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Looking for a Bakery to Create Custom Designed Gingerbread "houses".

I’m looking for a bakery that would be able to produce a custom designed gingerbread structure. I really need is for them to produce a large model of a ship. The lovely local bakery that used to do this for my organization’s holiday celebration has closed. It has become a wonderful tradition that we would hate to lose.

Looking for a Bakery that has Cardamon Bread?

Thanks to all for.

I have not been on line in a while so this is my first chance to follow up on my question.

The Cardamon bread that I’ve experienced has always been the yeast type and the link to the recipe is greatly appreciated.

Val, please share your quick bread recipe. I’m not much of a baker but, I’d be willing to try both versions of this bread. I like all forms/textures of bread and I’m really longing for the cardamon flavor and aromatic experience.

Blumpo; thanks for hooking me up with a bakery in my area. I’m will check them out this weekend so I can get my fix to fortify for the kitchen experimentation to come.

I’m salivating in anticipation!!!



Looking for a Bakery that has Cardamon Bread?

Hi All

Leads on bakeries that sell cardamon bread would be greatly appreciated. I'd prefer a four walls shop in Brooklyn or Manhattan but, I am willing to travel or order on line for a taste of that rich mildly sweet bread.



Best cooking/food themed movies?

Best cooking/food themed movies? My favorite food/cooking themed movies are Tampopo and Big Night. I've even used them as inspiration for dinner parties.

Need a fun restaurant for a group of 14...

Dim Sum in Chinatown would be fun for a group.

New Green Bo - Bayard Street between Mott & Elizabeth
Mandarin Court - Mott Street between Bayard & Canal

birthday restaurant suggestions for NYC

Here are a few suggestions:

Hip Hop Chow - Soul food and Chinese - 2nd Ave between St. Marks and 7th
Pampano - upscale mexican seafood - 49th & 3rd Ave
Osteria del Circo - Italian- 55th between 6th & 7th (a little pricey but, they have a prix fixe menu between 5:30 - 6:30 or after 9:30 pm)

Good food around 42nd and 2nd ave-Dinner and breakfast.

I work in the area and I have a few ideas.

Euro Diner - 3rd Ave & 36th St (Breakfast & Dinner)
Hudson Place - 3rd Ave & 38th St. (Dinner) - Open to 11:00 PM
Jackson Hole - 3rd Ave & 35th (Breakfast & Dinner) - Open to 1:00 AM
Bloom's Delicatessen - Lexington Ave & 40th St (Breakfast & Dinner) - Open to 10:00 PM
Scotty's - Lexington Ave btw 39th & 40th (Breakfast & Dinner) - Open 24hrs

Seeking Retro Kitchen Appliances

Thanks for the link. The Big Chill units capture the feel I'm going for with the kitchen. I'm going to call the dealer and visit them.

Thank you!

Apr 26, 2007
ATreeGrowsinBrooklyn in Cookware

Seeking Retro Kitchen Appliances

Thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning towards the green.

Apr 26, 2007
ATreeGrowsinBrooklyn in Cookware

Seeking Retro Kitchen Appliances

Thanks for all the info. I really like the mint green or robin blue Northstar.

Jimmy, I'm into espresso and those machines are supper cool. I don't own an espresso machine. I get my "fix" from some area coffee bars. I'm thinking by the time I finish this kitchen project, I won't have a lot of disposable cash so in the long run it might be a good investment.

Apr 20, 2007
ATreeGrowsinBrooklyn in Cookware

Seeking Retro Kitchen Appliances

I’m planning to update my kitchen by backdating it with a retro 50’s design. I found a few sites on line with restored or reproductions of refrigerators and stoves but, I’m hoping to find local (NYC) brick and mortar stores or showrooms.

Apr 16, 2007
ATreeGrowsinBrooklyn in Cookware

Puerto Rican dinner - need simple starter, dessert

Dear Deenso,

I like your menu. It’s similar to what we served for our Christmas dinner. I think the salad makes a good starter.

It is a rich meal and you may want something on the light side for dessert.

If you want to stay with the PR theme and have an ice cream maker; a coconut sorbet is very simple to make and refreshing . Make a simple syrup of 4 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar; add 7 oz. Sweetened cream of coconut. Let the mixture cool and then chill in the refrigerator. Once the base is chilled then use the ice cream maker.

Another option would be to serve Dulce De Leche drizzled over sliced fresh fruits.

No matter what you decide; don’t forget the strong black coffee - Bustelo or El Pico.

¡Buen Provecho!

East Village for 5 days

Try Virage for the lunch specials. It is located at 118 2nd Ave @ 7th St; 212 253-8297.

ISO Bakery or restaurant that features “Italian Cream Cake”?

Can anyone direct me to a bakery or restaurant that sells/serves Italian Cream Cake or similar dessert? It is a rich white cake with cream cheese, pecans and coconut icing.


Café Mozart (W70th & Broadway). They have an awesome dessert menu that will satisfy any and all cravings. I was there recently with several girlfriends for dessert fest. We ordered the chocolate fondue for the table and then we each made selections from the extensive desert menu. Every three bites we passed the plates to the left.
The Little Pie Company is a real NY story; it was started by a struggling actor who baked pies in his apartment to subsidize his income. He has since given up show biz and operates 3 shops in the city. The original shop is located at 43rd street (btw 9th & 10th Aves); there is one on W14th St. (btw 9th & 10th Aves.) and there is an outlet in Grand
Central Terminal. My favoriate item is the Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie
Finally, I have to give a shout out for The Chocolate Room located in my backyard; Brooklyn (86 Fifth Avenue, between St. Mark's and Warren) This place is a charming intimate desert café that will have you floating on cocoa bean high.