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Feng Shui in Chelmsford

We went there for lunch last weekend and I won't be back. It's over priced and snooty which I don't really mind but the food isn't any better than a chinese takeout at half the price. We had the buffet which was your standard spread of chicken fingers, pork fried rice, egg rolls and other greasy chinese food plus 4 kinds of sushi, all of which looked sad and shriveled. One of our party accidentally dropped a noodle on the seat and a manager hustled over to berate him and tell him just how much the upholstery costs to clean.

The buffet is $12.95 and there's a child rate (under age 5) for $5.95. There are much better options. My favorite chinese in this area is Szeuchan Chef up in Vinyl Sq; friendly service, good prices and very reasonable food.