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Soma on Queen East

Its the dinner menu. Lunch has only been on for a couple weeks, so that menu is new as well

Soma on Queen East

Alright, here it is.

The lunch waiter said they were probably starting the new menu early next week.

Soup $6.00
Baby Greens w/Kiwi Vinagriatte $7.00
Spinach and Walnut Salad with Double Smoked Bacon and Blue Cheese Dressing $10.99
Avocado and Smoked Chicken Spread w/ Crispy Wonton and Crostini Basket $8.99
Torched Beef Tartar with Shiraz Reduction $16.99
Baby Fish and Chips (Orange Roughy and Cajun Potato Rounds) w/ Dill Creme Fraiche $9.99
Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Brochettes with Dill, Capers, Mixed Greens and herbed Crostini $11.99
Five Hour Ribs (Yummy!!) w/ Yam Fries $15.99
Grilled Beef Tenderloin AAA (8oz) w/ Peppercorn au Jus, Onion frites, Seasoned Steamed Veg and Roasted Potatoes $26.99
Veal Picante w/ Spicy Demi-Glace, Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Veg $16.99
Duck Confit w/ Black Currant Jus, Mash and Veg $17.99
Pesto and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken "Canelloni w/ Berry
Compote $16.99
Bloody Caeser Poached Rainbow Trout $15.99
Pasta of The Day $13.99
Thai Crispy Tofu w/ Mushrooms Bokchoy and Spinach w/ Coconut Green Curry Sauce $13.99

They said it should be up and running by mid next week

where can i get a few past copies of lcbo's 'Food and Drink'

Hey ssainani,

It might be a bit out there but you may be able to post something on craigslist

Soma on Queen East

The ribs come with sweet potato fries with wasabi dipping sauce. I'm gonna sneak in for lunch today and get the new menu. Keep ya updated Hungryabbey :)

Veal Sandwiches

There is a great little backery at Greenwood and Danforth that has an amazing veal Sandwich! I think its called North Bakery... or something along those lines. Its on the north side of Danforth just east of Greenwood.

Soma on Queen East

I just had to...

I bumped this thread because I absolutely love thi place! I see alot of restaurants on here that get endless commentary good and bad, and think SOMA deserves the same.

My SO and myself go in at least once a week, we live close by and have had nothing but great experiences. I usually get the Five Hour Ribs (15.99) which I think are one of the best rib dishes I've tasted in Toronto. Literally falling off of the bone (and they give you finger bowls! no one does that anymore). My SOusually either gets the Beef Tartare (I think $14-15) which is spiced just perfectly, with the herbed Crostini or the Bloody Caeser Poached Rainbow Trout which is a great sizedportion with fluffy jasmine rice (which nothing ruins a meal more than dry rice).

I read hungryabbeys listed menu for here and they have apparently swiched chefs and made the prices a bit more wallet friendly as well as changed the entire menu from whats on here.

This place has such a great look and laid back, friendly staff, I hope they can keep it up.
The weekends the place does change (we've been here for their comedy/Jazz night on Thursdays, as well as their DJ nights) I guess they read the reviews on here and have put in a policy that music isn't allowed to be raised until all the dinner plates are off of the tables.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful addition to the eastend, where you can get both great food and great entertainment. Not too mention a great martini.

I do wish they were a part of Summerlicius, but ah well you can't have everything :)

Cool Chow Treats on a Hot Day

ah if only Toronto had a swim up pina colada bar.... :)

Best Lunch Spot in Leslieville/Riverside

wow embee! Thanx for the amazing breakdown. I've now been to a couple of places and...

Real Jerk... I had the Chicken Roti, and I must say I found it pretty decent. The rice on the side was pretty dry but all in all good portion/quality for what you're paying.

Dark Horse is such an amazing spot. The communal table is great. Relaxed service, chilled out vibe, great spot to just sit back and read the paper.

SOMA has quite a great lunch. It's a beautiful room (the light fixtures are crazy cool!) I think its a late night spot, as well as being a good lunch spot and the dinner menu looks good as well. I had the sweet chili chicken club sandwich with yam fries (with wasabi aioli, Yum!) Good portions, decently priced. Definitey worth checking out. And big enough to park a stroller in as well. As there were some moms camped on the couches having a coffee.

Gales Snack Bar.... intrigues me sooooo much, I havent built up the courage to actually try it out.

and lastly,

Had breakfast at okayokay.... and it was okayokay. decent portions but noting really that stoodout as amazing (although the fresh squeezed apple juice was quite tasty)

the updates will continue...

