with the food. And we DID try the new incarnation, where I had what I considered a terrific meal, but my huisband was not so happy with his and thought it cost too much for what he had. One major difference between our respective experiences had to do with appetizers, He ordered a salad which, while nice, was quite small and cost as much as a much larger and more interesting salad he'd had elsewhere a few days before. I had the French onion soup, which, with a salad, would have made a filling meal by itself. And I thought it was one of the best examples of its kind I've ever had

Mulberry Street - White Plains - Closed

Had dinner there with friends a couple of weeks ago on a Sat. They were, of course, recently opened. Waiter was good, but food SERVERS were totally fouled up, which we excused (and even found hilarious) since they were new and, we figured, working out training kinks. And, yes, the food was quite good -- and we thought, if this keeps up, we've got a new regular go-to place. But then came time to pay the bill. We had a "Double Take" coupon, which, it turned out, had in very small print, a proviso that one had to be seated by 5pm to use on Sat. Even the server sent to give us the bad news, required a few minutes fo find it.
The managers were adamant about not honoring it (and apparently there were several other customers who hadn't noticed the fine print.) One of their arguments was that they "had a contract" with the coupon issuing people and, therefore, couldn't ignore this proviso, as if the Double Take people would care. They were doing a lively business, but we were clearly not keeping anyone else away. It seemed to be rather odd customer relations for a restaurant located in a place that has been unable to keep predecessors operating for very long. And, of course, we will not be back.