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Looking for birthday cake...

Try Serrano bakery on Pape north of Danforth

Authentic Tapas in Toronto

I would say right now the best place to have authentic Tapas are at Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Restaurant on the Danforth..Segovia restaurant would be another good restaurant for Spanish cuisine but lite on the Tapas selection.

big fat burrito vs burrito boyz

I prefer Big Fat Burrito

Iberian Ham (Jamon Iberico) in Toronto?

That's because they do not have the real Spanish Iberico. What they have is a cured ham that is from portugal that portugal calls Serrano. I can confirm that the only similarity is the name.

Iberian Ham (Jamon Iberico) in Toronto?

Just so you know...there is only 1 type of serrano ham beign sold right now in Canada. The brand name is Campofrio. Some places specialy some restaurants claim to have Iberico or even pata negra but that is NOT true. Campofrio is not the best Serrano ham but it is by far a much better product than proccuto.

Best Portuguese restaurant in Toronto, please

Try Piri-Piry on Davenport or La Perla on College St.
Not High end restaurants but very clean with good service and just about as authentic as you are going to find here in Toronto.


Funny enough that the dish that wowed you was not even a Mexican dish but a Spanish Flan. I can not say the same about the service, been there once wont go back any time soon.

Looking for Mexican polvorones

You can find Polvorones in Kensington Market, by the way Polvorones are Spanish not mexican.

Iberian ham in Toronto

Iberian ham is not available in Canada yet, but you can get some nice Serrano Ham from Campofrio at Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Restaurant they are at 97 Danforth Ave.

Fun Toronto Restaurant for 4 Adults

I agree with you.. for any restaurant in Toronto to try and compare themselves to ElBulli is laughable. T.O. restaurants have a long way to go before they get to that level. The good restaurants in Toronto play it smart and do what they do best and not try to give themselves a false and misleading sence of credability.