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No reservations: Romania

TOTALLY, i could not believe that they didn't hit Sibiu. I was there in November and thoight it was one of the nicest cities in the whole country - but i guess it would have confliced with the "rural" image they apparently wanted to convey. and they totally should have gone to the castel that's about a 30 minutes outside of Deva. form waht i heard, everyone knows that Bram castle is a sham and they chose to go there anyway.

apparently there's a huge hub-ub about how the show rec'd $20K from the tourism board and then trashed it. that's pretty shady. i'm all for not painting a rosy picture if it's not a great place, but 1) they didn't even try to find the best places 2) the food is very good and they barely glossed over it (mmmmm, saramale and ciorba mmmmmmm) 3) don't take $ from the tourism board of a place your'e "reviewing". sha-dy.

Eastern Europe is what it is - and many of the things he compained about are common knowledge and to be expected in that part of the world. if you aren't surprised, they aren't nearly as unpleasant - not every place is NY or a jungle tribe, which seem to be the only places not trashed by him these days.

Mar 12, 2008
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