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RIP Cuisine of India

About 20 years Cuisine of India was the BEST Indian food in the city.... I will miss them as they are closing down. I will never forget the whole Tandoori fish, which became a personal favorite and inspired knock-offs throughout the city.
I hardly ate there anymore as I live in Mississauga now but I will never forget the usually great food, lack of parking & bad lighting !

Cuisine of India
1992 Yonge St, Toronto, ON , CA


Not sure if this place has mentioned on the board before. I was driving around looking for a place this afternoon to have a quick bite to eat before a meeting and found a amazing Mediterranean place...I believe it's called Mediterranean Cuisine. It's located at the corner of Norfinch & Steeles Ave next to a McDonald's.
The place was really busy, this area looks like a all lunch crowd anyways. I had the best chicken sandwich for about $6 ! I might even make the trek out there from Mississauga to try the rest of the menu.

Best pub food in Mississauga/Oakville

Belfast Lounge at Dixie & Eglinton. Huge portions. It's a lunch place mostly, not a lot of a dinner crowd.

Spice Route--feedback?

Tried out the Tao wannabe for first time last night. By the way the Tao decor is much nicer and more focused then SR - for TO it's a nice place. Our group of 7 waited a hour after our 10:30pm reservation to finally get seated and the font on the menu is small you really can't read what's written. The food is average but this place is all about atmosphere and the "scene" .
Here are some pic's of Tao (Vegas) - the decor is stunning !

Ruth's Chris in Mississauga

Any chance a non-beef eater would be enjoy the place ? I live down the street but have avoid CR since I eat everything but beef.

Indian food in Toronto

I have not eaten at BBQ in a couple of years but I can honestly saying it had the best food on the strip. The reason if all the "customers are white" that they if I remember correctly BBQ was also the most expensive place around- probably that's why it had a caucasian cliental. Being Indian myself I can say - most but not all not Indians dining in "India Town" are price conscious.

Casually upscale in Mississauga

Via Allegro is in Etobicoke. I stopped going there about 5 year's ago when they jacked up the prices by almost 20% plus we waited almost a hour for our dinner. The place is really over rated !

Indian food in Toronto

"all the customers are white"...

I'm hope that comment was in jest because I can't believe that you really think that !

Hakka in Mississauga

After hearing much buzz about Eddie's and I was pretty disppointed. Service was not great and but I understand they were busy for a Sat night. Started with the shrimp wanton's very average. Ditto for the hukka chicken noddles ... to me this was the same stuff every "Indian-Chinese" place serves. The Chilli fish was pretty good not overly spicy. The manchurian tofu was bad - the tofu was way to damp with water and was swiming in a pool of boring sauce. The waitress noticed we didn't eat much of it and were not taking it home like the other remaining food dishes. She did ask if we like it and I said no and explained why...she just shurged her shoulders.
I would not repeat.

Avani Asian Indian Bistro - Mississauga

Went there last night and for the first time since the place was sold to the new owners who changed the name to Avani from Karma. Interiors look the same, for a first timer it might seem impressive but for me it seems a bit dated now. We start with the Tandoori sampler ($14) which was very average - 2 small kebabs, a few very small pieces of bland chicken and 2 piece's of cheese accompanied with ton's of overdone onions. Also tried the Chat which OK but again very small. A good 15 minutes later came the dry chili chicken which was nice that it was not very oily and overly hot.
For dinner we had Rogan Josh - curry was good meat was not, Chicken Hakka noddles was fine but I guess I would need a magnifying glass to find the chicken pieces that cost $3 extra and a average Saag.

Overall the one thing that really stood out is the small portions that this place offers on almost everything despite the fact it's not cheap. Our bill came to $91 plus taxes and tips with only 1 glass of wine among 4 people (plus 2 ice creams). Even the wine they give you from a measuring glass ! Service was not great but I do understand that they were very busy. Overall I would rate this place a 6/10 and would not return.
The food I had for lunch earlier in the day at Bamiyan Kabab (5120 Dixie Road) was much better !

Food Critic's

How much attention you do pay to the newspaper's reviews ? I read them religiously in fact I get the Globe on Saturday's just for Joanne Kates column. I love it sometimes when the Star and Globe end up reviewing the same place on the same day ! It just goes to show you that everybody's entitled to their opinion and everybody's got one when it comes to food. In general I wish all the critic's gave vegetarian restaurants their due especially since their not alot of good ones - they all fail to remember that reviewing a meatless meal requires a really open mind when your eating alot of foie gras and lobster.

Mar 22, 2008
Rishiboy in Food Media & News

mississauga....quick and tasty

Just got back from I assume was the place as the only Chinese place in the Mobila Mall on the north east corner of Dixie & Dundas was called Happy Jade Seafood Chinese. It was the best dim sum I've had since I've to Mississauga and as good as many places in Markham. The best was the BBQ pork with crispy skin. We had about 8 dishes and coke - it came to $30 with tax and tip. Not dirt cheap and well worth it, I noticed the prices are cheaper on the weekdays. Good thing we got there early as the place getting really busy.

Amaya Express take out - So-So!!

I got this from the today's Toronto Star and posted a edited version below. There are always 2 sides to a story but I don't see anybody making a complaint unless there are owed money. I'm avoiding this place !


To union leaders and immigrant advocates, the tandoori chef from New Delhi, brought to Canada by a Toronto restaurant last fall, is a modern version of the indentured servant.
All Kumar wanted when he came in under the temporary foreign worker program was a decent job that paid enough to send his two children in India to a private school where they would get a chance at a better life. What the 43 year old got instead were 14-hour days sweating over a stove and threats and intimidation if he quit.
"I can't go home now. I've spent a lot of time and money to be here," said Kumar, who has $200 left in his pocket. He claims he is owed $3,000 in unpaid wages. "I need to work and earn my air ticket to go home.
Before arriving in Toronto last November to start his $36,000-a-year job as a head chef at the Amaya Express, Kumar said his employer advised he would be working a 40-hour week. Instead, he said he began doing 14-hour-a-day shifts.
Kumar claims he was threatened by his employer and contacted police. The Workers' Action Centre has since filed a complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Labour on his behalf. No ruling has been made on the complaint by the ministry.
Restaurant owner Hemant Bhagwani has denied the allegations and said he was unaware of the complaint to the ministry.

mississauga....quick and tasty

Went to Brar (Dundas just west of Mavis) although I hate buffets because good really can't be massed produced. The few times I had the food was so-so and yesterday's lunch was alot greasy curries, food that looked like it had been sitting around and long wait times for naan although the place was not busy. Price wise it's cheap $7 for all you eat veggy buffet (Mon -Thurs lunch) - the food is better on weekends when the place is busier.

mississauga....quick and tasty

I moved from living downtown all my life to Mississuaga which resulted in my quest for decent "Chow" at all prices points

Low - medium price
1) Chandra's - on Maingate just north of Eginton. Go only Mon-Fri lunch for some great Trini Roti.
2) Tandoori Time - on Burnmthorp at Wolfdale. Best is BBQ as curries are average but fresh (be prepared to wait as everything is made to order). Try a chicken kabab naan like $7
3) Tarbous (spelling is wrong) on Confrederation Parkway just north of Dundas. Really homestyle type of middle eastern food although the kababs have been known to be overdone. Baklava is baked fresh.
4) Astoria - a second to the orginal on the Danforth but the grill meats are awsome but the best is the grilled Chilean sea bass.