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Rowdy Fun Dinner for Four Foodies!

hatori's response got me thinking about graham elliott- its certainly the "foodiest" of the suggestions thus far, but goes out of its way to be not be fancy- i.e. servers wearing converse. along the lines of ittom and avec, less "obviously" rowdy, but still a fun atmosphere- like quartinos, as you mentioned.
the suggestions i made earlier are more alng the lines of separate entertainment with your dinner- dancing at nacional 27 and belly dancers at tizi.

Jul 30, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Rowdy Fun Dinner for Four Foodies!

nacional 27 or de la costa?
tizi melloul?
all three are generally in the area you set.

Jul 29, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

A cry for HELP!

if you think the gage is loud, quartinos is much, much louder. It is better if you are seated upstairs, but the main floor is so loud and packed, you can't have a conversation past the person next to you. I have also been there twice with groups over 8 people, and been seated the same table both times, mashed up against the deli-counter type thing in the middle of the main room. it is what it is, but doesn't sound right for the occasion...

Jul 09, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

A cry for HELP!

what about rhapsody?

Jul 09, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

A cry for HELP!

have you been to gage? i was there a few weeks ago on a saturday night even, and i didn't find it that loud. and i certainly wouldn't call it greasy... half their menu is fish! i was hearing it billed as upscale bar food, but my experience was a lot more upscale than bar. i enjoyed it alot, although it wasn't cheap either.
that doesn't really help, but a defense at least.
re mercat: would you eat outside? that may take care of the clubby music.

Jul 09, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Back to Chicago for 2 months - need recs

Halsted/Armitage-- Boka, Landmark, obviously Alinea for a splurge

Jul 08, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

brunch in the western suburbs?

what about honey in downtown GE? it reminds me of bongo room in the city, and you should be ok with a group of 12 if you call ahead.

Jul 08, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

In Search of German Tavern in Chicago Area with Glass Boot!

also, if you are near wrigley, uberstein. (although much more college-y than the above suggestions)

Jul 08, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Ge: Graham Elliot

i'm going to slightly disagree. i was there on friday night and had really high expectations (i basically salivated over the website for the seven days leading up to it). we decided to give it an 8/10.
The appetizers were a 9: our table of 3 had the cheezit risotto (nicely made without bacon for me as a vegetarian), the scallops, and the kobe tartare. i thought the risotto was nice, but a little bland. not that color has that much to do with it, but i expected it to be brighter (it was almost beige). friends liked both their dishes- the scallops were perfectly cooked.
Entrees: 8/10. First of all, I found it a little ridiculous that there is not a vegetarian entree on the menu. Chef made a plate for me that was basically two sides from other entrees: an israeli cous cous with fennel salad and a polenta cake. both were very good, and it was even the best polenta cake i have ever had, but $28 for that just seemed a little ridiculous. The other dishes were the same "meh" experience. Two pieces of lamb, one of which was cooked perfectly, but the other was tough, and the salmon BLT.
desserts: 9/10. Have to diagree majorly here, and say the PB brownie was probably the best dessert i have ever had. brownies stuffed with PB cream, PB gelato, malted malt balls, and a caramelized brownie. heaven on a plate. the other 2 desserts were slightly less fantastic- the aforementioned peach cobbler, but i thought the spice krispies tasted really good and had a nice strawberry in rhubarb reduction.
service: 10/10. our waitress was fantastic, they were accomodating to my non-meat eating, and weren't obstrusive at all. the waitress was great help with the wine list, and it was an overall great experience. i would say that when i go back, i would probably sit in the bar area and order from the appetizers/desserts.

Jun 30, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Dallas Hound - 1 Night for Business

My vote would be for:
1. Quartino- would be, as you say, "a good vibe" even on a Wed. My concern for a bunch of guys is small plates may seem like not alot of food and you would quickly hit $28/pp.
2. Custom House- atmosphere probably not as much on a Wed night, but would fit your bill for food- more contemporary steakhouse-ish
3. Brasserie Jo- solid choice, probably dying down at 10pm on a Wednesday though.
4. Sepia- would be a perfect choice for hipper meat, but at the upper end of your budget

I would not go to Sweets and Savories- very small, quieter place fairly north of downtown.

Jun 24, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Mixed Drinks classes

i know carnivale did mojito classes in the fall, although i could not find anything about it on their website. you could try calling

Jun 20, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Veggie Friendly Restaurants?

how about mexican? i'm vegetarian and usually have great meals at mexican restaurants, most recently salpicon. not sure about vegan though, but you could always try.

Jun 03, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Toronto Vegetarian going to a Cubs game--what to eat at Wrigley??

the best i've found is connie's pizza- they have cheese, and its not so bad. there's also good fries, both which fit "delicious junk food" i've also seen a greek salad at some stands, but i've not yet been brave enough to try that at wrigley. :)
If you really want good food, you're better off eating before the game- search wrigleyville restaurants.

May 22, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Craft beer?

what about goose island? i know for sure the clybourne location sells growlers carry out. not sure on the exact price, but i recall it being reasonable. obviously then it is only goose beer, but they have a ton on tap-much more than they bottle.

May 21, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Carryout in downtown Hartford?

Hi all,
Working for the next few months during the week in downtown Hartford (Constitutional Plaza). Looking for suggestions for carryout dinner within a quick walk of there. I'm staying at the Marriott downtown so towards that way would be great as well. I'm a vegetarian so other than steaks, anything works. Thanks in advance!

Show some mercy to this Chicago visitor

again, not near your hotel, but if you are doing some shopping along michigan at some point, you could end up at l'appetito in the base on the john hancock (875 N Michigan) which has a big range of italian cookies by the pound and pastries that are always excellent.

Apr 30, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Family trip to Chicago- need help with places to eat

Around the MSI, you can try the Medici, a pretty good pizza place/college hangout. They have amazing shakes and the kids might like the atmosphere of writing literally all over the walls. It's on 57th street between kimbark and kenwood.
Slightly more upscale atmosphere and price is Piccolo Mondo, on 56th and Hyde Park. It's a decent Italian place in the Windermere building.

Apr 28, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

dinner in Wheaton

I think wineaux might be thinking of cellar bistro. It's at the corner of hale and front streets (so you could walk to wheaton college if it is nice out). i was there last week and had a great meal, but agree with wineaux that it is a little expensive for the size of the portions. you could also try honey in glen ellyn; they have really refined their menu over the last few months.

Apr 18, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area

Dim sum redux & more; requests

re hyde park- jimmy's is still open (and smoke free if you can believe it).
be careful with cedar's since it has probably moved since you've last been there. it is now located in the plaza on 53rd between university and kimbark (2 down from a harold's chicken shack).
2 newer restaurants have opened- chant opened in the 53rd st noodles location (run by the same people) and jerry kleiner's restaurant, park 52, is supposed to open "mid to late march."
all the other u of c standbys you mentioned are still there as well. there is a lengthy thread on hyde park here:
checkerboard lounge is a great option, website says it opens at 11am daily, although i have never been for lunch.
my personal recc would be to get the best sandwich i've had in chicago at university market (next to the med) and wander around campus reliving the glory days. just stay out of the reg. :)

Mar 11, 2008
lp veg in Chicago Area