Best Lunch Spot in Leslieville/Riverside

So what is the best Lunch spot in the leslieville/riverside area. I recently just switched to working nights and now have much time to explore the strip in the day light hours.

Coyote Willies?
SOMA Restaurant and Lounge?
Real Jerk?

I'm staying away from Dangerous Dans... had dinner there and don't expect much difference during the day except I can see the dirt better :) And Burger Shoppe I feel is just not woth the price.

Anyoen been around the strip during the day?

Leslieville for a looong, chatty, casual meal

I'd say go to Barrio Lounge, decent eats, casual atmosphere, relaxed staff. Has some healthy options (and some damn good fries, if you fall off the health wagon) :)

So what's coming next in Leslieville?

I've heard alot of rumours about whats next for leslieville. Firstly rumour is a Sobeys is going in where the old funeral home at broadview and queen was, south side next to the BMO. I've heard a Timothys or Tim Hortons might be going in, in between Jillys and Prohibition, acroass from SOMA, in the old castle place. A new furniture store is going in beside Burger Shoppe, the owners of Izakya (sp?) are moving into the old Food Savvy Spot and lastly, PicNic is going in under the new riverside lofts a couple of doors down from Jimmys Place.
Granted these are all rumours but hey, they can't all be wrong, right?

Tim Hortons/Timothys in Riverside?

I heard rumour that either a Tim Hortons or Timothys (a coffee franchise of some sort) was going in in the space between Jillys/Prohibition... across from SOMA. Anyone heard this rumour yet?

New Place on Queen East and Curzon?

Its not anything yet. The owners are getting it prepped to rent out as a full resto/bar but there are no takers yet. I don't think they'd be able to use the patio because of the noise they create and its across from a seniors residence. Gio's had the same problem Best 10 New Restaurants 2007

oops forgot to add the link in :)

looking for something in the church and wellesley village

I believe its called the Gooderham House. On Jarvis a block north of Wellseley was quite good (this is about 8 months ago) I remember it being quite expensive but I was being treated and so was allowed to splurge. Quite a big room but it was busy enough to have atmosphere but not overly crowded to hinder service in any way. Best 10 New Restaurants 2007

So has their BEST OF 2007 list out

What thinks you all?
I'm in the east end and have been to the two east end places mentioned.

Prohibition: I think it's good for what it is. There aren't many good pubs in the area along queen east and it fits the bill. As for being a "gastro-pub" meh. (but just my opinion as I don't really go there to eat, but rather to have a pint and relax)

SOMA: Been here a couple of times. Looks very quiet through the week when I go by on the streetcar. But have been on a Saturday and Friday night and the place can be quite hopping. Food is well priced, decent portioned. But more so the martini selection is quite amazing and when they have a good DJ (which can be touch and go) can be a great place.

The others...

Not into the Crystal Five vibe... granted minimum budget prevents many dining experiences such as crystal five. And I wouldn't say Sassafraz is really "new" just rebuilt.

what are other experiences of these Top 10?


Mambo is a great little tapas spot, just east of broadview on the north side. 4 Tapas dishes for $21.00. Decent sized portions, not too crowded. good variety of choices. I had a great meal there.

Berkely Street Theatre Restaurants

You could try out
243 King Street East


cross over the bridge and try out either
730 Queen Street East


SOMA Restaurant and Lounge
703 Queen Street East


they were pastry-esque yes. sort of philo pastry triangles. hard to explain but definitely not tortilla chips

Vivoli on College Street

I went to Vivoli just the other day! Food prices are great, bur I have to agree with other posts. The pasta left a bit to be desired. I had the linguine genovese and it was rather bland. The bruschetta pizza (now served on bread) was amazing. heaps and heaps of tomatoes. My dinner date had the chicken parm and the protion was massive and quite tasty too.


last time (and this is going back a year or so) Hair of the Dog had great philo pastry baked nachos. They made the chips in-house.

Something to relish near Cabbagetown PLS.

hmmm, not sure about food, but The Cobourg is a great place for anniversary drinks

Good Selection of Martinis- Queen Street East

Hey folks,

New to the boards here. Looking to take my girlfriend and a good group of friends out for her birthday. She loves a good martini and was wondering what the best place on queen east would be. From asking around, I hear Soma and Rasputin are probably my best options to accommadate (sp?) a group of 30-40 people. Anyone been to either of these, and can shoot a new chowhounder some advice?