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We are coming from italy need some good suggestion

It's not close to where you are staying but Red Rooster in Harlem is a fantastic New York restaurant and a great experience. Easy to get to n the subway though. Dinner is crowded but a lot of fun, lunch is a little more relaxed. Read the NYTimes recent review (which I wasn't crazy about but it gives you a good idea of what a meal there is like) and go to their web page. I'd suggest going for lunch and then wandering around Harlem.

Red Rooster
310 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10027

Mar 15, 2011
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Best steak tartare

The steak tartare at Market on Carmine Street is very non traditional but beautifully presented and very tasty. They serve it as an appetizer so you don't get too overwhelmed by the meatiness of the dish.
I have had steak tartare all over the world and by far the absolute best was at the Villa Cipriani in Asolo. Of course made table side and as I requested but amazingly fresh, bright and clean tasting. Of course sitting on the terrace looking over the hills of Asolo added to a perfect meal - which as I recall was $1,200 for four of us 10 years ago!

Feb 01, 2011
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Good first date bar in Sheridan Square area?

Try Jeffrey - just opened right on Sheridan Square - very comfortable oyster bar/snacks/wine. It's the new sister restaurant to Joe Leonard's also on the Square

Oct 08, 2010
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

single female in nyc drinks and food at the bar

Centro Vinoteca in the West Village has a friendly bar scene, good wine list and good food. Early evenings they have $7 quartinos and free snacks at the bar.

Centro Vinoteca
74 7th Avenue South, New York, NY 10014

Jul 12, 2010
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

School House - New Canaan

The Schoolhouse is fabulous. I've been to lunch there about 8 times in the past 6 months but never dinner. The service is friendly but very professional, food is locally sourced for the most part, beautifully prepared and presented and the room and site is lovely. Could not recommend it enough. They have a small but well chosen wine list. Please post what your dinner was like - love to hear.

Where to go for oysters and champagne

Le Gigot next door to Pearl has excellent oysters, good choice of champagne and superb french food in a very romantic room. They only serve oysters when they are super fresh so call ahead to make sure they are serving them. I went one evening and was told that they refused the morning shipment because they weren't good enough

Le Gigot
18 Cornelia Street, New York, NY 10014

Jun 03, 2010
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Special dinner in Rome/Florence for 1st Anniversary and husband's birthday

I lived in Rome for 7 years and whenever I return I go to Lo Scarpone on top of the Gianicolo hill. It is a Roman Restaurant for Romans. You almost never see tourists but you will see a lot of the cardinals and their entourages from the Vatican and Roman families enjoying big meals with lots of wine and laughter. You'll need to take a cab to get there but coming back have them call you a cab to take you to the Garibaldi monument then walk down Via Garibaldi to Trastevere (it's a long walk). It's magical with amazing views of Rome, fountains to stop and rest at, the fabulous San Pietro in Montorio church where you can sit on the steps and look at the city then sneak down a little super steep staircase to the left down to Trastevere - you'll need a grappa and a cafe when you get there. The contact info is: Ristorante Lo Scarpone, Via di San Pancrazio, 15, Roma, phone 06.581.4094. Tell them it's your anniversary. The Romans LOVE romance.

Feb 08, 2010
jeffreylydon in Italy

Alternative to Bellavitae for wife's birthday?

You might consider Quinto Quarto a few blocks away.

Feb 08, 2010
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Foodie needs a good gluten free menu

Check out Risotteria on Bleecker Street in the Village. It's not fancy but the food is good and there are lots of excellent gluten free choices - including beers.

Jan 11, 2010
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Best Crab Cake ever

I'd start the research at Le Gigot on Cornelia Street in Manhattan.

Jan 02, 2010
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Testaccio (Long Island City)

Had lunch at Testaccio yesterday. I've stayed in the Testaccio neighborhood in Rome many times and although the interior may be a bit slick for LIC it's very much like some of the newer restaurants in the Testaccio. I rather like the feel and look of the place. Service was very professional - attentive but not overbearing - and the food was very good indeed. We had an Insalata di pomodori and Carciofi alla Giudea to start. I'm always apprehensive about ordering fresh tomatoes but these were ripe, flavourful and the salad as whole beautifully balanced with raw onion, fresh oregano, peperoncino and a light dressing. The artichokes were nicely done, crispy and not oily, no parmesan thank goodness but the bed of arugula was tired. I then had tagliolini alle vongole which was good freshly made pasta cooked perfectly. Sauce was light and clean tasting and there were just about the right number of clams although it was a bit disappointing that they were not vongole veraci which taste much better. But still a satisfying pasta. My GF had a pizza margarita which had excellent ingredients but could have been more charred and wasn't close to Keste's. She was happy though. We had a nice $32 bottle of Umbrian wine. All in all a very good meal notwithstanding my niggling criticisms. I'll go back. Want to try the Saltimbocca alla Romana.

Nov 23, 2009
jeffreylydon in Outer Boroughs

New Canaan Eater Searching for the Best Meals

Had lunch at The Schoolhouse in Wilton on Saturday. Beautiful room, excellent service and very, very good food. Earthy, smooth squash soup then perfectly cooked scallops over a rich risotto with fresh herbs and mushrooms foraged from their own yard. Washed down with a Pouilly Fuisse. Perfect.
The evening before I went by the Elm Street Oyster Bar in Greenwich. The bar area was lively and oysters excellent. Don't know about the rest of the menue.

inexpensive Italian downtown?

