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Set-Menu, Prix-Fixe Restaurants in Columbus?

Hi guys, my organization is holding a dinner for some people. It'll be for 7 people, at about $40/head (including tax, tip, but no drinks). It must be prix-fixe because some of the diners will have to pay for half of their meal.

Do you guys have suggestions? No Indian, and preferably in the Short North, Victorian Village, Clintonville, Grandview, Upper Arlington area.


Feb 24, 2012
Vodkalager in Great Lakes

Dinner for $75-85 for 2 on the West Side?


Will be in NYC for a few days this Thursday through Saturday, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good place to do dinner for two work colleagues. Looking for a nice place that isn't too expensive ($75-85/2 people, less is even better), on the West Side preferably (though anywhere in Manhattan should be okay), and good atmosphere where one can talk. Ethnic restaurants are welcome.

Please let me know if there are any suggestions. Apologies if this is a bit vague, but any suggestion will be much appreciated!

Oct 22, 2008
Vodkalager in Manhattan

Pizza Delivery in Arlington?

Hey, I live in Rosslyn - almost right across the river from Georgetown. I'm looking for a good pizza place that will deliver. I usually frequent Papa John's or the Philadelphia Pizza Company in Georgetown, but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for pizza delivery places in DC/Arlington.


3 cheers for beer (iyho)

Can you confirm this? I checked their website and there's no news of this. But they might not want to lose all their glasses.

In anycase, I'd be more than happy to blow $25 on a glass...I'm a simple man.

Dinner venues around 16th and H, NW on a weekday night?

Thanks! I'm partial to Indian, but Old Ebbit might be the safer choice. Both are great suggestions - thanks!

Cornish Pasties in DC (or online)?

I've spent some time in the UK, and I love Cornish Pasties because they're such great food on the go, and act almost as a comfort food for me.

Any idea if there are shops in the DC area that sell pasties? Online retailers are fine too - I'm not picky about how I get my pasties. Thanks!

Dinner venues around 16th and H, NW on a weekday night?

Hey, I'm looking for good restaurant suggestions for tomorrow (around 615pm) in the 16th and H area, near Lafayette Park.


1) Must be within walking distance of 16th and H
2) Moderately priced - No more than $15-20/entree, and lower is obviously better, but it still has to look like a decent dinner place
3) Relatively quiet so as to allow for a conversation (I'm a bit hard of hearing)
4) No sushi!

Would really appreciate any suggestions you guys can offer, and thanks!

Chicken Döner Kebab in DC area?

Hey all, I'm helplessly addicted to chicken döner kebab, but I can't seem to find it unless I'm abroad in Germany and the UK. There are some places in the DC area that serve shawarma (like the Lebanese Taverna), but shwarma has a different taste than the chicken döner that I'm looking for.

Any suggestions? Thanks!