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Food Trucks

Was at the DUMBO art feastival this weekend Great time and the Carousel was Fantastic! On the down side FOOD TRUCKS tried several waited in line and waited There was not ONE serving that anyone in my group liked (4 adults 5 kids) Especially bad Grilled Cheese and Arepas Why are we so taken up with these trucks If you are going to Overprice your food at least be proud of it

Sep 26, 2011
cutthroat49 in Outer Boroughs

Top 5 New York Sandwiches?

Pastrami @ Katz's
Heebie @ Russ & Daughters
Any sandwich from Leos in Carona
Pho @ Saigon Vietnaneese
Cuban @ Casa Habana

Russ & Daughters
179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Aug 29, 2011
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Where did all the Chinese mustard go?

Thought I was the only one Always ask for mustard in delivery and never get it Yet when I pick they always give me extra of the prepared in the little cup I go back a lot of years with American Chineese and always remember a bowl of noodles and Duck sauce and Mustard on the table Good for dipping and Egg Roll

Aug 22, 2011
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

more Brooklyn Fairway disappointment

Produce doesn't last 2 days Better shopping at Rossmans 26st @ 3rd ave Not happy with the cheese much better quality at most Queens shops Lets remember Fairway is not the "Family" store they play themselves to be They have gone corporate That being said a SMART shopper can do well there

Rossman Fruit & Vegetable
770 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Apr 25, 2011
cutthroat49 in Outer Boroughs

seriously messed up Global knife

Try Korin in NYC you can ship to them

Aug 25, 2009
cutthroat49 in Cookware


Any Fairway has them for the short season and at a reasonable price

Apr 27, 2009
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Best Knifes Not you whole paycheck?

bought a 8" Henkels on sale in Macys in 1990 THis knife still sharpens well and is my go to knife. Also have a 12" Korin which is a work horse. Have several Globals which I bought after seeing Bobby Flay use them on the early days of Food TV. They are light and sharpen well and are good all around knives. If I needed or had the urge for a new knife now would try the forschner line Have read some good thing about them

Apr 22, 2009
cutthroat49 in Cookware

Citi Field Eats

Not a big fan of Blue Smoke, cant see how anything "on the dry side" is a value.
Will be attending a game soon just wondering how the pricing was on things like hot dogs, burgers etc

Apr 20, 2009
cutthroat49 in Outer Boroughs

Good brunch places in Red Hook?

Try Hope & Anchor Good food nice atmosphere

Dec 23, 2008
cutthroat49 in Outer Boroughs

Knife Sharpening help

go to a great knife shop in NYC under knives you will find info on how to sharpen a Japanese knife. I took the class there and it was great

Aug 30, 2008
cutthroat49 in Cookware

Anybody Know What the Food Will at the NEW Yankees Stadium

If Blue Smoke is at Shea (woops Citi field) I am going to Yankee stadium

Jul 10, 2008
cutthroat49 in Outer Boroughs

Mulberry Street Italian

Luna's has been closed for several years. Last of the good "red sauce" places on the block. Everything else is just a tourist trap. Get you in and seated and all of a sudden family sytle servings and prices.If I cant get to Arthur Ave. I stay home

May 19, 2008
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Blue Smoke or Hill Country??

Blue Smoke has lost its charm and has priced itself out. It was the start of good BBQ in NYC but hasent kept up. Hill Country is good but I am hard pressed to see if it will last 1 year. Too complicated to handle a NY croud. Bar too small to wait at but other than that It is GOOD Texas Q. No pork but the brisket is done very well. Sides a little overpriced for the portion but still good. If I have the time Dino is still the best. If you remember Pearsons you know what I mean

Aug 09, 2007
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Best place to get fresh, tiny live clams?

All the fairways carry them live

Aug 06, 2007
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Whats going on

Went past Havana Chelsea and it was closed...went a few blocks further and Kitchen was closing No more great Cuban Sandwich or Burritos Whats up???

Jun 12, 2007
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Katz Deli line question....

If you are at Katz get a sandwich! You didnt go there for a burger or philly cheese. Hotdogs are good for the kids, and if you are a real Katz trooper you will have a hotdog while waiting for your sandwich...and dont forget the pickles and tomatoe

May 23, 2007
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Where to buy Ro-tel?

Just bought 4 cans at pathmark on south street they were $.95

Jan 22, 2007
cutthroat49 in Manhattan


Have eaten here with friends from out of town as it is their favorite. When i get to the tira misu i feel i am eating from a trough. Lots of better itialian in the city a matter of fact there is a Carmines sea food (no relation ) near the seaport always a goo meal there

Jan 17, 2007
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Best Manhattan Pizza

Johns on Bleeker for crust...Lombardies for Sauce

Oct 24, 2006
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

Costa Rica-- Imperial beer

Where can i find Imperial beer in or around NYC

Oct 22, 2006
cutthroat49 in Manhattan

BBQ - Any suggestions?

Dino is the best in a city that has no good Q since Pearsons in gone. RUB ate there once poor cornbread lackluster food, Virgils is for the Broadway tourist croud

Jul 13, 2006
cutthroat49 in Manhattan