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Best italian in Providence?

Whats great on the Italian food scene in Providence? Last meal I had at Epicurio was dreadful, food was medicore and the service indifferent. I've always had good meals at Pizzico but it's a bit boring... Need help.

BIG thumbs up to MuMu - best Chinese food in Providence, RI (LONG REVIEW)

Will you post the menu for your banquet?

Authentic Chinese - Providence, RI

Alas Lemmi's is no more. But the best Chinese food in Providence is the new restaurant Mu-Mu Cafe on Atwells. Principally Shanghainese, their xiaolong bao (steamed soup dumplings) and Szchuan raviolis with chili oil are world class as good as any I've had in HK, Shanghai or Vancouver. They have many menu items (on the page of "authentic Chinese" page that are not found anywhere else in RI. The fished stewed with mustard greens is wonderful. The tea smoked duck is also great.. Even the normally pedestrian and often tough fried Tofu with shitakes and bamboo shoots was exceptional. Its also a nice room with table cloths and wine glass. My new fav.

An overlooked but very good Chinese restaurant is King's Garden in Cranston. Their dim sum is pretty standard but always very fresh. (and served all day) Order off the "Chef's Menu" and the homestyle Cantonese fare is really very good. They do very good fish, steamed seabass with ginger and scallions or pan fried Flounder.