Gusto on Greenwich Avenue good gutsy Neapolitan cooking

Sep 04, 2009
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Need a GREAT restaurant within walking distance of Sloan Kettering...

Was in the same area Tuesday and ended up at Swifty's on Lex. A bit of a hike but good food, relaxed atmosphere and for my hospital frazzled friend a perfect meal.

Aug 20, 2009
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

What to order at Otto

Consider eating at the bar. Excellent bartenders and great company. A real New York experience - I eat there at least once a month and agree with Kathryn's recommendations

Jul 27, 2009
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Best Italian Restaurant with a Garden

I love Barbetta. I grew up in Italy and it reminds me of some of those ancient formal ristoranti in Milan - formal, a bit frumpy and frayed but excellent service, food and wine list.

Jul 15, 2009
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Finger lakes advice needed

Just got back to NYC from a week in PennYan on Lake Keuka. In addition to visiting scores of vineyards - I would agree with the other posts that Dr. Frank's Rkasiteli is a lovely, interesting and unique Finger Lakes wine - finding excellent food was equally challenging fun. I can make two suggestions - First - have dinner at Madderlake located just south of Geneva. The place looks pretty awful but the food is locally sourced, delicious and beautifully prepared. We had lamb pot roast with mashed potatoes, string beans and carrots. Each ingredient was bright and fresh with the veg nicely crisp. The waitress was very knowledgable about local wines and recommended and excellent Meritage that was perfect with the lamb. Second DO NOT go to the Esperanza. Our dinner was terrible and expensive. Service was erratic and confused - they could not find a bottle of the wine we ordered. Food arrived lukewarm and I have never tasted worse duck breast. It had clearly been pre-cooked and then reheated! The teenager with us could not finish her cheesecake dessert - it tasted like Sara Lee. On a brighter note head to Bully Hill for lunch. It's a beautiful place with a great view, good wine and good food. It's really a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Jul 30, 2008
jeffreylydon in Wine

OK, so, um, how does restaurant week work?

Fair warning on the RW. Wine is not included and there is constant critcism about waiters being grumpy about serving the RW specials (tips would be down a bit I suppose) and some restaurants skimping on the portions. That being said it is a great way to have a fantastic meal at restaurants whose kitchens are hard wired to make good food - no matter what menue you are ordering from. I have reservations this week at Il Cantinori, le Perigord and Park Avenue Summer - all excellent kitchens and professional staff that are delighted to fill the restaurant on a sultry summer in New York. We'll see. And there are lots of superb places that have 'summer' menues. I had lunch at Le Gigot yesterday - they have a $24 prix fixe that is a fantastic deal. Really good arctic char gently poached with farmers market vegetables and I must say I'm not a dessert person (cena, espresso e basta) but since it came with lunch I ordered the chocolate cake. This was something else altogether - not a 'flourless chocolate cake' thing. It was a cup cake made by an insane Belgian. NO SUGAR NEEDED LETS JUST EAT CACAO. Almost like eating the bottom trailings in a Turkish coffee pot - but chocolate. WOW. MY girlfriend had lobster salad - frisee, tarragon, raw peas, avocado that was fresh and beautiful but not the prix fixe so I had to fight her off on the dessert.

Jul 21, 2008
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Business Lunch near 18th & 5th..Help!

although it's a bit farther south Knickerbocker on University Place is not very crowded for lunch and has a business vibe, service is professional and the food is quite good

Jun 19, 2008
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

Organic take-out/delivery - 21st betw 5/6th?

I second Gobo - the food is fresh, tasty and interesting. Had lunch at Gusto Organic yesterday and was VERY disappointed. It's amazing they can make the food so tasteless and the pizzas were greasy!! puddles of oil under the slices. The salad greens were fine but hte dressing was bland and had an oily mouth feel. To top it all off two side salads, two slices of pizza and two lemon sodas cost $30.00!

May 10, 2008
jeffreylydon in Manhattan

The Dressing Room, Westport

Dined at the Dressing Room last Saturday having made the reservation with some trepidation after reading the posts. The posts are right on target. The room is lovely although the front is crowded and noisy but some people want that. The back room was warm, comfortable and fairly quiet. Service was friendly but professional. The sommelier had a good knowlege of the list and knew the rather obscure zin from Wallwalla we ordered. The food alas was very underwhelming - particularly disappointing give the high prices. The wood fired oyster appetizer was perfect but the pork 3 ways and chicken pot pie entrees were mediocre. One piece of pork was cold, one warm, one fairly hot and the sides all cool. The pot pie was bland lacking the freshness we expected from a market driven dish - couldn't even taste the carrots and the chicken could not have been free range as it had no chickeny flavor at all. We can recommend the all Connecticut cheese board though - the excellent choices were very good and all served at room temp so they were gooey and flavorful. At over $200 we got some good oysters, interesting wine and a cheese plate. If you're stuck in Westport for a meal sit at the bar and have snacks but a full meal? No.