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ISO *TASTY* Tofu Recipes

Tofu comes in almost as many forms as cheese (not quite, but a lot), and they vary in quality too, so don't say you hate the whole category until you've surveyed it all. Check out the tofu article on Wikipedia for the lay of the land.

Here are my favorite recipes from my mom:

Spiced tofu and cilantro salad. You need to find spiced-tofu, which is dry and firm like cooked meat, and brown. (See: Any Asian, particularly Chinese, market should have it. Blanche the tofu and slice into strips. Mince (in order of quantity): cilantro, scallions, garlic (finely), and toss everything with sesame oil, soy sauce, and pepper, a drop of oyster sauce or chili oil optional. That's a two sentence recipe and it's very good.

Tofu tomato salad. Find some half-firm white tofu. Dice: tomato, tofu, avocado. Mince: cilantro, scallion, garlic. Toss with a little sesame oil, soy sauce, pepper. Optional: chili oil, oyster sauce. Very pretty and healthy. Great on summer evenings.

Served straight, with toppings ("hiyayakko"). Not my mom's, but still good. Find silken tofu, which is soft like custard, or egg tofu, also as soft and has eggs added. Serve it directly, washed and chilled, in a single squared block drizzled with a thick soy sauce, lemon juice optional, and various toppings like bonito (dried tuna) shavings, sliced scallions, citrus rind, pickled ginger, etc. Presentation and the right ingredients are important, so you need to have a Japanese market around. Egg tofu is not flavorless, and can be used as a substitute almost anywhere regular tofu is called for if you find regular tofu too bland.